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I’ve been feeling so uninspired to create outfits lately.  

There are several reasons behind that including  my weight gain and wonderful bottoms from last year that don’t fit me. 

Coming home to the newly done bedroom and bathroom has sparked a strong need for me to clean out all drawers, cabinets and closets, who feels like getting dressed for that!  I must say that I am getting dressed as I do go out to the store and even went bowling.  

If those two aren’t enough I have two more things going on…

My camera is missing… Don’t ask me what happened during my time in Vegas, but I know everything from my room and closet was moved to other parts of the house for re-carpeting and painting, so a huge chaos for other parts of the house. Somehow my camera has been misplaced.  I do however have my new phone with 21mp camera, so not a real excuse. 

And the final reason is that my dear son home from his freshman year in college requested a room of his own. He has always happily shared a room with his brother as there was really no other option. With my oldest moving out last year, I had taken over his room as my dressing room… Yep, I am a great mom, cause I readily gave up my dressing room and have been cramming my stuff back into my walk- in closet , dresser and new under the bed drawers.  

I am sure this is a temporary thing, so in looking for inspiration I thought I’d share with you. 


Alison from Get Your Pretty on is starting a new challenge with the shopping list coming out next week. I hope to shop my closet and think I am in good shape.  What’s so great about this is the private Facebook page with all the very supportive, kind hearted women.  

Next up for Inspiration is Pinterest of Course

Casual Outfit


With my Vegas purchase from Charming Charlies of a similar hat, I couldn’t resist this look.

Mine is sold out online, but they have this version. 

I don’t have jean shorts, but could use capris or a skirt.  

Love it great fall outfit


I love the simplicity of a white top with blue bottom and cognac accessories. 

"Bermuda's, Baby!" by rockreborn on Polyvore


A striped top with animal print shoes, what’s not to love? 

Ooohhh, awesome! I would wear a slightly larger sweater so it wasn't so tight, but otherwise this is cute!!


Since I bought mint pointed toe flats and a navy striped t-shirt dress this season, I could pull this off. 

"Cool Colors" by archimedes16 on Polyvore


Yet another option for my mint flats. I  would do this with my orange boho skirt.  

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed we figure out the electrical problem we are currently having that includes my bedroom and the bathrooms.  I’d like to add, no lights in my closet as another bump in the road towards getting inspired, lol!  


I am grateful for the Summer Style Challenge to look forward to in the next few weeks. 

I am grateful to my daughter who has been by my side during all my purging and closet cleaning. 

I am grateful to my husband for putting his Navy background to work and spending late nights replacing electrical outlets. 

I am grateful for the home school testing being done and the fantastic results where my son finally achieved a perfect score in vocabulary, something he missed by one question each time.   A great self esteem boost.  

I am grateful for a Parent’s Night Out dinner for next week to look forward to, as our bowling group is suspended for the Summer.  


I really wanted to do a wonderful well written post of our trip to Vegas, but alas my head is really somewhere else. 

You see, coming home to a new bedroom and bathroom has sparked a serious purge and clean up of all drawers, closets and rooms.  This is long overdue.  I am staying up late every night sorting and redoing everything.  It’s a process that will take me a while.  

Readers have you heard of the Konmari Method, that’s what I’ve been doing to my drawers.  

Now on to some Vegas Pictures!


This was the view from our room at Hard Rock Hotel, I wish we had actually spent time at the pool.

Hindsight is 20/20 and if I ever go back to Vegas again, I would spend all day hanging out at the pool, and going out only in the evenings. I pushed myself so hard because there was so much I wanted to see for my first time there!  


Cirque du Soleil- Michael Jackson, was our first night’s activity and it was Fantastic. 

There was every nationality on stage and even the famous one legged dancer.. Anyone know his name? 

My absolute favorite part of the show was when they had a hologram of Michael dancing with the artists.  

I literally got chills!  The buildup to the the ending was wonderful, each time we thought it was the finale, we were surprised that they could up the ante.   


Sunday was time to explore some hotels , my husband had stayed at Caesar’s on a previous trip and couldn’t wait to show me why he loved this one.  

I must say I am so happy that my husband followed my lead and bought this wonderful slim fit linen shirt at Old Navy.  He is embracing color more, with my nudging. 


