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I searched for a while for a shirt dress and was thinking

about an Old Navy Chambray version,  but ultimately my heartstrings

kept pulling me back to this Isaac Mizrahi version.

The Old Navy version didn’t have a belt and did not have buttons

all the way down the dress, as a true shirt dress should. 


After seeing this one, the chambray versions just couldn’t measure up!

This subtle floral print is better for my maximal style and

can stand alone without much help or need for accessories to

punch up the look.  For this time, I removed the matching belt

it came with and opted for a black one,

but Navy, Green, Yellow, Burgundy,  White, Cognac

Would also be good options for the future.

The beauty of a shirt dress is that it can also be worn as a Duster.

I love it here with the white, which is a perfect way for me to

fake Fall when we still have warm weather!

I look forward to styling it with tights and boots for winter

and keep imagining it with a black turtleneck and pants for a duster option.

I also love the roll-tab sleeves, for now, that can be worn as long sleeves for winter. 

Come back for Tomorrow’s Look is Pinterest Inspiration and I chose a Boho one,

as what’s better than greeting Hump Day with a long boho skirt.   


I am grateful that Fall is here and even if the weather isn’t cooperating,

that at least my son’s Bowling Season has started back up!  It is such a supportive and fun community! 

It was such fun to see my son bowl a 

Clean Game which means no pins were left standing!  

I am grateful that my son away at college called to say he is coming home for the weekend!

I am grateful that my children all get along and truly care deeply for each other.   

I am grateful for a fun shopping day with my daughter where we got started on Christmas Shopping!  


I love our homeschool bowling on Wednesday, but dressing for it is always about keeping warm! 

The bowlers are moving so they are fine, but us mother’s who watch are another story.  

It is so funny to head out the door with my son in shorts and short sleeves and myself always in pants, short sleeves and a cardigan or jacket in my hand.  

My tunic is actually one from the Amelia James line I sell. 

I have a huge wardrobe and won’t wear my line every day on the blog, 

but quite frankly I really love these new pieces so darn much!  

Every woman should own a great pair of boot-cut jeans and these are ones,

that I must wear with 3-4 inch heels,  are a girl’s best friend.  

If you read my blog, you probably already guessed that these are by 

Diane Gilman!   

I belted this Milan ( all of our Amelia James pieces are named after cities)

because as a petite I wanted to make my legs look as long as possible.

Proportions is the one thing blogging and taking photos taught me.

This can be worn as a dress as well when unbelted and I intend to style it

with black tights, ankle boots, and a leather jacket when temperatures cooperate. 

This may be too short for some women to wear as a dress, but the younger women love it!  

I have this $50  Milan in Size Small – 3x if anyone is interested you can email me @ and you can check out videos and albums

on my Facebook page to see other Amelia James styles, eventually, I will get a website together.  


I am grateful for getting back on track and not craving any sugar these last two days! 

I am grateful for homeschool bowling on HUMP DAY to break up the week. 

I am grateful my daughter is helping my son study and get ready for CLEP testing for Biology, 

I am grateful for this business and the community of supportive women and for finally answering the question, 

“What am I going to do when mothering minor children for 31 years comes to an end?”    






I’ve been out for a few days with a painful stye, 

nursing the swollen mess with hot cloths .

Four days and that’s now gone, but yesterday the huge 

swings in our temperatures from the storm messed up my 

sinuses leaving me with a sore throat and low-grade fever.

Not much getting dressed going on these past few days…


I wore this outfit last Friday night when I went out with 

a friend to dinner and a play. 

I joked with my teen son about wearing white shoes before memorial day, 

when I explained that use to be a hard and fast rule for my mother and grandmother’s 

generation, he laughed and said it sounded ridiculous.  


I wore my new necklace, I bought recently from 


My white shoes I bought new for this season from Amazon

You can find them HERE


I am grateful that despite my not feeling very well, that I have managed to continue my pilates exercizes every other day,  and in fact it helped me get rid of the kink in my shoulder.  

I am grateful that after one very painful day , that the remaining two days of the stye were better. 

I am grateful that I felt well enough despite my sore throat and sinus issues today to get my winter items packed away and out of site, although I still have to put all my boots away.  

