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I don’t know if you are seeing the same thing in your neck of the woods, but in mine

Maxi dresses being worn everywhere!   

I seriously can’t go anywhere lately without spotting a dozen women in maxi dresses! 

Linking up with Visible Monday!


When the Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge, suggested a maxi paired with a denim vest, I couldn’t have been more delighted, because wearing vests is right up my alley…

The funny thing is that more often and not I tend to add knitted shrugs to maxi dresses , so this is a twist for me and a great thing about doing a styling challenge.   


I just love the ease and comfort of a maxi! 

I absolutely get the biggest kick out of the fact that as a petite woman, that I can buy a maxi and not have to wear it…

I guess as my mother would have said, it’s thanks to her family Campbell DNA with long arms a long legs…

Of course it’s funny to think as a 53″ woman, in comparison to my sister and brother, that somehow we are similar…


I backed of the self tanner this past week , but can see I need to add a little…

I’ve noticed a very funny phenomenon these last few weeks of wearing my fedora more often….

I seem to be catching the eye of men more often …

It’s really very funny….

Dear Readers.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and had time to relax and spend time with family and friends.

Weekends really are what we live for!  

As for my outfit, the dress is one I found on (the link is to all the maxi’s currnetly offered at fabulous prices!) 

vest found last season at Cato(they have several available at this link!)

, sandals from Payless and purse from Nine West outlet store…


I am grateful that I caught up on sleep and felt much better today!

I am grateful that I had the energy to make several batches of Weight Watcher Vegetable Fritattas, to keep me on track this next week  and beyond as I froze some!   

I am grateful for being a mother of boys…. they truly bring so much joy to my life!

I am grateful that my son heard back from his roommate for next year , as I didn’t realize how much the week without a response had stressed my kid who doesn’t get stressed…

I am grateful that my daughter’s birthday is coming next weekend and that we will have a day to celebrate her before she heads off to grad school!  

I am grateful for my brother and his talk and reminder to have faith and turn my worries over in prayer! 

Today’s Look for the Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge  was all about Patterned Bottoms and Bright Tops…

A lot of the Challengers have embraced patterened shorts, but I didn’t want to buy them just for the challenge, 

since I am not a big wearer of shorts…


So, I opted for these very lightweight patterned pants instead…

You can’t get much brighter than a hot pink tank!


I love my fedoras and black sunglasses are a must have in my book…

These knitwear shrugs are a big staple in my wardrobe , I found this a few  years ago  at BJ’s.  


I am glad I opted for all the white accessories as it really took the darker shades and made them feel more like Summer!

Dear Readers, If you haven’t embraced a patterned bottom with a bright top, I highly recommend it.. Of course if you don’t want to ge shopping a bright bottom with a patterned top would work as well…

While I am making recommendations,   I have to share my new -found  love of Vick’s Vapor Rub…

I recently watched a Youtube video of all the uses for this wonderful concoction…

I actually used it for mosquito bites yesterday and a migraine today and have to say I am hooked…

Putting a little on your temples really helps to open things up and eradicate that severe headache pain..


Sorry being redundant here, but I am very grateful for discovering how useful Vick’s was for my headache today…

I am grateful that the Zentangle books I ordered came in from Amazon and that my niece and I began what looks to become a new hobby.. They are calling this” Yoga for your mind” and I agree…

I am grateful that my son helped clean the kitchen and my dear niece took out the trash and recycling for me today… 

I am grateful for fellow blogger Putting Me Together for showing all the ways to wear a striped dress, that sparked an interest in my tween niece and the wonderful $12.95 price tag!!!!!

I am grateful to my niece for being my photographer the last few  days, giving my son a break…

I went bowling yesterday for three hours and came home very tired…

Never getting my outfit photos and going to bed at 6pm….

Wish I could say I slept all night, but only for two hours, then more restless sleep…

So, today I thought I would share some Pins I’ve done of Summer Looks 

Similar to CAbi 2014 Norma Jean Jean Jacket, lobster top, and Indie jean Check out at AnneFlynn.cabionline

A great way to wear white Jeans, with a vibrant orange and leopard accessory…


You can’t go wrong with Striped Neutrals and a pop of Teal..

