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My Dear Readers , I committed to a week of Dresses and Skirts, 

and when today came along, I wanted to wear my purple snow boots

and decided to give up the idea of a dress for bowling day…


Our snow from yesterday melted away as the day went on…

It will be replenished tonight as another storm heads our way with up to 8 inches…

Which I know is laughable to northerners, but even with just two inches yesterday we had hundreds of accidents and people going off the road.    We even had one that hit a local school bus full of kids yesterday afternoon…


So, styling this outfit from the ground up, 

I knew wanted the purple poncho and thought patterned pants would be fun. 

The yellow sweater is a thrifted lambswool and angora, so soft and warm!


I really love the purple and yellow color combo…

I have a pair of subdued purple animal print jeans that I’d love to pair with this combo in the future


 In this outfit, I definitely didn’t feel the same sassy and spunky vibe

that my dresses have given me this week… 

I did however feel much more comfortable bowling in pants…

This poncho if from Old Navy and one I thrifted,

I like the shorter length of this for easy styling with my petite height. 


I am grateful that my son bowled his highest came to date today. 

I am grateful to the parent who told the bowling alley so they could announce it over the loudspeaker, as he felt so proud and happy.  

I am grateful that my son found something he likes and is willing to work hard to get better, this is a first for this child! 

I am grateful that the guys went outside and a snowball fight after bowling ( it’s moments like that , when I notice the loss of his brother away at college) 

I am grateful that my son so willingly and with a positive attitude interrupted his xbox live game to take my blog photos, (he is normally agreeable, but this felt special)  

I am grateful for an hour long phone call from my daughter and the joy it brings, as well as the tears it brings, as I remember my mother and miss her dearly. 


Today is day 3 of my week of skirts and dresses. 

I already winterized with a faux leather moto and a statement cardigan, 

so for today I opted for my prize purchase from my Ireland trip…


My Aran blue poncho and my blue boots also from the Ireland trip..

These pictures are not the best because we had snowfall beginning early afternoon.  

This is a  thrifted floral print dress and it’s the first time I’ve worn it. 


The best part of this outfit other than the fun of wearing my Aran poncho, 

is that I was actually very warm…

I began this look with a long sleeved wicking work out top as an added layer. 

I hate being cold and my Old Navy chambray top was not heavy enough for the job.. 

With the addition of fleece tights, hat and gloves, I was warm head to toe…


I keep picturing this with my red poncho

and really am going to have to try that soon…

 Dear Readers No one here is thrilled about the additional snow due to the

4 days of no school last week from the first one of the season…

We are only expecting an inch or two , but that’s enough with the lack of 

equipment where snowfall is not a given each year, to cause closings, delays and accidents. 

I personally was hoping for no snow when my daughter arrives from Boston on Friday, but with today’s few inches and another 3 to 8 inches on Thursday, I guess that’s not in the cards..

Regardless our snow will be a lot less and our temperatures warmer for her 9 days here.  


I am grateful for the snow, it really is fun since it doesn’t happen all the time, in chatting with my friend over the last snow fall, she mentioned that when we get it , it’s an event and that is very true.  

I am grateful that my homeschooler went to his private bowling lesson today as last week it was cancelled due to the snow.

I am grateful that I chose to style dresses and skirts this week because it is fun and a lift to my spirit. 

I am grateful for the rain and warmer temperatures for at least one day and that the previous snow (really a sheet of ice)  melted.  

Day 2 Of A Week of Dresses and Skirts, 

I decided to style my favorite dress and the only one that I still have from before my

weight loss, as the elastic empire waist made that possible…


Layering a summer dress is such a fun way to extend your wardrobe.

I added a grey long sleeve t-shirt under the dress to begin with, as this dress has a very deep v -neck and identical one in the back as well.  I added the scarf for extra warmth as it was freezing today with frigid winds.

This grey ruffled sweater is from Burlington last year and is definitely a favorite, as it has such a feminine flair to it.


I originally wasn’t going to wear the hat, but the weather quickly changed my mind…

I love that this styling of the dress feels very boho , which if you are a regular reader is a strong preference of mine.