I am grateful that my bank gave back the money from the stupid website that hijacked onto my reservations for my daughter’s graduation.  

Today’s Challenge was Pinterest Inspiration 

and I had just recently pinned this Jennifer Aniston one.  



I adore her style and have quite often admire outfits on Pinterest.

It’s fun to actually put one together, finally…


I’ve had this scarf for a few seasons and love it against the all black background. 

If you are regular reader, you may notice I am not much for dressing all over in black.  

I quite often love all black looks but don’t feel like they are me, so having the purple scarf was 

just enough color to still feel like myself.

My Faux leather moto jacket , can be found here in several colors.  


I could have gone with a black purse, but

why would I when I own this fabulous Joy & Iman one?  

It comes in several colors, but I think this Purple one is incredible!  

One of the easiest ways to bump up a look is in a fabulous handbag and I think 

I have more than made up for my past of not carrying a purse. 

You see as a mother of four who spread her kids out 4 1/2 years apart, 

I carried a diaper bag around for many years and gave up a purse….

My Dear Husband put up with my lipsticks and Id in his pockets

on many a date night back in those days, lol 

Self Care

I think taking double dose of sinus meds and making it out to homeschool bowling counts as self care.

I had spent the past several days with headaches and actually am pinching myself that I had relief today… 

I also planned our next Parent’s Night Out Event and Let me tell you that is definitely self care as we all need those nights

and have come to look forward to it… 


I am beyond grateful that my son got out of his funk today and had a wonderful time bowling today, he even got a better score than he’s had all this season ….

I am grateful that my brother stopped by last night and I got to hug him before he went to coincidentally spend his birthday in Cancun for a work reward trip.  

I am grateful for a phone call with my son away at college and that he talked to his younger brother as well. 

This week, I am Getting Outfit Inspiration from a spin off, 

Private group of my style challengers and today’s oufit called for 



I had this outfit hanging together in my closet as I often have a few, 

so knew exactly what I was going to use for the Day of RED…

sayings about the color red - Google Search:

In my youth, I steered away from red, believing it wasn’t a good color for me…

My husband loves it and over the years I tried it and lo and behold , deeper reds work well for me!  

So my Dear Readers, What’s Your Shade of RED?  


I added this red leather motto, late summer on clearance.  

It’s actually a faux leather or I should say , Vegan Leather, as it sound better, lol

Its a Marc Bouwer via Qvc and sold out now…

Sweatshirt dress (F21), grey boots( Issaac Mizrahi,QVC) , handbag ( just Fab) and scarf (Kroger-my grocery store, lol)

 are all pieces I’ve had previous seasons. 




I got these red fleece lined leggings in a set of 6 colors last year and never 

wore them, so thought why not for today on a day of being home, with maybe a quick walk to the grocery store. 

I am not sure I’d wear them on a regular basis, but I don’t hate them, so who knows?  

Self Care

I had a meditative morning with no electronics or noise, lit a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed the silence while sipping my morning smoothie.  I treasure the quiet in the morning with my late sleeping husband and son…. 

Tomorrow’s color inspiration is Orange, if anyone wants to join me! 


I am grateful for a beautiful sunny day, I kept making excuses to go out to take out trash in every room in the house , etc, just to bask in the sunlight. 

I am grateful that my husband was able to change out the turtle tank before he left, it need it! 

I am grateful that yesterday after existing on only 3 1/2 hours sleep that I went to bed at 7:00, woke up at 10:30 pm, went back to bed at 12:30 and slept another 7 hours!   It was nice to feel well rested!  

I am grateful that we got just a dusting of snow and had the romantic pleasure of snow , without the clean up.  

When I put together this peplum and lace top I purchased from

and my wonderful striped Target skirt, 

It looked too prim and proper…


Adding my Kate & Mallory Moto vest took it  a less lady-like

silhouette and created that wonderful juxtaposition of opposites

that are so much a part of my style.  


This striped skirt has been one I’ve worn a lot over all seasons

because it’s the perfect casual type that works well for my life

as a homeschooling. SAHM

The fact that I scored it at Goodwill , New with Tags feels wonderful 


Here is one way I wore it last Summer.


