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I know many of you are dealing with snow and although we don’t see much of that here.  We haven’t had weather that is in the 30’s yet this season, but this past week it  has arrived. Adding in any wind and it is too cold for my liking…  I think it becomes a bigger shock when we had temperatures in the 6o’s just a week or so  ago…

IMG_1256This is my second attempt at styling my thrifted Pendleton blazer.  I chose a warm green thrifted sweater and my Diane Gilman Jeggings.

I initially tried this with black boots, but quickly scrapped those for any excuse to bring out my navy ones. I pulled my hair back today as I needed a quick photo shoot and the wind wouldn’t help that.

IMG_1265I really am getting comfortable with posing with this tree. Although I do look forward to spring and finding great locations to do photo shoots.  For now, I do appreciate the ability to just run outside and right back inside to warmth…

IMG_1267I was actually thinking that I wasn’t cold without a coat and grateful to be wearing my wool blazer when this photo was taken….

Dear Readers, I hope you are all staying warm. Don’t forget it’s Visible Monday, so see what these lovely ladies are doing for the end of 2012!

Today is my sister’s 50th Birthday!

My husband and I are going to Nags Head, NC to spend New Years at a wonderful beach house with a full house of great people and when I say full house, I mean it.  In fact my husband and I and our really good friends are sharing the room with two sets of bunk beds…

Gratitude:  I am grateful to have children old enough, so that my husband and I can go have some adult fun for a few days.  I am grateful that my children all get along well and see our going away as an adventure for them.  I am glad my children are bonding and making memories of time with each other.  


Since I posted my scarf collection, I thought it would might be fun to just show my previous outfits where I was wearing a scarf.  I was thinking that if some of my Dear Readers have wanted to take the plunge, but not yet tried scarfs, that this might inspire you to give it a try! 


   Sorry about this picture quality it was done on my son’s Iphone…






close up in treeIMG_0304IMG_0218get-attachment (84)get-attachment (22)Fuchsia CoatIMG_0268IMG_1223Hope you are Having a Wonderful Weekend!

Scarf Storage Ideas: Multi-use hanger IKEA Takes up as little space as a clothes-hanger but can store 28 different accessories. Can be washed by hand.

Or this using a towel bar and shower curtain rings

How To Store Scarves

Or tension rods as shown below


Up until one year ago I didn’t own a scarf at all.  I had some I wore as belts or sashes,but none that wrapped around my neck or were used as an major accessory.  I bought my first scarf at my local grocery store of all places.  It was the red and black checked one above.  I was complimented a lot when I wore it, so I wore it quite often.  Each time I received many compliments and that was all it took for me to be totally hooked.  All of the scarves above are the beginning of my collection purchased last fall from my grocery store for just $6.99 each.

IMG_1280I saw these scarves on QVC and loved them, they also had them in yellow and cobalt blue and it was really hard to pick between these lovely colors…I love the texture on these.  These were $19.99 each and probably the most I’ve paid for a scarf.

IMG_1287Then spring hit and I found these three and the two below on Ebay.  I loved how inexpensively I could get them if I was just patient enough to wait for them to arrive from China.  I paid no more than $3.99 including shipping for each of these.


The polka dot one below is also from Ebay.  The other one is from Steinmart and I added it in the Spring as well because I was looking for something that had purple in the design.  This was a more expensive addition at $12.99


More additions from Ebay because of the price and the need for animal print.  The zebra print was purchased last winter and the leopard  this fall.


These two are both from Burlington Coat factory and were around the $12.00 price.  The colorful one I just received as a gift from my 12 year old son on Christmas.


These two are both sweater knit, something I went in search of recently.  I found these at a Dollar type store at my local mall that has items that are inexpensive.  They were $3 each.


The Navy one is a Liz Claiborne NY that I purchased on Clearance from QVC.  Even on clearance I still paid $19,99 for it, but have worn it so often that it was well worth it.  The other one I ordered after receiving a mail order catolog for Catolog  Favorites for $12.99.  This too is one I have gotten quite a bit of use out of.


Two more recent purchases from Ebay….


Christmas gift from my eldest son, purchased at H & M


Two more found on clearance at QVC purchased to go with my purple and brown coats, but I can wear them as a fashion accessory.  These have a boucle texture and are among my favorites.


