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I have never gone thrift shopping before and found so many dresses in my size with the half price colored tag.   I usually end up loving dresses two sizes too big.  So when this crazy phenomenon arose, I could not do anything but try them on and purchase them all! 6 Dresses cost me just about $22.00.  

Dresses are really a great thing to wear now in the final stages of my weight loss journey.  They are so easy to style and extremely versatile. I hope you don’t get bored with seeing me in dresses and skirts a lot over the next month…

Now on to showing the dresses….

This one is probably my favorite, as it is not so common and really looks fabulous on me.  I am not just saying that based on my own view… It just so happens my husband had a break and was home when I brought the dresses home.  So, of course a fashion show was in order… You can’t see the crossover top,but it looks great on!

A tan shirt dress style is a classic and the ultimate in versatility  The wheels are turning and in overdrive of how many ways to style this one.  This is definitely one of those workhorse items. Doesn’t look like much on the hanger….

This is just a basic shift dress in a fabulous color.  I like the v-split neckline and the detail on the bottom.  This dress really is a four season dress with so many ways to style it with layers for cooler temperatures.

This is just a basic black & white print, but I loved the fit and can see me wearing it in warmer weather with just sandals and with boots and jackets or sweaters now.  I felt sassy in this one. I really like skirts with a little volume for swirling when I walk…a remnant of early childhood..

I loved the fit and just the little ruffle detail on the bottom for an added femininity   I felt like dancing in this one and did so for my fashion show with my husband.  I grabbed a cardigan and styled this right away.  I can see this one styled with a pull- over sweater to look like a skirt and in fact, put the following together as an example. I have to say it was funny the next morning,when my husband was still talking about my fashion show and how quickly I was thinking of ways to style each. He remembered specifics and talked about why he liked it. He listened, he really listened!

The final dress is an Ann Taylor Loft and I think this is multi-seasonal as well.  In the store, I instantly saw this one styled with a green jacket or tan one.  I also pictured this in summer with my short sleeved green sweater and green wedged slingbacks… Of course that little string of a belt has to go and I just happen to have a new green one…

Just for fun, here is a winter sweater over the striped dress , add tights and a boot and it’s winterized…

In the past, I have never owned as many dresses as I currently do.  Since I love wearing them as casual Mom on the Go looks, I will get a lot of use out of  all of these.  I can so picture summer and me at my goal weight….

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Gratitude:  I am grateful that my daughter is feeling better since exams start next week.  I am grateful that Ashley’s college is making a ice rink for the weekend and my daughter will have a blast and a much needed break.  I am grateful that Connor is continuing to read his book with enthusiasm!  I am grateful for weekends!

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and come back and see what I am up to next week.  As always your comments are welcomed and appreciated.  

One of my favorite sites is 40plusstyle and Sylvia issued a challenge to come up with two outfits that had three colors and a pattern.  I looked through my pictures since I began my blog in October,  and was surprised that I did two colors and a pattern very often, but not three.  Since my goal for starting this blog was to challenge myself to go above and beyond my normal styling habits, this was interesting to me.

It just so happened that I had already planned Monday’s outfit which I think totally qualifies:

And of course Tuesday’s,  which I am submitting for the challenge:

Funny, how I chose these two photos, with similar poses… the above outfits are mostly thrifted excluding the boots, while today’s new outfit only includes one thrifted item…Thrif

Today I decided to try for just one more,but this time wanted to do it with pants instead of a dress.  I also wanted to not include black in this version.  Here is what I came up with :

I really just wanted to share in case any of you, my dear readers wanted a thought provoking moment of asking yourself if you succeed with doing three colors and a print in your looks.  If not it is something new to inspire you….If so congratulations, you are more advanced than I am at adventurous styling.

I will keep this in mind, along with pattern mixing and see if I can incorporate it more instead of the two colors I had been doing.  I love learning and trying new things in creating my style….

I really love these Aigner boots that I found on a super clearance deal in the spring.  I have to say the heel height is very comfortable and I could walk in these all day, so would make a perfect Mom on the Go look..

Outfit Details:

Blouse- Thrifted-S.L.B. 70% silk, 30% cotton- $2.50

Cobalt Jacket- Motto via Qvc- last year

Pants- Denim & Co clearanced via Qvc

Boots- Aigner – clearanced $9.99

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Gratitude: I am grateful for this blog and the adventures I am having. I am grateful to my oldest son who cleaned up the kitchen without being asked…I am grateful to my husband for realizing he was talking all about his job and stopping to ask me how my blog was doing.  

As Always Dear Readers, I welcome and appreciate your comments.  Please stop by tomorrow and see “My Lucky Find’s ”  where I scored six dresses from Goodwill.  

This is today’s inspiration:

cozyWhat attracted me to this look was the simplicity of it and the combination of black and brown.  I think this look is one that almost anyone could put together and add their own spin to. I think this is a great Mom on the Go look for me and just feels like such a casual easy way to wear a dress.  Love the basic t-shirt dress and it’s versatility.    Here is my recreation, which I stuck pretty  close to the original.

I will say that this will not be the only time I wear this black dress with black tights and brown boots, as I love it and already have another outfit in mind which I will post in a few weeks. I actually got so excited about the second look that I took photos and danced around loving it!  I also must confess that I did not own a scarf in this shade at all and did buy this one to recreate this look and to wear with some of my winter coats.