I loved this part of Caesar’s shopping area, it is even more beautiful on person. 

Not the best photo of me, but I have to note my new Aerosoles, bought in Vegas. 

There were two shoe styles I noticed Wedges and metallic flat sandals.


I hate selfies, but my husband insists on taking these up close ones..

I had the worst sinus issues in Vegas, waking up with terrible swelling in my eyes and a dry nose and throat.  


Alas, my picture in the room, didn’t turn out great, so here is Dear Husband!  


Sunday night was the Neil Diamond concert and I have to say he did not disappoint! 

The concert was everything I could have dreamed!  

I only cried once in memory of my mother at about the third song in when he sang , “Hello, Again” 

This venue was huge, like a football stadium, there really was something amazing about all of us on our feet singing ,

“Sweet Caroline”. 

He sang one song off his new album and I bought it, but haven’t even listened to it, yet!  


Monday, we had intended on a lazy pool day, but alas it rained!  

We got a late start, before heading out to the Mirage’s Secret Garden to see the dolphins and Big Cats. 

I love dolphins and read “A Ring of Endless Night” series a dozen times as a child. 


I was lucky to get this shot, as the Jaguar wasn’t very cooperative..


This white lion was our favorite.  Watching him walk was something else.  

The word that came to mind was “lumbering’  

He made eye contact with my husband, and kept it up, even making noises at him like a conversation. 

He was lucky to get that on video tape. 


My edema on my eye was pretty bad this day….

I am sporting my new Neil Diamond shirt and fedora , bought at Charming Charlies. 


These hotels really are so fantastic and worth exploring, at least in my book. 

I swear I walked so much this trip and was tired at the end of each day. 


The Bellagio water fountain show with music was so much fun, we stayed for two songs and it was worth it! 


My appreciation for the hand painted glass is elevated since I have a friend who works with glass. 


This picture does not do these glass flowers in the Bellagio lobby, by artist Dale Chihuly, justice. 


This beauty is $45,000!!!!! 


Our final day , we went to check out the Mob Museum 


I thought this picture of how women made bloomers to help with Prohibition was funny!  


We had both never been to a Madam Tussauds, before…

Tom striking a pose!  

Notice the coral shorts with navy top he is sporting, progress!  


Sandra Bullock has our vote for the most realistic


I couldn’t resist, after all, I was sporting a fedora!


Of course a Vegas one wouldn’t be complete without them!


Our final activity of the trip was a Gondola ride.  

I have to say it was more fun than I thought, our guy was funny. 

We made a huge impression on him, when he asked my husband if he knew any Italian.  

He went on to say, “There are only two words you need to know, Olive Garden.”

I burst out laughing and told the story of how Tom met me in a bar, then came to Olive Garden where I was working and picked up a second job (he was in the Navy). 

Our guy told my  husband, he had game!  He says his generation is so lame.  

He will remember the couple from Virginia , every time he tells his Olive Garden joke!  

Since I haven’t gotten around to getting the pictures from Vegas off my husband’s phone, 

I thought I would show you what went on in my house while I was in Vegas! 


My husband had me pick out this new bathroom cabinet , counter, faucet and paint right before our Vegas trip with winnings from his previous business trip three weeks prior. 

My brother, who is a Class A contractor did all the installation and let me tell you this amazing guy, sanded those damaged walls and worked his butt off to paint and install crown moulding .


My husband surprised me by picking out the new light fixture and my brother surprised us both with taking on the additional task of adding the crown.  

Remember I was only gone for a little over 4 days…


This is a cubby my husband and I put in behind the bathroom door several years ago,

My son painted it , while my brother added the moulding, boy what a difference!  

Well, that would have been enough!!!!

My husband asked the impossible and added in some changes to the Master bedroom…

I have to say my brother and kids were all cussing him the entire time!  


This is the beginnings of my new bedroom.  

My husband picked out the two colors of paint, paint and the new King size bed with Drawers!  

Ever fashionista should have a bed with drawers, I already filled them..

The very deep one on my side of the bed has all my jeans in it, the four at the foot of the bed, now house my summer shrugs, boho crinkle skirts (they store knotted) and two for summer scarves.   


