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I’ve been noticing and been attracted to a lot of looks on Pinterest

that have all one color and the only Pop is in the shoes…

So I decided to give it a whirl…

Readers if you wish to join me on my Ireland Journey, Please Like My Facebook Page, as

I will be posting there , but not taking time to write posts here! 


I of course had to have a top that had a little green in it as well…

It just got cool enough for me to wear this much loved kimon0 sleeved banded bottom  sweater from last year…

Here’s an orange banded bottom top from Metrosytle 

Here’s a black kimono sleeve sweater from Chadwicks


You can’t tell put the green is added by a houndstooth print.  

I paired my glass bead necklace with it.   


Popping a head to toe color with a colorful  shoe is one trend represented here..

The other is going back to matching purses, belts and shoes…

We’ve been doing contrasting colors for awhile now , but for those who like matching,

it’s coming back….

The Go-To Uniform for Stylish Moms: Striped Tops - Reese Witherspoon from #InStyle

Another option would be to wear classic neutrals and a pop in the shoe..

I have orange pumps and this would be an easy look to recreate…

olivia palermo chic street style // love the denim paired with blue heels

Or How about a chambray and black with cobalt pumps…

Dear Readers, Do you have at least one bright colored pump to try out this trend?  

Do you like this idea?

I have cobalt ones as well… My orange and cobalt ones are both from the Comfort Plus Line @ Payless, which now has a teal color…

If you are not into wearing heels then I recommend getting a similar look by adding a colored pointed toe flat. 

Here’s a link to cobalt flats from Target. 


I am grateful that DH and I met up for lunch today as we both took a break from running  our separate errands.

I am grateful my husband was able to find his Dockers slim fit pants in his new size today, as he’s lost 2 inches off his waist and his pants looked ridiculous…. He joked and called them his lucky pants as he sold a lot of deals in them these past two months….

I am grateful that our to do list is whittling down and I just have ink to buy to print our airline and train tickets, while DH has to get a new cell phone and maps for the GPS for Ireland.  

I am grateful I decided not to homeschool except for French and Piano this week…


I was so busy running errands for the Ireland trip yesterday that I never got outfit photos…

I decided it was time to share my lust for Boston Proper Catalog

that I get in the mail on a regular basis and drool over…

If you are interested in seeing pictures I post when I am in Ireland for almost three weeks , 

please like my Facebook Page as I will be posting there not on my blog…

image enlargement

Leather Jacket -$298

I never bought the black leather I promised myself when I reached goal weight…

Perhaps I’ll point DH in this direction…

image enlargement

This Sweater Coat comes in 3 colors, I love them all…$129

I think my favorite is the black, though…

image enlargement

A peplum cardigan in this color, black and navy – $89

With my love of femininity in my style, this would be a great addition. 

I am considering the Navy one.

I am lacking in a basic black dress and this

Fit n Flare with jersey top and scuba skirt might just be the answer!


image enlargement

I’ve been looking for a nice boho style belt and this one is fabulous 

Dear Readers, After having to redo an entire wardrobe due to weight loss and now moving forward in the same size for over a year, I feel more confident in making bigger ticket price purchases.  I plan to start a new budget for myself of $250 per month and will be posting monthly how I choose to use those funds. I am looking forward to sticking to a budget and seeing what I do with it.  In all honesty I probably have spent this much or more monthly if you include shoes and purse purchases, but have not kept track.  I really didn’t want to know what I was spending, but now I want to be more responsible and purposeful.  Some months I may buy one key piece others I may by a few basics.  

Before I begin this I plan to do a closet purge of some items that I thrifted and no longer want or purchase mistakes like we all make.  

I look forward to starting all this once I return from Ireland. so perhaps November!


I am so grateful that we found the best travel neck pillows at TJ Maxx..  (we got the last two) pictured below , but we have them in red for $19.99

I often say little things make me happy and you should have seen how giddy I was about these.. They are so soft and you can cinch them in to fit tighter.  The pictured one is from Amazon for $39.99

I am grateful that my husband succeeded in finding two more pairs of jeans, one in dark grey and one tan to complete the pants he needed for the trip

I am grateful for the fun we had running our errands, accompanied by our one remaining child at home…

I am grateful for how this upcoming trip of a lifetime is making me feel close to my mother, understanding how she felt about her trip to Scotland. 