And last are my new favorite Ruffle scarves which are all very recent purchases…


So, if you were counting that is a total of 29 scarfs accumulated in just one year!   I still have a wish list of scarves, like a polka dot one or a blue or gray and white striped one.   If I can find them on Ebay for $3.99 or less I will continue to feed my addiction, but think I need to limit myself to maybe one per month…. That sounds fair doesn’t it??? But then again I am an admitted addict and the Five & Below store has some solid color ones that I am missing….

Want to see how I store these scarves?  Please don’t be jealous, I use to own a store and this is a store display piece and I am so lucky to have it….


Just in case you think my rack looks full and I don’t have room to feed my addiction, here is what my dear friend gave me for Christmas and there is a set of two of them…


So Dear Readers, ease my mind and confess how many scarves are in your current collection.  If you have wanted to try scarves, but haven’t yet, just remember it can get addictive!  Hey, it sure beats my sugar addiction or carb addiction…

Gratitude:  I am grateful for the experience of photographing all my scarves and being forced to take inventory and become aware that I need to slow down purchasing more.  I am grateful to be enjoying this stage in my weight loss journey.  I am grateful for the support of my family.

I am so excited about my new pants, that I couldn’t wait until morning to post this,but is around midnight so it qualifies as tomorrow, Right?

I was so happy to receive these Diane Gilman Tribal Print Jeans  yesterday and couldn’t wait to style them and wore them all day.  I was beyond thrilled when UPS came so early, as that doesn’t happen! It was windy and my hair doesn’t look good at all today….


I paired these with one of my favorite jackets.  It is a microsuede swing jacket with an obi belt.  I purchased this jacket as one of my first items from the tv shopping channels. It is by Wayne Lucas Scot previous stylist on What Not to Wear.   I have worn this so much over the past two years and am so happy to report that this is going to be one of the very few items that will survive my total weight loss of about 50lbs once I get to my goal.  I also have this in brown.   I so wish this was still available to direct you to purchase because it is one of the most favorite things I have ever owned….


I took this side pose so you could see how cute this jacket really is!

I have to say that I am so loving my black booties.  The heel is just the right height and does wonders to increase my leg line, which is important for us petite women. They are clearance right now at Payless for just $15.    Last year I wore mules a lot,but have found that my new love of booties has made my mules obsolete.


I was thinking of what other ways I could style these pants and my first thought was to add a yellow top.  If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to hearing and trying them because I want these to be something I wear often… I found it very funny that when I showed my husband these pants online, he got that funny face as if to say , “really?”   He was still sleeping when I put this outfit together(remember he is on vacation) and when he saw my outfit he complimented it.  I reminded him of his initial reaction to the pants and he said, “well, I like them now!”   I told him I like them in green too and he repeated that he liked them.  I am not going to get the green, but am tempted…

Gratitude:  I am grateful that my husband got some much needed sleep.  I am grateful that everyone pitched in and helped me straighten up the house today.  I am grateful that we all just hung around the house today.  I am so glad my husband changed his mind about these pants!!!

We spent the day after Christmas at the mall.  My daughter had some gift cards and was in search of clothes.  She tried on lots  and ended up with 4 pairs of jeans, a skirt and one top.  A very successful day since she tends to be very picky.  I am proud to say I made the day all about her and didn’t try on anything for myself.  A huge accomplishment for a fashion lover!   

get-attachmentHere I am ready to face a very rainy day. I am wearing my Rachel Zoe raincoat which I have in both khaki and black it is currently on clearance and available on a 3 month interest free payments.  I knew right away I was wearing these boots as soon as I heard the down pour outside. The mall wasn’t as busy as it normally is the day after Christmas and store managers knew it was definitely due to the rain.  That didn’t stop us as what better place to be, but a shopping mall for a rainy afternoon?  The boys entertained themselves at Game Stop and even went to the pet store and took a Husky into one of the rooms to play with.