10 Ways To Wear A White Shirt

Nothing more classic than a white blouse…

Click here to see the original with 10 ways to style a white button -up..

gingham & pearls

Another Classic, a gingham shrit with white shorts, but the classic pearls take it to a new level..

Blue Outfit

How about just a denim vest to a Little White Dress 

and some fabulous sandals?  

I see this as a date night look…

Dear Readers,  I find it fascinating that all the looks I posted today, have a lot of classics and not a hint of my love of boho for Summer…

I use to consider my style very classic , but guess the love and appreciation of it is still with me…

The big question remains, will I try some of these looks once the Summer Challenge is over???


I am grateful that we all had a fun day of bowling and that my niece was with us!

I am grateful that halfway through her first game, my niece got the hang of  bowling and stopped the straight run of gutter balls.

I am grateful that I found some homeschool groups on Facebook to follow and the information that lead to my buying a wonderful Science program to  catch up , as we didn’t do well with that these last few years…

Exploration Education

I am grateful for the reminder e-mail to use my Old Navy $30 off , which allowed me to complete pants for my youngest son!  

We are reaching the halfway point in the Get Your Pretty On’s 

Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge! 


I purchased this fabulous Cable & Gage shirt from TJ MAXX 

And it’s still available HERE for $16.99

I really am glad about this challenge making me aware that I don’t really have many printed tops

for the warmer seasons…


With Teal, orange, pink, orange, black and white this shirt offers immense posibilities

and is a very versatile addition to my closet…

I like the way the necklace pattern echos the pattern in the top..

I bought this necklace from F21 in order to up my sales amount to earn Free Shipping , 

Take a look at all the Necklaces they have to Offer…

This outfit is full of finds from F21 like my 



F21 Linen Capris(sold out) and Natrulizer leather sandals I bought a few years ago completes my look..

As for the Red -Orange Dooney and Bourke, that was a gift from a dear friend! 

Dear Readers, I still get a kick out of shopping at F21… I never thought about them as an option at all until a freind in her 60’s took me in there one day… Even then I wasn’t sure… Then, I started seeing bloggers of all ages wearing their stuff and that was it…

I am glad I found this option for my fashion forward items at reasonable prices…

Have you ever thought, “No , not for me!”  about a brand or style and then changed your mind?

If so, chime in with a comment , this could be fun! 


I am grateful that I at least got some sleep last night (5 hours) and that my sinus issues and sneezing cleared up.

I am grateful for a quiet day, just taking it easy..

I am grateful that I was able to make a name ring for my neice today, and the practice it gave me (something new I am trying)

I am grateful I found bowling shoes for my son and husband, since it looks like we are now hooked (I already found mine)

I am grateful for the kindhearted brother of mine who called me this morning asking for help for someone( he truly is a very giving person and much like my mother! )

Well, we have one week under our belts and are moving on the week two 

of Get Your Pretty On’s Summer 3 week Challenge


Today’s look was about a denim bottom paired with a white top and bright Cardigan…

I opted for a patterned cardigan, as that make this more my style...

I love these Chadwicks sweaters I bought a few years ago and have in yellow and pink as well…

I had them prior to my weight loss and shrank them in the wash in hot water in order to keep them…


My Jergen’s tanning creme is finally working after 5 applications..

this is a good shade, so will back off and try to keep it at this level


I loved this Mom on the Go look for the day!

My denim skirt is thrifted and the shoes, are my Espirit lace ones shown earlier in the challenge

And yet again, my version of the neutral tote from Just Fab


I got the biggest kick out of my 18 year old son saying,

“You are looking quite tan, Mom!”

Wonder if he was buttering me up…

he wanted to go shopping for college dorm stuff…

Dear Readers, I hope you are all enjoying your Summer and had a wonderful weekend!

I so enjoy your comments, so how about sharing a fun thing you did this weekend or a trip you have planned for Summer?

My only Summer trips are going to be in August taking kids to two different colleges!  


I am grateful to my 11 year old niece for being my photographer today!

I am grateful my oldest stopped by today with his bird as my daughter had the day off and my neice was here to see it!