Here is how I wore this for Summer


I am loving putting together skirt and dress looks and

the Spunky and Sassy feel I was hoping to create for myself is definitely happening! 


I am grateful to my son for freezing and dealing with the winds to take my photos, he is a real trooper! 

I am grateful for progress with homeschooling today and getting my teen re-motivated. 

I am grateful for the music and fun from the Oscars that stayed with me all day today…

I am grateful for my strength and self esteem (thanks Mom & Dad). 

I am grateful that my daughter is coming home Friday and the countdown and anticipation and happiness that generates. 

After our snow and record cold temperatures came in last week,

I went into hiding and stayed indoors keeping the fire going…..

With some of my time I of course played in my closet and put together some looks for this week

Linking up Today with Visible Monday, go check out some other wonderful bloggers! 


To celebrate normal temperatures returning, 

I’ve decided to do a week of skirts and dresses…

It’s to lift my spirit and let my Sassy side come out to play..

That’s exactly what it felt like to wear this outfit and my heeled boots instead of flat riding boots.  


This outfit is actually a tshirt dress layered with an old navy pink sweater, and F21 faux leather moto.  

A tshirt dress really is a very versatile piece and I’ve had this one for four to five years and never tire of it.. 


I am really looking forward to wearing dresses and skirts this week!  

Just for fun, here are a few other ways I’ve styled this dress


With a Navy and black jacket and navy suede boots..


This was an all neutrals look from a Pinterest Inspiration


And another neutral with black and brown…

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I was so happy to get out Saturday, even if it was just to Five Guys and Walmart.. I realized on that outing how much God did the right thing by blessing me with 3 boys as I saw the plowed snow drifts in the parking lot and my first thought was to turn to my 14 year old and say…”You can’t miss the opportunity to climb on those, pick your favorite and go for it!”   He did so and I was fascinated at how fast he climbed… on the way down he slid on his rear, got back in the car for a split second and then said , ” I have to do it again, I need to find a better way down! ” I loved that he wanted to succeed on the descent and was self motivated to do it again… 

I celebrate any progress I see in my children and this was progress as he’s been the kid who would give up and you have to drag to do anything fun… I think I may have enjoyed it more than he did!  

Note:  I would have encourage my daughter to do the same…. Having a playful side is important to us all..


I am so grateful for a warmer day, in the 5o’s and the melting of the snow

I am grateful that my daughter will be home on Friday, and am so looking forward to spending time sewing her costume for the Anime convention and Ball-dance

I am grateful for being blessed with the precious job of motherhood and the fantastic journey it’s been and will continue to be as I finish these last four years homeschooling

I am grateful for peace and tranquility in my heart…

I am grateful for friends and the joy they bring to my life! 

I am grateful for my love of reading books and the ability to get lost for awhile

That blog title reference my Navy blue Hiking boots and Outfit

Not my frame of mind…

It’s a Wonderful Rare Snow Day!  


I loved getting a chance to wear my thrifted navy hiking boots that I dreamed of 

and miraculously found in brand new condition at Salvation Army…

They aren’t just good for a trip to Ireland…

They Inspired me to go with a mostly blue outfit for the day...


The dark outfit against the snow is exactly what I was aiming for!  

A pair of skinny jeans, black cashmere sweater and navy cape are all for warmth

and what’s more fun than a cape?  


My hat is down a little more than I’d prefer…

I liked adding the navy and white scarf I found at F21 last year and the white necklace 

as a nod to the snow background…


I am very happy I scored the fun cape on clearance off season for just $9.99.

 Dear Readers, It’s still late afternoon as I type this, but I know that the finish to my snow day is going to be a nice cup of hot chocolate with a nice shot of Ameretto… I haven’t done that at all this winter, which is unusual.. I guess my eating hasn’t been the best, so I didn’t further indulge as a way to maintain my weight.. I think I have that backwards and should do better during the day and indulge in an evening cup of relaxation ….A new plan for the rest of the month???

What’s your ultimate winter indulgence???


I am grateful for the fun of a snow day and a day of from homeschooling where I got to be the Fun Mom, instead of the pain in his neck teacher!  

