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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I have some hope that Spring is upon us as the temperatures Sunday were about 60 and due for 70 tomorrow! The trees are all starting to bud!

 This is my first look after the Take One, Pass It On Challenge, which was fun, but I lost inspiration and decided I was ready to move on. 

IMG_2917I think I nailed the feeling of Spring with this look!  


It was cloudy and spitting rain so no need for sunglasses today!  This pink blouse is the one I bought on Friday when I went out thrifting and I know will become a versatile piece in my wardrobe.  I am also wearing a new vest that I purchased on ebay in my quest to add vests into my style…  Up until this point I only owned one brown faux fur one.  Stay tuned as I have a great black  DKNY one I purchased via ebay as well and of course my much desired moto one from F21 that I showed on Saturday’s Lucky Find post.


I think my favorite part of this look has to be my Aerosoles ballet flats because they are cute, but also have enough padding to be comfortable.  I bought 4 pairs in different styles on a great sale in early fall  when they were on sale for just $19.99, but for one day only had an extra 25% off sale.  I only mention this to educate you if you are unaware, that signing up for e-mail alerts from your favorite brands or stores does pay off.   One of my favorite store is Steinmart and they send me e-mail coupons all the time for an extra 40%  off clearance items.  At Christmas time I was able to pick up summer pants and capris using that coupon and paid $4 to $5 for them.

Dear Readers, What are  your special ways to save on your fashion items?  As a mother of four, I have to create my style in create my style in a savvy way, but don’t mind that as I love the thrill of a deal!  I welcome and appreciate your comments!  

Linking up today with Watch What I am Wearing and Visble Monday and Monday Bloom.  I highly recommend you explore some of the lovely ladies !

Gratitude:  I am grateful that it is Spring Break and things are easy and fun with no real bedtimes or schedules to keep!  I am grateful that my friend asked me to write her a recommendation letter, as it was my honor to do.  I am grateful  for a dryer to replace my current one that is not heating up… I am grateful to my oldest son for running errands for me.  I am grateful for time with my family and the Easter holiday to remind us of what is important.  


I was so happy to be well again that I spent Friday out thrift shopping with a friend and here are the results…


 Karen Scott Floral Blouse – Goodwill $2.50


Talbots Petite Gingham Blouse- Goodwill $2.50IMG_2894Izod tiny pink & white checked blouse- Salvation Army-2.99


New York & Co Yellow Sweater- $2.99


Coldwater Creek Floral Jacket- GoodWill $6.99


Southpole light wash Denim Jacket – $6.99


Not thrifted– F21 Creme Moto Vest 

I have never been much of a blouse person and now that I have embraced them, I wonder how I managed without them.. Since I am starting pretty much from scratch in this department,  I am glad for the selection available at thrift stores .  Getting them for such great prices  and in new condition is just such a bonus and means I can indulge my desire to add these into my spring wardrobe.  A floral jacket and lightwash denim one have both been on my wish list and I have been looking for both for a few months now.  I indulged in a trip to Forever 21 for the sole purpose of getting one of these faux leather moto vests to wear for Spring.  My Spring wish list is shrinking and now only includes some  shoes that help add that edge I am looking for since I currently only own ballet flats , canvas boat shoes and wedge slingback  sandals…

Dear Readers, How is your wish list for Spring coming along?  What are you most excited about getting this season?  Any favorites from My Lucky Finds?   I appreciate and welcome your comments!   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you celebrate Easter that it is a wonderful day of prayer and celebration of renewal filled with the laughter of children and love of family.  

Gratitude:  I am grateful to have spent a day with a wonderful friend and getting out after two weeks of being sick.  I am grateful for the joy my youngest brought to me when he came in and said something in a foreign language and then informed me he used Google Translator to help him communicate with a boy in Romania who he is playing Minecraft with.. (the beauty of homeschooling and technology).  I am grateful for a wonderful discussion on the phone with a dear friend and her request to write her a recommendation letter ( a true honor to do for this amazing woman!)  I am grateful for the upcoming weekend filled with friends and family fun!  

I am still on a natural high over yesterday’s magic style formula, something that happens each time I rock a skirt or dress with boots and leather or faux leather jacket… Here is a reminder of that look before I show the new look in the remix challenge. 


Now for a totally different look with the olive bomber jacket, a new style of jacket for me…


These colors remind me more of fall than a cold Spring, but since I love fall colors, it works for me.  This blouse is one that I originally bought  before I began the weight loss journey while I was still very much in mourning of my mother, but dreaming of finding myself again. Of course it didn’t fit me back then, but thanks to WW and my dedication it does now!  Funny that all three of these clothing pieces are purchases I made online. the jacket from ebay and the shirt and pants from Chadwicks.