This is me at the mall, taken with my son’s Iphone as my camera was at home with a battery that needs recharging.  We took lots of Christmas photos and I forgot to charge it back up…. The scarf was a Christmas present from my youngest child, Connor.   I know it meant a lot to him that I chose to wear it today.  I love these colors!  

get-attachment (3)

While I didn’t try on anything at the mall, I did snag this scarf off the display mannequin at Sears while my daughter was in the dressing room.  She had sent me back out to get a different size when I spied this and fell hard…  I think I might be officially addicted to scarves!

get-attachment (2)Since I am showing new scarves, I should complete the job and show this one given to me by my eldest child.  He purchased it at H & M and he was worried that it was too big… It is rather wide compared to other scarves I own.  I am debating cutting it down the middle to make it less wide.  I could then give the other half  to a friend… It just has a simple straight stitch down each side to prevent it from fraying, so that would be very easy to do.

Gratitude:  I am grateful for a fun family day spent together as my husband works so much and these times when everyone is home are rare. I am grateful for time to bond and discuss fashion with my daughter.  I am grateful that my husband took the boys off and allowed my total focus to be on Ashley.  I am grateful that after playing with a Husky that they all agreed they are too high maintenance.  I am so glad that I had a chance to go back to sleep for awhile after getting up way too early this morning!  

My Camera Battery is currently recharging, so better photos tomorrow!


I have really been holding out on buying skinny jeans because I didn’t want to waste money on knowing I would lose weight and surely change another size… I tried, I really tried hard… I just found myself substituting leggings and not really liking that look on me.

So, I bought these really divine “espresso” colored skinny jeans by Diane Gilman via HSN.  If you haven’t heard of her, she caters to baby boomers and their need for a higher rise not juniors low rise….  I really prefer this in my jeans after having four children and a C-sectiion.

Now I would like a do-over for some previous outfits I did using brown leggings…


Of course I added a few changes this time:


And Just for fun let’s do try that again, here is the one with leggings


And with skinny jeans…


This sweater is now getting passed onto my daughter who tried it on and liked it.  Green is a color that she loves, and I feel honored to pass it on to her….

I feel like I have redeemed myself!  So glad I gave up my self imposed rule of not getting the skinny jeans until I reached my goal weight… the truth is that I am close enough to goal to go ahead as this designer has amazing stretch and if I buy them tight now, they will work beautifully when I reach goal.  This is not my theory, I have used jeggings in this brand throughout my weight loss…

I am feeling confident that I can go ahead and purchase more from this designer while they are still available in my goal size at clearance prices.  And here is what I ordered and should have soon!

They royal blue is a tribal print, the yellow and pink are checked print and the red neon has zippers down the side….The espresso ones above also have the zippers and my one complaint is that the inside is not covered and I wore tights with them so the cold zipper was not against my leg…Knowing this I still went ahead and ordered another color… Probably because those zippers caused quite a stir among my husband and friends….

DG2 Tribal-Print Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans at HSN.comDG2 Gingham-Print Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans at HSN.comDG2 Gingham-Print Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans at HSN.comDG2 Stretch Denim Skinny Jeans with Side Leg Zippers at

If you want to find the links to these you can do so from my Pinterest Page:


Linking up today with the Pleated Poppy, so by all means go browse and see what others are up to!


Gratitude:  I am grateful for the wonderful holiday season and time with my family.  I am grateful to be past the pain of mourning my mother and just feeling the joy of her memory!  Those two alone are so huge, that I want to take pause and just really appreciate this moment in time…It’s been a long time getting here….

Dear Readers if any of you are not at that stage in the mourning process yet, my heart goes out to you and know that it is around the corner, but takes different amounts of time for everyone.  

Your comments are greatly appreciated and welcome!  

My family and I had a very special day filled with lots of fun and laughter.  I treasure days like these when we are all together with nothing to do but enjoy ourselves.  I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a special day as well.  


Christmas Eve, my daughter had me open this wonderful apron!  Since I have everyone over for breakfast and cook them dinner as well, it was the perfect gift and I put together an outfit all around this fun apron that jingled when I danced or jumped around.  I love my daughter so much for knowing that I would have so much fun with this. Then again I met her at the airport after she spent her 16th b’day in Japan with a sash and a crown and she wore it all around the airport to humor me…. It’s great being a woman and I wan to teach her to have fun!


I wish you could see my daughter’s Grinch shirt here.. And the wacky woman in green is my sister.  We women embrace this funky fun dressing on Christmas….