See the beautiful crown my brother insisted on adding to the job!  

I appreciate that touch so much!  

If that wasn’t enough, my best friend came and deep cleaned my kitchen!!!! 

My windows now sparkle and are clearer than ever! 

Today I ordered a new bedset and curtains



Charlotte Thermal Grommet Panel | Curtains & Drapes | Brylanehome


Hopefully these colors will work together, if not I’ll just make returns…


I am so grateful for all the hard work that my children put into making this possible, they moved everything out of my room, put together that bed, painted, etc.  They got very little sleep and ate out nightly.  This was so hard on my son who had joined the gym upon coming home from college and had been eating very healthy!  

I am grateful to my brother for going above and beyond by insisting on adding the crown and to his helper who worked so hard as well.  

I am grateful to my daughter’s boyfriend who pitched in too. 

I am very grateful to my dearest friend who came over after working her full day, dragging her almost 9 year old daughter, and staying until 1am…

I am grateful to my husband for orchestrating all of this and picking everything out.  I must add I am grateful at how well he kept up the surprise, you can’t imagine how many times I said that I wanted a King Size bed while sleeping in the one at the hotel, lol!  He never gave it away at all!!!!! 

I am grateful to my son who drove pretty far away to pick up the carpet and who drove my friend home at 1am.  

I am grateful that my 3 children who worked tirelessly gained so much from the experience and really saw what they are capable of as a team.  I must say that my oldest had no idea this was going on, as they kept him out of it cause the time frame and stress is not something he handles well.  

I am grateful that this process has motivated my kids to continue a complete house clean up and donation.  Next up is cleaning out the linen closet and two coat closets!  

I’ve been loving stripes in shirts and even cardigans,

but this season I am embracing them in Maxi skirts.


I found this striped skirt at for just $12.99 and bought it in 3 colors.  

Unfortunately items only sell at the great prices for a few days before they expire, I love that site! 

I was hoping my daughter would finally try a maxi skirt, but she didn’t like it…

No worries I am keeping them or perhaps will give one to a dear friend who can fit it.  

This one is Navy, and I got black and burgundy as well…


I used beach wave spray in my hair and just scrunched it today..

I packed my bag for the Vegas trip that begins Saturday and my husband came home in the afternoon for a surprise lunch, so it was fun to be dressed in my new skirt and ready for spur of the moment events like this. 

We are so excited about spending 4 days in Vegas and seeing Neil Diamond and Cirque de Soleil Michael Jackson.  We haven’t made all the other plans and will see how we feel.  I’ve pinned a couple ideas of things to do in Vegas and the top on that list was to go to the Mob Museum , without that history there would be no Vegas!   


My navy peplum top is also from and I adore it..

I would love it a little more once I finally get to losing this stupid 15lbs I am now carrying around. 

These past few weeks being inactive due to my sciatica, and orders from my family to do nothing and heal for the Vegas trip, has been so frustrating as I was ready to exercise and get the journey going… 

Alas it is what it is and like all things I can find gratitude in even this pause time because it has definitely made me even more determined to stop playing around with this and get to losing.   

I had been stuck with wanting it but not being fully motivated….


I am grateful to the wonderful homeschooling group and how generous and supportive we all are! 

I am grateful to my beautiful daughter who, after I went to bed last night, cleaned every surface in my kitchen, fully supporting her stance that I take it easy before Vegas and allow my sciatica to heal. 

I am grateful to my husband for surprising me with a lunch outing today. 

I am grateful to my son, who as I type this, is in the kitchen peeling potatoes so the kids can enjoy mashed potatoes with the Salisbury Steak they wanted for dinner.   

Have You tried the Soft Pants Trend?  

They are so comfortable that some bloggers are calling them PJ pants..

I embraced this last year and added two new pairs for this season

Last year I had print versions, this year I added solids. 


This pair is from Kate & Mallory a line from Evine  that I am loving recently.

These Pants are on clearance right now for just $9.97 and only have size small, then 1x, 2x and 3x left.

I am wearing the medium and I got both colors.  

They have a high waistline , but for my petite size, I think this works well.  

I can wear these with flat sandals, by simply rolling the waistband over and putting my shirt completely untucked instead of the  half- tuck pictured here. 