Here is the blouse without the jacket... I really am loving this remix challenge as it is forcing me to really take a look in my closet and see what clothes play nicely with others in a different way than I’ve previously shown.  What is even better is that the cold temperatures hanging in here have helped me to get more use out of my winter wardrobe and show things like this blouse that I hadn’t worn yet.

Dear Readers,  I hope you are all having a great week leading up to Easter (if you celebrate this holiday).  Are you tired of your winter clothes or have you been forced like I have to come up with new combinations and stretch yourself ?  I have some hope as temperatures are suppose to be in the 60’s for Easter and Monday!  

Gratitude:  I am grateful  for the “Every 15 Minutes Program” that took place at my son’s high school and the fact that he came home and shared it all with me and gave me his take on it all..  I am grateful for the Chief of Police who asked the kids to start a petition for him to do a better job to keep crime down and his promise of a meeting to defend himself and show his commitment (I am grateful for the impression this made on my 17yr old son).  I am grateful that I am feeling better and am going out with a friend today!


A reminder of yesterday’s look with the polka dot ruffle hemmed dress


Today, I added my new faux leather olive jacket, purchased via Ebay and my new love… This is my go to formula that I feel expresses my personality perfectly. It is the perfect combination of ying/yang , soft femininity with an edge.  I never knew this about myself until I began blogging about 6 months ago and it is probably the biggest benefit I have gained on this journey.  I have always known that I was a romantic and loved feminine pieces, ruffles and lace and vintage jewelry like cameos..  I always used boots for the edginess, but never before this season did I recognize my love of leather and faux leather jackets.   On my purchase list for next fall/winter this may just  be my top priority to add more real leather pieces that I know will be good investments and stand the test of time.


I wrote earlier about ruffles being a big trend for spring/summer and just that little ruffled hem on this dress changes the entire feel of this dress and really takes it up a notch to love… I would like to point out that many larger busted women probably think they have to sit out the ruffle trend, but not if you do it this way instead of ruffled tops..  

Dear Readers, I can’t say enough about how this formula of a dress with the jacket and boots, makes me want to do a happy dance ( in fact I couldn’t help doing just that repeatedly!)  Have any of you discovered the magic outfit formula that you can go to that fills your spirit for the day and brings out your inner “Tigger” ?   If so please share it in your comments.  If not please explore until you nail one!  You won’t believe the difference it will make in your life…

Gratitude:  I am grateful for this blog and my readers who let me know that I am not just talking to thin air.  I am grateful for finding that magic formula outfit that I can pull out any time I need my super “Tigger ”  powers to shine.   I am grateful for the happy accident of my daughter accidentally calling me and my returning that call that lead to a wonderful conversation on importance of sleep, creativity and balance.  I am grateful that my son has a short week of school this week and a week off for Spring Break, as this makeup work has been tough(end of a grading period so all had to be done by Thursday, crazzzy!).   I am grateful for my Wednesday night tv line up of Rachel Zoe & It’s a Brad, Brad World and Nashville   

I was suppose to go to my weigh in today, but didn’t make it due to sinus pressure headaches to the point of migraine level and nausea.  Waiting for this weather to change for relief!   My husband who never gets sick was hit with that stomach flu that my son and I dealt with last week.. He never gets sick, but this really hit hit hard.  


A reminder of the previous day’s look..


What I would have worn if I had made it to my WW meeting today… I would have worn tights as I was cold taking these photos, but didn’t feel like asking my son to hold on while I put them on.  He so graciously squeezed in photos for me,  despite his pressure with  so much make up homework from missing 4 days of school due to that darn stomach flu…


As you can see I opted to carry over the bright blue blazer , which I purchased on clearance from Chadwicks and is no longer available.  I have  worn this scarf a lot and happily it is still available Here.  The purse and dress are both thrifted.

Dear Readers, my posts today is just a quick uninspired one due to the intensity of my headache today.. Thanks for stopping by and remember I welcome and appreciate all comments.

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Gratitude:  I am grateful for a phone conversation with my younger brother today, I just love him so much!  I am grateful that my husband got sick before he left the house for work as he would have pushed himself to go and been throwing up during a long drive for a corporate meeting… I am grateful that my son is on top of his make up homework and focused on doing well.  I am grateful that my daughter is taking the rejection of her PHD application so well and has a Plan B in place.

So happy that my fever is gone.  I was a lot better today, once my sinus medication set in and provided headache relief!  Another rainy and cold day… so wishing for Spring, but wearing colors to help.  