I am grateful that the paycheck my husband receives while away in Ireland will be enough to pay our November Bills and he still has 5 days to make it more…

We leave Just One Week from Today!  

To celebrate I thought I would share some wonderful 

Travel Quotes…

#travel #quotes

Start your adventure.

We couldn't agree more.

Where are you going next?

"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." Gustave Flaubert

Travel changes you for the better.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

I love wearing black and blue together…

I also  love adding Pattern into outfits…

Pattern Pants are always a winner in my book!  


These are my newest pants bought from HSN by  Diane Gilman,

fortunately for me, they were just $19.99 on clearance, but now aren’t available. 


I wore this without the sweater until it got cooler in the early evening . 

I’ve worn this top before and love the sheer bottom that floats and moves , 

feels almost like a skirt…

I love tunics and skinny or straight pants, however once my tall boots come out I tend to wear them less

, as the proportions for my petite height don’t work.

 If  you’ve never photographed outfits, I highly recommend it because your mirror is a liar,

which is how I discovered the best proportions. 

I cringe to think how wrong I was dressing for my petite height prior to blogging…


I doubled up my necklaces and added hoop earrings and a headband for a lite boho vibe…


Notice the black tipping on my sweater…

It’s one I ‘ve had for a few years and keep thinking about getting rid of, but haven’t and I’m glad of that. 

My Aerosoles mules continue to be a favorite. 

Dear Readers. I am now in single digits on my countdown to Ireland. I can’t believe that the year long wait is almost over. I hope you haven’t tired of my year long anticipation and excitement.  I’m probably more excited than I was at first since we added in staying in 4 castles and a night in New York.  I have a lot to do before leaving to get the house ready for my oldest to come back home and stay with my youngest and for the animals to all have food and their needs met.  And if that wasn’t enough the 5 year light bulbs have all gone out and I need to go get more and change them all out..Wonder what else will pop up?   I look forward to the days of no kids and no pets to worry about, then again it will be here all too soon…


I am grateful that my oldest is getting a wonderful surprise, which arrived today,  for his birthday next week..

I am grateful that my 18 year is coming home for the birthday and I’ll get to see him before we go…

I am grateful that my youngest  son did the chores I assigned today without making me ask twice. 

I am grateful that the scale moved and I finally lost 2.5 lbs…hope that trend continues.

I also hope my new found love of late night walks continues. 

I am grateful that my nightly walks offer the added benefit of better sleeping ( a real issue in my world) 

I am grateful that my husband  sent the tablet he won to our daughter who really wanted one for school. 

I am grateful that my dress for Ireland came today and IT FITS!  

From this morning until when I took my photos at 5pm,

we had rain drop a falling…

As any good blogger does, I took photos anyway…


Not the best photos, but here you go…

Today was homeschool bowling, so this was perfect casual look.

I am wearing my Old Navy pixie pants again. love them..

Did I mention they have a lot of stretch????


I bought this Joe Fresh sweater over the summer and was happy to wear it..

I love this belt I thrifted and this is the one belt i am going to take to Ireland. 

You can’t see well, but I am wearing my Ying/Yang necklace again…


My jacket is a lace bomber jacket and for the life of me, I forget where I picked it up…

Dear Readers,  I didn’t even mind the rainy day because it meant a second day of layering…I am so excited about the cooler temps, but am limited in my selections as I have not unpacked Fall clothing and don’t anticipate that I will do so in the next 10 days prior to going to Ireland… I did however amass quite a few new items for the season and will have fun wearing those right away..

I ordered these from No More Rack .com for keeping my boots standing upright ,

once I get them all unpacked and ready for the season.


I am grateful for a fun day meeting a new homeschooling mom and chatting.

I am grateful for a secular group of mother’s to discuss homeschooling. 

I am grateful that my son had a great time and is fitting in well with this group. 