And here is a winter version.  


And this was a Fall Version 


I loved adding the mint accents with my new accessories for the season.

I found the shoes on Amazon in April and unfortunately they are no longer available

I am holding my leather, Isaac Mizrahi wallet which is what I carried 

for my short walk to the grocery store.


I am grateful that my husband came home early enough (10:30pm) that I felt up to going for one of our late night walks.

I am grateful that this morning my knee is pain free after the first long walk!  

I am grateful for a phone call yesterday from my oldest friend.

I am grateful for all the hard work my husband puts forth as the sole provider of this family and how successful he is in doing so.  

I am grateful that as a 1099 employee that my husband can schedule days off when needed with no trouble, like tomorrow when we take our son to college!  

What a Very Busy Day…

It all began with my Hair Appointment..



I love the color and can’t wait to play with styling the cut…

It will only look like this when my stylist does, it!  


Here is what I wore for my hair appointment.  

A lace tunic top with an A-line shape, perfect to hide my back brace, lol…

After, my hair appointment, I went to my son’s private bowling lesson.

 I love watching him take instruction and apply it successfully.

I changed into white straight leg jeans for my evening activity of Parent’s Night Out dinner.  


I liked this as a fun Mom on the Go look.  

Dear Readers, I love going to the hair stylist, because the people who work there are all very creative, artist types and I love seeing how they all dress… Today I saw everything from Maxi dresses to a look close to mine black and white look from yesterday… I also noticed two girls wearing fun Kimonos.   One girl was wearing her’s with black Palazzo pants similar to ones i bought recently.  It struck me as so funny since I had tried mine on yesterday and paired them with a kimono style jacket.  

What can I say, it felt good to see such a similar look on a girl at the salon?  

Do you have a favorite place to look at outfits of people in your area?  If so, share where and what you’ve seen recently that excited or inspired you.  


I am grateful for a fun new haircut just in time for the Season!  

I am grateful for the pain relief I am getting from the Tens Unit for my sciatica. 

I am grateful for a phone call from my daughter, who is so ready to come home this weekend, as she is finishing her semester and only sleeping 3 hours a night due to completing her final assignments(papers instead of exams). 

I am grateful that my husband liked my haircut, he wishes I had longer hair, so a compliment is a good thing…

I am grateful for Parent’s Night Out and coming home to an empty house, since my husband had come home early and taken our youngest out for dinner and a movie!  

After seeing so many looks with sneakers and maxi dresses on Pinterest, 

I knew it was something I wanted to try and when I found this grey striped skirt, 

on a grocery run to BJ’s , I knew it was the one I would try first.  


I am not standing straight in any of the photos, but can say with confidence, 

that I walked several places that day and it was not dragging the ground. 

It was a fun look to wear as I saw so many mothers wearing the Mom uniform of jeans 

and white sneakers or yoga pants and knew I was just as comfortable. 

That’s why I fully embraced the Sporty Chic trend last year and will continue to do this Season. 


This time I chose my white Grasshopper slip-ons. 

I’ve had mine for a few years, but they are very similar to this version.

I bought mine when I began Weight Watchers as a good walking shoe because I walked to meetings. 

That’s been about four to five years now… 


I really liked popping this with a bright scarf and can see myself recreating this with other colors and switching the sweater for a t-shirt as weather warms up.  

I am loving the Just Fab white bucket bag.  

There is nothing I love more about Spring than ditching my boots and wearing wedges, flats , sneakers and sandals.  

Dear Readers, Beginning Tomorrow I will start posting my Get Your Pretty On Spring Challenge , outfit inspirations.

It’s a wonderful program with 10 days to shop for items suggested (not that I needed much) and last night began the 21 days of suggested ways to put the pieces together.  The best part of the process is the private Facebook group where everyone posts their finds and their outfits daily.  It’s a wonderful group of supportive women and what I love about it is seeing women who were like the old me, who were mother’s who took care of everyone else and took a back seat, stepping up and wanting to embrace fashion and self-care.  

Not only does Alison help so many women she recently did a bootcamp for the man in your life, and let’s face it, that is a much needed area and I will definitely join in on that one in the near future with my husband, though he listens and lets me help him a lot with his style. 