IMG_2773A reminder of Yesterday’s look…


So you can see my carry over item is my yellow checkered jeans( bought for one size smaller than I currently am) , which really makes me want to get back to losing and get to my goal.  With  the holidays, the flu in January and my vacation in February, I have really gotten off track.   I had to think one step ahead of how to incorporate my dress for tomorrow’s weigh-in so thought this jacket would help me with that… Yesterday I mentioned my love of buying multiples and this top is a multiple of yesterdays look.  I really love this color combo…


Here is another time I wore the cobalt and yellow

Dear Readers, thanks for stopping by… Your comments are all appreciated and welcomed.  I hope you are all off to a wonderful week and taking time to remember the things you have to be grateful for. In fact I would love it you would share one thing ( or more if you like)  in your comments today.. 

Gratitude:  I am grateful to be feeling better.  I am grateful that I had a productive home schooling day even though it took longer than it should have (he was stalling).  I am grateful that I have a WW meeting in the morning and that I didn’t crave carbs today!  I am grateful that I had the energy to get the kitchen cleaned up and laundry put away.  

I am continuing on with the remix challenge and carrying over one item from the day before.  I like this challenge a lot as it makes it very easy to choose an outfit.  I always have one piece as my jumping off point… A reminder of the previous day’s outfit….


We had nothing but rain all Sunday, so taking photos meant an outing… I haven’t gone out for a photo shoot since winter temps hit…I headed to a local bank that has a nice covering overhead to protect and flower beds to stand in…


You can’t see my carry over item in this pose, but had to show off my trench coat… this is my first one purchased 3 years ago from Sears.. I call it my statement one, as the others are all solids.. I think it works nicely with this outfit and it matches my umbrella.  Yes, little things make me happy…

IMG_2773The reveal without the trench coat!  As you can see, I kept the sleeveless shell from the previous day’s outfit.  I love the pinks and yellow together, it defies the grey rainy day!  You can’t see very clearly, but these are yellow gingham checked jeans from Diane Gilman… I may have gone overboard in my love for these… as I have them in three colors for Spring… They are currently sold out, but when they were originally over $50 jeans that I picked up on clearance for just $10, I couldn’t help buying in multiples.. Might as well confess that I have multiples of every item I have on… I have a duplicate sweater in Navy with black trim, the blouse in another print of blues and greens plus two solid colors and I have those Aerosoles ballet flats in black…

Dear Readers, If you find great bargains do you ever buy in multiples as I do?  I don’t think there is anything wrong with multiples,but am glad that I have lots of varieties as well.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead and any preparations you may have for Easter.  Come back tomorrow and see what I carried over from today’s look…

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Gratitude:  I am grateful that I found the energy to run out for the photos as I am having sinus trouble and running a low fever.. I am grateful to my husband for taking today’s photos.. I am grateful to my husband for making a wonderful London broil dinner for us all Saturday when my fever was high and I was napping.. I am grateful for a phone call from my daughter away at college to share her snowfall with us through Skype. 

Well, I am over that blasted stomach flu and managed not only to get dressed for blog photos, but to get out and run a few errands… 


My carry over item just so happens to be the wonderful favorite Navy boots! 


Although I am so ready to for Spring, I am certainly not going to complain about another opportunity to wear my favorite boots.. This is the second season I have felt that way, wonder if next year I will take them for granted?   This jean skirt was a recent thrift find by Hillard & Hanson, which is an unknown brand to me.   I loved the opportunity to use my new Aigner purse that I thrifted last week!


I was out running errands with my seventeen year old ,when he suddenly lowered his voice and said, ” That guy just did a double take to check you out!, that’s gross!”  You see , this has happened the last few times he has been out with me and is noticing how often it occurs. I just giggled and said, “I am enjoying this as it hasn’t happened in years,( since I had gained the weight)..”  He just giggled and said, ” I know,but I still think it’s gross!”  He went on to say that all guys do this and he knows it is in their nature and he himself does it,but it is so different to see it being done to his mother…  We just happened to be walking by a mother at the Red Box with her teen son wearing the more ” Mom” uniform of jeans and a sweater with ugg boots… She snapped nastily at her son and I asked Nicholas if he could appreciate not only that I dress nicely but that I behave nicely because not all kids have what he has in me… He nodded his head and agreed. He does know, he was the child who two years ago out of nowhere told me , “my wife is going to like you more than she likes me because you are just so nice to everyone!”   Best compliment in my Lifetime!!  I know something he doesn’t know yet, but he has that same trait in himself! I can’t wait until he recognizes the truth in that!  

Dear Readers,  if you have kids, don’t you love the teen years and the conversations you can now have with them?!   I swear these last two years before graduation have been the best with each of my kids… So glad I am here when he gets home from school and that he comes to find me!  If you have younger kids, you have so much to look forward to!