I am grateful that my husband is no longer outside measuring in rainy days like this and my worry about him is over. 

I am grateful that my 14 year old photographer didn’t even balk at taking my photos with a steady rain falling down on us.


Yes, our temperatures fell enough that with the clouds and winds,

I couldn’t just wear my light weight sweatshirt and went back in to grab my jean jacket


I’ve been waiting to wear this new sweatshirt from H&M that I bought over the summer for clearance pricing.

I love the white jeans  with the blues..


I love this bumpy textured yarn mixed with silver bits… 

I went from owning no sweatshirts to now owning three or four…

You’v gotta love these mixed media pieces that are on trend along with the sporty trend…


 I chose the simple Avon  tassel necklace to just add a vertical line down the middle.

I like that styling trick and use it often..

I also threw a headband on today with the winds it worked well…


It felt great to wear layers and heels!  

Today’s temps match what the temperatures in Ireland have been recently..

I am loving my Just Fab purses, I’ve never been one to spend a lot on purses, so these work well for me..

Not that I don’t love my Dooney & Bourke…

Dear Readers, It’s going to be a tough time trying to homeschool these last days before our trip.

12 days and counting….Well 11 by the time I post this…

My head is just not in the homeschooling right now and my son is trying to take advantage of that…

It’s not a big deal with the semester college type courses he’s taking for high school as we can just take longer to finish them…

Who cares if we are done by January and moving on to all new classes?  

There’s a lot of pressure as a homeschooling mother to prove our children are soaring, but why ? 

In my case he was making great grades in Public School , but struggling in reading and writing….

I’ve already done better than they did, with him now reading high school appropriate books.

Your turn, What do you stress yourself about needlessly, does writing your thoughts on it help set you straight?


I am grateful for blogging as sometimes I don’t know where each post will lead, It was nice to write that out about homeschooling and realize I stress myself out needlessly!

I am grateful that my husband called just recently to report another successful day.  

I am grateful that my husband is doing so well with this job since he resigned from the management position.

I am grateful for the chaos that caused him to resign, as he is more profitable and less stressed. 

I am grateful that my daughter and I booked her flights for a wedding where she is a bridesmaid for her friend and for her to come home for Thanksgiving. 

I haven’t mentioned this to you my Dear Readers, but

I’ve been searching for months for a dress to wear to the church service and reunion dinner

On our Ireland trip….

With less than two weeks to go I had to stop playing around..


And the winner is this lace number from Metrostyle…

It met with DH’s approval , so now just keeping my fingers crossed that it fits right!  


Here’s my outfit of the day…

Wide leg linen pants and polk a dot sweater.

I’ve never worn this sweater without a top underneath,

but with today’s temps it  helped to again fake Fall..


When asking a 14 year old to take photos, 

you get an askew necklace and purse…

I am wearing my Ying/Yang Necklace and the purse if from Just Fab.

That’s the first time I thought to add the link for my necklace…


This purse is the one I’ve chosen to take on my Ireland Trip…

Not that I carry purses while site seeing on vacation, 

as I usually stuff a few items in my husband’s pocket and forgo lugging a purse..

Dear Readers, I loved the ease of these pants and this outfit and it is a big contender for my train ride 

from our local area to NY where we will spend a fun night before heading off to Ireland…


I am grateful for the phone call from my daughter today , who just needed compassion

as she struggles with graduate school and the reverse schedule of having late afternoon and night classes…

I am grateful for leftovers for dinner with a late starting homeschooling day. 

I am grateful that my son is doing well with the new home-school program.

I am grateful my husband is pushing me to walk nightly cause my resolve some days isn’t strong. 

I am grateful my husband is getting excited about the Ireland trip and researching online things to do.

I am chomping at the bit to wear Fall clothing…

I bought a few pieces off season over the summer that are just calling my name…

Since I am in air conditioning, I can sport this , despite our warm temps…

Linking up with Visible Monday


I bought this sweater at Burlington by Cable & Gauge

My pants are brand new as well, Old Navy, Pixie Pants..