IMG_1159Not a great photo,  but the only one that had all four of my children…

IMG_1162Believe it or not, my oldest requested this book for himself!


I love the shocked look on Connor’s face here.  There were so many of the two of them together with beaming smiles, but I chose this one since it was different…

IMG_1205This was my favorite moment of the day!  Connor has just discovered that in this box is an Android tablet.

He was told not to react as the other kids were all opening the same gift at the same time and I cut his box open first and was going around to the others.  For a twelve year old this is a terrific grown up present and he was so happy!

And the biggest news of all for the day was that I reached over 10,000 all time views on my blog today!

You should have seen me discover it when the number was 10,001 and my happy dance with my jingle bells sounding off!

What a fun day to reach such a milestone!

My Dearest Readers I hope you all had a wonderful day and thanks for checking in!  

Your wonderful comments are welcomed and much appreciated!  

Linking up with What I Wore Wednesday, so stop by and see what some other wonderful bloggers are up to!

                                   I hope you My Dear Readers Enjoy a Wonderful Christmas filled with Family, Friends, Laughter and Joy!

If you missed yesterday’s post, check out my Fall Favorite Outfits and Leave a Comment on Which one or two You like         the Best


My Mother’s Snowman that I loved as a child

IMG_1129Santa & Snowmen


Chloe our Mini-lop



Robot that  Nicholas (17 ) wrapped for Connor (12)


My husband as Saint Nicholas

IMG_0586Live Tree my guys put up Outside, last night!

Merry Christmas!

I thought it might be fun to go back after my first three months as a blogger and reveal my top 12 favorite outfits .  Like all beginning bloggers I have had some hits and misses, but can see my style improving and want to take a moment to celebrate my successes.

These are in order of most recent to the beginning of my blogging adventure…. I have to mention my surprise that when I finished this that I was left with 6 dresses and 6 pant outfits.  It was totally unintentional and was a shock,  as I think I look better in dresses and would have had an overwhelming number of them instead of it being evenly split…

I would love it if you felt so inclined to post a comment saying which one or two you liked most!

IMG_0878IMG_0866   IMG_0817IMG_0725IMG_0632IMG_0559IMG_0533IMG_0471IMG_0485sunglasses in treegrey pants

get-attachment (79)

I originally planned to take a break between Christmas and New Year’s, but my husband encouraged me not to and offered to take photos for me while on his vacation.  His support is tremendous and I am so grateful that he understands what this new adventure in blogging means to me.

I don’t take for granted the precious time with my family, as they are all growing and who knows where life will take them?

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and quality time with your friends and family!  

Dear Readers. Thank you so much for all your support in this beginning journey of blogging!


I am grateful for all the wonderful bloggers I have found and the supportive atmosphere among us all.  I am grateful to those of you who take the time to comment and share  of yourselves.  I am grateful for those readers who are not bloggers, but women who are learning with me on this adventure and find inspiration in their own lives.  Please continue sharing things that you like so I can continue to offer content that is of value.  

Happy Holidays!

So what does one wear when going to visit your adopted six year old niece( my best friend’s daughter) who fancies herself a fashionista and dresses like Punky Brewster?

Am I showing my age with that Punky Brewster reference, here is that spunky character:

And here is my own version of quirky fun!


What a difference a day makes, in a much better mood.  And the temperatures changed and the blustery winds are here! it actually feels like Christmas weather for the first time….

I love having children in my life because my 12 year old reassured me that these photos didn’t reflect my outfit and that it was much better in real life!  

Here is me shivering and wishing I had my coat on, while my son in his coat joked me….


And what post would be complete without me and my favorite tree... When I was in  middle school I use to climb a tree to wait for my bus at the bus stop.  Our bus driver got mad and said she wasn’t waiting for us to get down from the tree again.  True to her word, she saw us, came around the corner and sped right past us… We got to stay home for the day because no one could come drive us to school that day…


Gratitude:  I am grateful for the time spent with my friend and my adopted 6 year old niece.  I am grateful that I was able to bring joy to the both of them.  I am grateful for the time spent with my two youngest.  I am grateful that my seventeen year old son helped me to wrap presents.  I am grateful that my sadness of yesterday is gone…

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