I am grateful I finally let the bird sit on my finger today (3rd time he ‘s been over and my first time as I’m not much of a bird person)

I am grateful that we knocked the compact frig off the list for my son’s dorm today! 

Continuing on with the wonderful Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge

By Alison at Get Your Pretty On…


Today’s look was all about khaki bottoms and bright tops… 
Continuing on my flats , while my broken toe heals, I chose these fun canvas plaid boat shoes I found at a now closed shoe store.  I actually have them in 3 different colors…

Do you find things you like and buy multiples..

. I did more before blogging and now restrict myself to two or three of any one type and don’t do it nearly as much, prefering variety….


I love Burlington Coat Factory for fun inexpensive jewelry and this necklace in brown, white and torquise works well for both warm and cool seasons…


I just realized this is an oufit of mulitiples.. 

I wore the yellow one just recently Here and have it in hot pink as well.

As for the cargo jogger pants, I have those in olive as well from F21..

This is my second time showing the new tote from Just Fab, a purchase just for this challenge , but a great addition! 

IMG_0483Day 7’s look was all about maxi’s with a bright top..

I love the green paired with this and don’t think I would have put this look together,  if not for the Challenge..

My shirt and purse are both thrifted… and my skirt is actually one that converts to a dress as well , bought a few years ago..


I love adding vests for Summer and just recently finally found a black one I liked…

Now, Don’t laugh

It’s a Pretty Little Liars Brand from Aeropostale and is now sold out as it was on clearance…


I really love all the brights I’ve been using in the challenge and it’s funny how I use a lot of patterns in my outfits, but am loving and not at all bored without them… 

I would say color and texture make this work for my artistic eye…

This is importance since, I use clothing to express my self creatively…

Dear Readers, I am loving this challenge and each night I really anitcipate that e-mail to see what’s next…

Please Feel Free to Comment, We all love comments !


I am grateful to my children for all pitching in and helping to do a fast clean up today! 

I am grateful that tomorrow my niece will start coming every other week for the Summer!

I am grateful for Date night Saturday , that began with a stop by my local mall to sit in the massage chairs,

before our dinner and amovie…

I am grateful for my parents for loving me and leaving me an incredible legacy! 

Today’s  Summer Style Me Pretty Challenge outfit is my Favorite so far!

 That’s because it sings to my Boho lovin’ heart!


This look makes me want to head down to my local beach for a night of music and fun…

However, my aching broken toe,  is holding me back…

Going to remember this look for later in the Summer for just such an occasion!


I bought the Fedora and necklace from F21 prior to the challenge, and how funny that they are pieces that were included??? Even funnier that I bought the necklace to bump up my order and avoid shipping charges..

After the list of items for the challenge ,  came out, I didn’t have in my wardrobe, two things…

an aztec print shirt and a neutral tote…

So with the help of Amazon, I bought this fabulous top (sold out now) and just in time

this purse came in the mail today from JustFab…


Since my metallic sandals are sliver.  I opted for my Birki’s …

After all , I bought them from out)  this season ,and welcome any chance  to sport  these

comfy, supportive babies that are now very much on trend….


 Basically my Levi’s denim capris (bought 3 years ago from Bj’)s and my Sunglasses( bought last year in the Cayman Islands) are my only not new, this season items, in today’s outfit.

Dear Readers, without the Summer challenge I probably wouldn’t have added an asztec top into my wardrobe, but I am glad that I did and look forward to seeing other ways to style this since it really fits in well with my Boho Summer Style!  I am pricturing it next with my orange long boho skirt…

Dear Readers, do you have any colorful  aztec print items in your closet ?   

I hope you all have a wonderful Summer Fun weekend filled with Sun, Laughter , family and friends!


I am grateful that I finally made it to the dollar store to get those laundry bags I wanted for washing my bras!

I am grateful that my sinus pressure headache dramatically reduced after initially being horrible this morning (my first waking moment was to move my head and cringe with every movement)  

I am grateful for the Summer Challenge and all the fun I am having with it!

I am grateful that my tote purse came in today, in perfect timing!  

I am grateful for my wonderful sense of humor and ability to laugh and bring joy to my children..

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