My purse and shoes are different darker shades of green than the brighter color of the sweater…

I bought these heels last September for my birthday…

They still have them at Metrostyle 


It felt nice to rebel and wear Fall clothing, but it was warm taking photos.  

Dear Readers, I am 5ft 3in ,but wear regular length pants.. I however have shorter arms and really do better with petite tops. I don’t like limiting myself to that, but think I might see about taking some much loved pieces and have the tailor shorten them.. This sweater my be the first one in the pile as I really don’t want it to be tunic length…Yet another project for after Ireland…


I am grateful that my son is so patient in being my blog photographer.

I am grateful that I got a step ahead today and wrote a white board of all the things my youngest needs to do on a daily basis while I am away..

I am grateful my oldest lives nearby and will move home for a few weeks, allowing us the freedom to go to Ireland.

I am grateful that my walks are still going well and that I enjoy them so much! ( I even run the last block) 

I am grateful for the wonderful smells from my kitchen as the roast is cooking..

I am grateful for my wonderful family and the love we share. 

With just two weeks before Ireland things are in full swing.

A busy week of making lists and getting things ready, 

including eye appointment and ordering new glasses.

But today was my favorite way to get ready…


Getting my hair cut and colored is always a good day!  

My stylist gets the biggest kick out of the fact that there is no red in the coloring he uses, yet my hair brings it out…

I attribute that to my redheaded mother- one of my father’s nicknames for her was “Rusty”


Love that color and highlights that were there from the last time I visited him back in May.

He did a great job preserving them, which was the one request from DH…

I guess I should feel blessed DH even notices my highlights…


I threw this outfit together rather quickly as I was getting ready and assisting my son with homeschooling..

I think I would have preferred tucking the top an adding a different belt…

Confession time…. I wore the Aerosoles mules because I didn’t have time to fix my toe polish…

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

If  my guys are up for it we may be going to the Air Show!  

I loved the air show as a child and we use to go every year as

my father had been an aviation mechanic in the Navy.

I remember him once showing me a part inside a plane that he invented, 

He was pretty proud of that and I regret that I dion’t remember what it was ,

so I could have showed it to my children. 


I am grateful to my hairstylist for his talent and fitting me in today!

I am grateful to my husband for caring so much about the highlights and paying attention…

I am grateful to DH for ending a phone call when we were in the car together , to focus on the few moments we had . 

I am grateful to DH for pushing me take a walk last night and the energy I felt this morning to burst out into calisthenics.. 

I am grateful for surviving a very busy week!  

If you had told me a year ago, that I’d be sporting tennis shoes and dresses, 

I probably would have laughed….

Now I can’t seem to get enough of it…


I love this Calvin Klein striped dress and haven’t  worn it lately..

Today is was calling my name, but the events of the day called for casual…

The solution was easy add my floral Keds…


For good measure add a Steelers  color summer shrug and baseball cap,

and don’t forget the yellow watch, seen better in first and next photo..

We had a very sunny 80 degree day…

This photo turned out pretty orange,…


And to finish it off , wear my beloved Christmas present…

My Ying/Yang Necklace -they are still selling it at my BJ’s…

I love the irony of wearing my necklace when my outfit styling is of opposite juxtapositions . 

like the femininity of the dress and the sporty shoes and ball cap…

Dear Readers, I love that blogging challenges me to try new trends out that perhaps I might not do on my own…

It’s that reason and  my loyal readers that keep my posting despite my blog not  having a huge viewership…

I hope that when I take my three week break for Ireland that you will come back to see my photos! 

If possible I may try to post a few times while in Ireland…


I am grateful  that my husband had another easy day with appointments only  in the evening…

I am grateful that he used his time wisely today and replaced our defunct turtle tank filter 

I am grateful that I was able to complete the homeschooling lessons of the day despite the interruptions of my husband being home . 

I am grateful that a trip for groceries was on the agenda for the day and that we got a lot of healthy options. (its nice having my husband eating healthy as sometimes he can be a saboteur)

I am grateful that both my daughter and my son called me today from colleges to touch base .  

I am grateful that my die hard Patriots fan husband supports my Steelers love and provides me with items like this hat…

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