I am grateful that although my 19 year old was hit in a rear end accident, that he and his friends were fine and so was the car. (gotta love it happening when he was stopped at a light, so slow speeds!) 

I am grateful for all the phone chats I’ve been having with my daughter lately!  

I am grateful for Quality time together this weekend with my husband and son, we are just getting use to being a trio, and the two away at college will be home in just a few weeks!!!  We made it year one! 

I am grateful for sunshine, Spring and walks with my youngest.  

I am grateful for a fun Sunday afternoon, bowling with the competition team and I had a new high score!  

That was my first thought when I let the dog out and felt the temperatures today…

When mother nature is laughing and sneaking in temps in the 40’s and 50’s, 

“How does a fashionista respond? “

pink & houndstooth

This one, decided to have fun with an outfit that mimics the mix-up. 

Hence the pairing of a very feminine pink with a men’s inspired houndstooth print. 

Yep, that’s my sense of humor!  

Something only a fashion addict who proclaims style as her artistic expression. 


Triple Pinks!  

What can I say, “I was nicknamed Pinky”   in high school.  

Of course those were the days of Pinky Tuscadero 


When I put the first layer of this outfit on,with just the sweater, skinny pants and flats, 

the silhouette reminded me very much of cigarette pants in the 50’s and 60’s. 

Check out Bridgitte Bardot in the 5o’s 


I am sure I could have been more creative in a purse choice, 

but what’s more fun than a back pack purse in a lovely blush color to cheer a woman up 

to face a colder than normal Spring Day….

Dear Readers in another mix up tomorrow is schedule to reach 80, but with rain…

Mother Nature has a real sense of humor….

My sinuses are going to hate this!  


I am grateful that I have a wonderful sense of humor and a fun outlet of fashion to lift my spirits. 

I am grateful that I had a short chat with my son at college while he is apartment hunting for next year. 

I am grateful that my sister in law will finally be going home from the rehab center tomorrow. 

I am grateful that our bowling group family that are in St. Croix getting a house ready for sale, will be back in just a few weeks and that she will be attending our next Parent’s Night Out, cause we are missing them!!!!!

I am grateful to the ice cream truck for serenading my photo shoot this afternoon….nothing like taking photos with the neighbor across the street on his porch, the ice cream man and mailman all in attendance… 

With today, being such a gorgeous spring day, I couldn’t help but embrace it through clothing…

After all fashion is my current artistic expression. 


Last Spring I wanted dark floral pants, but never got them as I just never found a pair that sang to me.

This navy version from Ebay sang to me due to the price, since I wasn’t really sure floral pants were going to me something I loved.  When it comes to trends I want to try, but am not immediately sold on, I tend to do so very cautiously , spending the least amount of money I can.  

I must say that with Asian sizing I bought the XL and they have a lot of stretch. The XL size chart listed it at 37 inches for hips and I am at 39.  I might have been able to manage in the Large, especially with my new push to lose weight…


My poncho and necklace were also purchased from Ebay, but last year so not available. 

Since the day was so beautiful and my sinus meds had kicked, I decided to take advantage that my homeschooler was off with my husband doing his private bowling lesson, and headed for a walk to the Dollar Tree.   

A cross-body purse was in order, so what better one to choose than my Harold Feinstein blue butterfly one, as it is one I bought in remembrance of my mother, who comes to me in butterflies. 

I bought mine from QVC,  a few years ago and after searching found a few options on Ebay, here.  


It was so nice to get out of the house after two days of sitting in my pj’s with sinus issues..

This is typical March for me, where mornings are rough and things get better later in the day.  

I am glad I took a chance on these floral pants and really liked them a lot more than I thought I would.  

Dear Readers, Have you tried the Floral trend or do you intend to?


I am grateful for a wonderful day of walking in the sunshine and remembering my mother as she was such a big walker. 

I am grateful that I started my son on a speed reading course for homeschooling today, in hopes we can increase his speed in the next few years to get him ready for college. 

I am grateful for my strong faith and knowing without a doubt that I am here to be a light in this world. 

I am grateful for my blog and how much writing this gratitude journal has increased my happiness levels these last few years. 

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