I am grateful for the sharing and connection all around with everyone’s excitement over the snow. 

I am grateful that my husband didn’t have to work today, so he could hang out with our son and have some good bonding time, cause this mom isn’t much for playing in the snow….

When you live in Virginia Beach,

any snow on the ground is a Big Deal!

I almost feel guilty at the delight my homeschooling teen and I had over the snow, 

Knowing my daughter in Boston is getting another dumping of the stuff!  


We rarely get temperatures under freezing and with our highs today at 20,

I instantly knew today was the day for my cashmere turtleneck sweater!  

I am not much for turtlenecks, but I am also not much for freezing….


I had full smiles going on today ,

as the snow had just begun to fall and my son’s joy was contagious…

My young photographer mentioned my smile as some days he peers through

the camera and tells me he needs a “real smile”   

He then proceeds to make crazy dancing antics to illicit a satisfactory expression… 

I love that he notices that and cares so much!  


Any day I get to wear my cobalt tribal print jeans from Diane Gilman is a good day…

I never get tired of these and liked adding the F21 necklace to play off the shapes in the pants.

I have to mention that an outfit with two strong colors is very pleasing to my eye. 


My daughter choose a new, more body con black leather jacket this year for Christmas

and gave me this one since my black one has decoration and this plain one is more versatile. 


I am grateful for the fun mood in my house today, in anticipation of snow!  

I am grateful for all the texting today with my college kids sharing the joy with their brother and me.  

I am grateful with a nice Facebook conversation with a girlfriend from my teen years. 

I am grateful for a great day of connection as  also texted with my best friend, making plans to spend this weekend with her and even chatted with my sister-in-law in Boston.  

I am grateful for the fun my dog had going out in the snow… he didn’t want to come in… 

Awhile back I put together this look,  with browns and added

Burgundy due to the coloring in the print….


I loved these colors together, so much that they really stuck with me.

 That prompted me to give them another go..

Here’s the result…


It was really fun to remake the color scheme without relying 

on the easy way of adding shades from a print…


I even mixed a brown and red lipsticks to come up with a burgundy…

In addition I changed my black prescription sunglasses for a tone more appropriate. 

Like my windblown look?  


I was happy to get another chance to style my Joan Rivers velvet blazer 

Velvet and corduroy textures definitely add an element to this look,

as does the snake skin purse.

Dear Readers, there really are so many ways a blogger can come up with inspiration for outfits.  

I like adding this one into my repertoire.

 There are so many times that colors I put together are due to pulling a shade from a print , something I recall was my mother’s favorite way to style… Even at her funeral a woman she babysat for told me she marveled at how my mother would pull a shade from an outfit and add it in a sock color for her baby boy.  I remembered my mother coming home after those babysitting days with pure delight at the compliments she received.  I remembered that and have used it so much in my life… I even used it when putting window displays together for my consignment store. I once had an customer come in while I was putting a display together and ask me if I had an art background.. For someone who was never strong at art, this was a huge compliment and I credited it to observing my mother put together outfits.  

It is so funny when I sit down to write a blog post, I never know where it’s going to bring me..

Today it brought me to lovely memories of my mother.


Of course I have to start with being grateful that today’s post allowed me a wonderful moment to remember my mother.

I am grateful that the taxes and FAFSA forms are done!  

I am grateful for a very lazy Sunday spent reading. 

I am grateful for the chance for snow and hope we actually get a little this time..

I am grateful that my college children send texts and pictures to their younger brother, making him feel loved and not forgotten.. 

Since the plan for the day was mostly staying home,

I chose to wear an ultra casual, comfy, cozy  look…


My Old Navy Sweatshirt dress and Polka dot leggings are the beginnings of today’s look.

There’s nothing more cozy than a waterfall cardigan.  

Just for fun I added my floral Ked sneakers and a Susan Graver Statement necklace.  


Even on days when I think I’ll be home all day,

I still put a full outfit together for two reasons….