We had a windy day, which was fun when I saw how it caught my kimono sleeve. 

I bought this one years ago and love it as it has so many colors that make it very versatile.  

Like my newest shoes??

Clarks from 

These are the most comfortable wedges I have ever owned and I am buying my daughter a pair!  

Dear Readers, after two weeks of dealing with sciatic pain, I am much better today… 

I am sporting Kinesiology Tape today and have to say, I am loving this!  

I was so pain free that I wore the wedges, of course when I went grocery shopping I changed to flats..

My Petite friends I am sure you are wondering how I did that with these pants?   

Well, I just rolled the waistband and un- tucked my shirt. 


I am grateful that my husband thought of the KT tape for my sciatica and woke up early enough to apply it for me today. 

I am grateful that my two college kids are home and the fun and laughter we’ve had the last few days. 

I am grateful that I have hope of being pain free for my Vegas trip coming up Saturday!  

I am grateful for the delight my daughter has been having with my lighter hair color, she keeps calling it blond. All my children are blond like their father, so seeing this in her brunette mother is a treat! 

I am grateful for the wonderful Mother’s Day and time with my adult children, I have so missed them! 

I am grateful that I picked out paint, and a new vanity and counter to get the bathroom finished!  

Yes, I know I can’t help myself..

I love a maxi!  

In both a skirt and dress version…

Linking Up today with High Latitude Style


I never get over the humor of how I use to avoid these like the plague,

thinking they were terrible for my petite height!  

This is a Cato brand dress I bought from No More Rack and wore a lot last season. 


Still liking my new haircut…

I also liked wearing a simple,

much loved sapphire necklace my husband gave me years ago. 


I am noticing that there are more ways I haven’t thought to style this maxi. 

I will definitely try to pick out the orange, yellow and purple colors with shrugs or jackets . 

Dear Readers, today my husband and I met up with a childhood friend of his who came to town with his daughter’s Lacrosse team.  In our short time of living in Massachusetts we lived with him for a few months when things weren’t working with my in-laws.  We then moved back to Virginia , thank goodness… i know after losing his brother five years ago , that my husband has a huge ache he carries with him and seeing old friends who knew him is healing. 

So today, that’s my one Gratitude ,

for my husband to see his friend today and to be meeting him again tonight. 

What a Very Busy Day…

It all began with my Hair Appointment..



I love the color and can’t wait to play with styling the cut…

It will only look like this when my stylist does, it!  


Here is what I wore for my hair appointment.  

A lace tunic top with an A-line shape, perfect to hide my back brace, lol…

After, my hair appointment, I went to my son’s private bowling lesson.

 I love watching him take instruction and apply it successfully.

I changed into white straight leg jeans for my evening activity of Parent’s Night Out dinner.  


I liked this as a fun Mom on the Go look.  

Dear Readers, I love going to the hair stylist, because the people who work there are all very creative, artist types and I love seeing how they all dress… Today I saw everything from Maxi dresses to a look close to mine black and white look from yesterday… I also noticed two girls wearing fun Kimonos.   One girl was wearing her’s with black Palazzo pants similar to ones i bought recently.  It struck me as so funny since I had tried mine on yesterday and paired them with a kimono style jacket.  

What can I say, it felt good to see such a similar look on a girl at the salon?  

Do you have a favorite place to look at outfits of people in your area?  If so, share where and what you’ve seen recently that excited or inspired you.  


I am grateful for a fun new haircut just in time for the Season!  

I am grateful for the pain relief I am getting from the Tens Unit for my sciatica. 

I am grateful for a phone call from my daughter, who is so ready to come home this weekend, as she is finishing her semester and only sleeping 3 hours a night due to completing her final assignments(papers instead of exams). 

I am grateful that my husband liked my haircut, he wishes I had longer hair, so a compliment is a good thing…

I am grateful for Parent’s Night Out and coming home to an empty house, since my husband had come home early and taken our youngest out for dinner and a movie!  

Today I went for a classic black and white Outfit, 

that was comfortable and easy for another day of sciatica and 

wearing a back brace.  


This is a new pop over version blouse from Kate & Mallory via Evine.  