Gratitude:  I am so grateful to be feeling better!  I am grateful to have such a wonderful relationship with my 3rd child ( I, too was a 3rd out of 4 child).  I am over the moon and want to shout from the rooftops because Connor , my youngest who the school said had a learning disability in reading and writing said to me this morning, ” I want to be a writer , I have a writer’s brain and so many story ideas in my head” 

Snow showers today with temperatures in the high 30’s just two days ago we were in the mid 60’s… It’s no wonder this stomach flu is swirling around now when all the temperatures are going crazy and my sinuses are acting up…


This is yesterday’s look on my dress-form, Ruby, who so kindly stood in for me during my time of need… I had dreams that I might photograph myself in this outfit and today’s look, but who am I kidding I am too worn out for that and besides it was snowing!


Notice the snow!  I was getting dressed for this shoot when my boys came in to tell me it was snowing.  I instantly went into my closet where I had packed away my thickest sweaters and resurrected this one for one more showing..  If I was going to stand out in the snow showers I was going to feel cuddly warm… or so I thought,  the sweater didn’t keep my legs warm…


I really cheated here by just adding foundation, blush and lip color, skipping eye make up all together , and that hat disguises all kinds of sins.. It was either that or another look on my dress form and quite frankly I thought my readers deserved better than that.  I’ve shown the boots, sweater and purse before and my love for these navy suede boots by Kathy Zeeland via Qvc.   The sweater is also from QVC’s in house Denim & Co and my very first ever clothing purchase from them three years ago!  I didn’t realize it until I just started mentioning it,but this entire outfit is via QVC except the purse which was a Christmas gift two years ago by Stone Mountain purchased at BJ’s.  The purple dress is by Tiana B. via QVC  and I love the elastic empire waist.  The hat is by Isaac Mizrahi Live,  once again via Qvc.  My apologies that none of these pieces are still available because I am the Queen of Clearance Shopping!

Dear Readers, hope I come up with an outfit carrying over an item from today’s look because when I instinctively ran for my cozy sweater I totally forgot to think ahead to which item I would remix for tomorrow’s look.. I am a planner and traditionally think one step ahead, so should be interesting..Nothing like being  forced outside your comfort zone.  I actually like being forced into situations where I am forced to be more spontaneous,  since I really like that side of myself! Do you like staying in your comfort zone or being pushed?  

Check out Sylvia from 40 Plus Style and her  new venture  : Styling Course

Gratitude:  I am grateful for the snow showers that didn’t leave any accumulation, but brought joy to the kids… I am grateful that my son is feeling much better today and didn’t sleep the day away.  I am grateful that after only three hours of sleep, that I was able to take a nap today… I am grateful that I found the energy to do a photo shoot. I am grateful that today is Friday and I can take a blogging break!

Still running a fever and having symptoms of this lovely stomach flu… Decided to push forward and show you my look on  my dress form since I have no energy to get dressed… In case you missed the beginning of my challenge, here is where it all began and the details. 


A reminder of the previous look of green and purple


This is what I had planned to wear for my Weight Watcher meeting… So you can see that I carried over the grey sweater.  This Gap  sweater has graced my closet for several year and was originally thrifted.  On one shoulder and the opposite sleeve there are flowers and leaves in a felt like material sewn on which I love!   The dress is by Tiana B and purchased via Qvc last year.  I bought it in a size small in anticipation of my weight loss and wore it last spring with the top two buttons undone and a contrasting tank underneath, since it was pulling tight across my chest… Not anymore, losing 40lbs makes a big difference…


And now I would like to call special attention to the scarf.  It is a patchwork design handcrafted from cashmere sweaters and the softest thing ever!  I can’t help myself from continuously touching it!  This was gifted to me by  Cindi Sheanan or KC Tomboy on You Look Fab Forum,  who creates them.
She is super busy with tax season and will be back to making them afterwards.  I thought her e-mail address was on the tag that came with this but it must have been on the note, which I seem to have misplaced.  I can contact her and will repost her information ASAP.  I just didn’t want to wait any longer to show this look since it is now the first day of  Spring.   If you join the forum on You Look Fab, you can send her a message as well!


I would have worn these grey tights and thrifted booties and purse to complete the look!

Dear Readers, I hope you all are well and have not experienced this lovely stomach flu that apparently is extremely transferable.  I hope you all will stop by again tomorrow as I hope to be well enough to show you a different look with this dress and who knows I may put this look on for photos as well!  

Gratitude;  I am grateful that my son is feeling a lot better today.. Now, if only his appetite would return… I am grateful that I was able to take a nap today, which helped this miserable day go by much quicker.  I am grateful that my tow other sons have not caught this nasty bug yet…I am grateful to Cindi for sending me this cozy scarf and choosing such lovely colors especially for me! 

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