The first being that I could end up running to the grocery store, which happens quite a bit and the second being that it puts me in a better mood than hanging out in my pj’s or sweats all day…Besides one never knows when the mailman will have a package… Yes that happens a lot in my life as everyone in my family likes to online shop…


I loved this casual and comfortable look for the day…

It was so cloudy and grey today, I didn’t have to wear sunglasses..

Wish I had as I can see the swollen look of my sinus issues… 

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, spending quality time with family and friends!  


I am grateful for a wonderful phone conversation with my daughter who is again facing more snow at Boston College, she has taken to calling me on her walk home from campus as she navigates the snow and I have to say I love our chats as they remind me of how I was with my mother…

I am grateful that I took a nap after waking up too early this morning.  

I am grateful to my youngest for getting me an ice-pack for the killer headache that developed this evening..

I am grateful for the fun of some snowflakes falling this afternoon and joy it brought my home-schooler and me.

I am grateful for these colder temperatures and the fun of lighting the fireplace I will have Friday morning.

Since the day flew by and I didn’t get photos….

It’s a good day to do some Inspirational Sayings…

I hope some spark something in you my Dear Readers


Something my father taught me in his lessons on being my own best friend…

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light


Reaching for Gratitude in ALL things is truly the key to happiness


This one came in handy to me today and I am on a high over it…

When life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile.


“I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again!”

"You can't start the next chapter if you keep re-reading the last."


Letting Go is important to moving forward


Something we’ve  all experienced at one time, but a reminder never hurts..

...and always remember, you might be the closest thing to Jesus that others will ever see.


Everyday we start anew! 

Can’t resist sharing that my dear daughter buried in Boston’s snow, commented that hers is now dotted with all the evidence of the dogs in her neighborhood….LOL 

Dear Readers,  I hope you are having a good week!  

Thanks for stopping by!


I am grateful that my sciatica was alright today and I was able to join in the fun of bowling! 

I am grateful that I saw my oldest and had phone calls from both children away at college… Mid-week Fabulous-ness! 

I am grateful that the Superbowl Championship t-shirt arrived and my youngest is loving his!

I am grateful that I learned one of these quotes today… ” the one about the freedom that comes with not taking anything personally…”  seriously I am smiling and standing taller!  

I’ve had this outfit in my head for quite awhile…

I really was hoping to wait until I could wear knee high heeled black boots…

Alas, protecting myself from reoccurring sciatic pain, and impatience to wear this took over…


This thrifted black & white poncho is probably my favorite poncho! 

This outfit is all about layering a short sleeve striped  t-shirt dress by Calvin Klein 

Next came the black pullover sweater and the tights….

and last of all the fabulous poncho…


This really was the fastest photo shoot ever…

In fact my dear young photographer wasn’t at all happy about the cold whipping winds…

My normal third side pose pictures all came out blurry as did the one above… 


So for my third picture…. 

I decided to show how I wore this last January.

This outfit is one of my all time favorites and

by the way one of the most popular ones re-pinned on Pinterest. 

Too funny that I’m wearing the lace fedora in both outfits…

Dear Readers,  I woke up this morning and felt that dreaded tickle in my throat from sinuses that happens when we get these big temperature swings, and instantly felt sorry for myself…. That did not last long, because my next thought was,
“How Dare you!  Your daughter is buried in snow in Boston….”   

I love that my goal to live a life focused on happiness has become so ingrained that it’s now a reflex and happens even in the first semi-conscious waking moments… 

Want to add a more focused approach to happiness, don’t forget to check out my Happiness Tools Page which is always at the top of my blog… 

Here’s another list as well..


I am grateful that I finally got this outfit out of my head…

I am grateful that my son so willingly takes my photos , even in a day like today with light rain and bone-chilling winds.

I am grateful that I made Chili for dinner last night, so leftovers for tonight…

I am grateful my brother stopped by to pick up a carry-on for a cruise he won from work and the chance to give him a hug. 

I am grateful that I chose not to go out to lunch with a friend this week and instead watched my son at his bowling lesson. 

I am grateful for my blog and this forum to share my gratitude, tools for happiness and my artistic expression of styling outfits. 

I am grateful to my mother for her un-wavering  faith and helping to foster my spirituality. 

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