It was on clearance for $9.99 , so is now sold out…

My capris are linen from Old Navy found here.  

My leather flower sandals are last year’s from BJ’s , but they have them again this season. 


Say good-bye to this hair as I am getting a cut and color with highlights tomorrow… 

Just in time for my Vegas trip in less than two weeks!  

Wish I had worn shorter earrings these are too much with the necklace.  

Speaking of the necklace, you can find it here in a set with a bracelet,

that I like because I use it to extend the necklace. 


I loved the ease of linen pants and a loose fitting top today.  

I must say, my dear readers that today is the best day I’ve had yet with pain from the sciatica,

so perhaps I am on the upswing to healing.  

I sure hope so!  

Dear Readers,  Today I began the end of year testing for my homeshooler and have to say the stress over testing doesn’t even exist for us any more…. I guess with three solid years of experience and knowing that he excels in math and has a wonderful vocabulary as well as strong foundation for punctuation and grammar.  With our college children coming home this weekend, we are finishing things up, though he will be homeschooling year round since our year has been a mess with my Ireland trip, and the other children coming home for vacations… We learned a lot this year and recognize that most of the school year gets done by Christmas and that worked with our schedule with college kids in the picture.  So, no more month long vacations for me in October, lol….


I am grateful for a huge reduction in my sciatic pain today,

I am grateful my husband bought a fabulous Tens Unit while in Vegas, and it really did help with my pain!  

I am grateful for the fun and anticipation this week of my two away at college being home this weekend. Anticipation of events is almost as fabulous as the actual event….

I am grateful that my husband installed a new dishwasher for me last night!  

One of the few things I purchased for the GYPO Spring Style Challenge was these fantastic

orange flats and I have to say I adore them and can’t wait to see how many ways I can style them…


Today’s outfit for the challenge was suppose to be a white top and bright cardigan, 

cold enough here for a long sleeved tee and another chance to wear my favorite poncho before packing it away…

Let’s face it my summers are too hot for this baby!  


I had a knee brace strapped on for the day, but removed it for photos…

That back of my knee injury from exercising feels much better when i wear a brace,

but then I am moving about a bit more,  so perhaps not the best thing…   

I don’t do well at sitting still… I vividly remember many years ago,  my broken foot when I was pregnant with my daughter and me crawling around on the floor constantly cleaning up as I was in the nesting mode…

I am taking it easier this time as I want to heal before this Vegas trip on May 16th! 


 I have been loving this challenge and am sad to say , it will be over in just a few days. 

I won’t be joining the next one as I have too many summer clothes to style and don’t any limitations. 

If interested she will start a Summer One Soon and is selling past ones on the linked page at the top of my blog post. 

Dear Readers, No close up shots today, as my eyes are swollen… not sure if that is allergies or perhaps the tears that were flowing this afternoon.  I was listening to both Journey and Neil Diamond today to get in the mood for Vegas. As soon as I put on the first Neil Diamond song, “Sweet Caroline” , the tears came on like an avalanche that couldn’t be stopped. Quite often I can tear up at missing my mother, but nothing to this level since the early days of mourning.  

Neil Diamond is so tied into my mother as he was her favorite and she played Elvis and Neil on Sunday mornings while we would get ready for church.. If we were ready early we got to dance with our parents… Smart Strategy as I loved dancing with my father.  I remember the early years of standing on his feet.   

After my father passed away, my mother played music even more, I think the silence was too much.  Neil Diamond was a huge part of my childhood.  Upon my high school graduation, I took a rode trip to Canada with my mother, blasting his songs and singing at the top of my lungs… it’s a long drive from Virginia to Canada… 

Years later a dear friend and I took our mother’s to see Neil Diamond in concert…

That was a huge deal for my mother and I know she cherished it.  So do I!  

Now if only I can get through the concert without breaking down, time to buy waterproof mascara!  


I am grateful for the wonderful memories that filled my head today, as I listened to Neil Diamond for a few hours today. 

I am grateful that my reluctant reader found himself lost in a book today and read twice as many chapters as I instructed him to and wants to read more at bed time!  

I am grateful that I am homeschooling my youngest and the strength I find every day to make this work. 

I am grateful that my husband came home early and took my youngest out for awhile giving me rare time alone. 

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