I went to the Goodwill thrift store yesterday and tried on several dresses and each one I loved and ended up getting all six of them.  After all, when they were all yellow tagged (half price color of the week) I couldn’t resist them at $3.50 each.  I am going to try to get my wear out of my dresses in the next month or so before temperatures get too cold.  I am limited in pants right now as I do not want to buy anymore until I reach my goal weight.  Come back on Friday and see my new dresses.

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Outfit Details

Dress- Chadwicks $19.99 Clearance- only size small remaining…

Shirt- DKNY- had for awhile..

Boots- Kathy Van Zeeland via Qvc- last year

Scarf- Love Culture $8.99 (new store @ Lynnhaven Mall)

Gratitude: I am grateful for finally getting relief from the migraine headaches.  I am grateful to my friend Sue for taking me thrifting yesterday and celebrating my weight loss success… I am grateful to my husband for being so supportive of my weight loss and  tolerating my fashion show of thrift store dresses.  I am grateful for the support of Weight Watchers and my leader, Melissa!

As always dear reader, I look forward to your comments, thank you!

Let’s start right away with weigh in information… After being immobile and sick with migraines and sinus pressure for four days, being too sick with a fever to attend last week’s meeting,  followed up with another week of sinus headaches and adding in PMS and swollen chest syndrome…, eating Thanksgiving Dinner and leftovers. I was prepared for the worse.  The worse meaning any weight gain, going up in any increment feels like a setback…According to my scale I lost about one pound, but the WW scale showed only a loss of .2 lbs… I am just grateful for no gain after these two weeks….Hoping these headaches go away soon…

Since I waited patiently and searched weekly for just the right red purse, I wanted another chance to use it.  What easier combination, than black and grey with just pops of red?  

I love how this combination turned out.  I found this striped top and the jumper thrifting.  So other than the scarf and boots, this outfit is mostly from Goodwill.

I think the plaid scarf and striped shirt also qualify for my new venture into pattern mixing.  I am like a little child wanting credit for my growth, hence the reason I point these things out.  This really is a fun journey and starting this blog is such a wonderful thing for me at this stage of my life…

This scarf is another one I purchased at my local grocery store last year for just $6.99.  I recently told my oldest son that for Christmas he could always pick me out a scarf.  He acknowledged that they really are everywhere and that it should be an easy task.  I can’t wait to see what he picks, as he has an artistic brain and is himself really into fashion.  Would it be silly to ask each of my four children for a scarf?  It really is an area where they can’t go wrong…

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Gratitude:  I am grateful for any weight loss after the past two weeks of not exercising and severe headaches…I am grateful for my father’s birthday yesterday and the opportunity to spend an entire day with him in my thoughts….

Outfit Detail

Top; thrifted $2.50

Dress: thrifted $3.50

Scarf; Kroger $6.99

Purse: thrifted $4.00

Boots: Kathy Van Zeeland from Qvc last year

As always, my Dear Readers, your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

I specifically had a graphic print dress on my wish list and when thrifting searched until I found this cute little number…

I absolutely love it and this is such a versatile dress that I can wear with  so many different sweaters or jackets.   I chose this sweater,  that I refer to as my raisin colored one.  to match the newly thrifted Nine West purse.

Even the belt  thrifted.  So everything except my jewelry, tights and boots in this outfit is thrifted…. I really think getting dresses from the thrift store is such a good way for me to expand my dress collection.  When I get them at half price deals for only $3.50 it sure beats prices anywhere else… I have to be very discerning and only pick dresses I really love or I would need an entirely new closet to house them in since I am acquiring them  for that crazy price.   I know I am repeating myself, but I really can not stress enough how much I love dresses and skirts.

I usually only include three photos of an outfit,but this time my husband took the photos and there were so many good ones that I had a hard time narrowing it down.  I literally started with eleven.  You can’t even imagine the surprising realization that I had over liking so many photos.  When I first began this blogging journey I was just tolerating putting these images out in the public.  After all, I am not at my goal weight.

I really can see major changes in my body from this 35 pound weight loss and can celebrate where I am.  I recently measured and realized I have lost 4 and a half inches off my hips and am just about an inch and a half from my goal….It is so doable…. It feels like a long road here, but I can see the finish line… I am excited to get there and move past the pain of the past and the renewal of  celebrating my mother’s life and memory instead of the pain of her dementia and years of being ill.  To reach this point was a long road and I feel so blessed and grateful to be here.  I feel like I have climbed a mountain and am exhausted from the journey,but spiritually renewed and ready for the next phase of my life! Saying goodbye to my mother really was the toughest point in my life and that is saying a lot for a former  “daddy’s girl” whose father passed away when I was just thirteen..  For those of you who haven’t experienced this yet, losing your same sex parent is tough, especially if you had a wonderful. loving relationship.  It’s that time of year and I am sentimental….  Today, November 26th was my father’s birthday…Anyone else get this way during the holidays?

Grateful: For my husband taking so many wonderful photos that led to my realization that I have jumped a hurdle.  I am most grateful for the progress in the mourning process that allows me to just celebrate my mother’s memories and not the last few years when she was sick and I was her caregiver… What else do I need to say about gratitude today, these two are huge!

As always dear readers, your comments are welcomed and appreciated…Have a wonderful day!

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I enjoyed a really quiet Thanksgiving with my family and then headed our shopping with all kids in tow… They really love the thrill of Black Friday and being the mother I am I strive not to disappoint. My husband texted us as soon as we walked out the door requesting Chocolate covered cherries.  Yep, it’s officially that time of year…  I hope all my dear readers had great quality family time and enjoyed their day.

Linking up today for Friday Faves, so please check out Cindi’s Blog.  I love her style and love of animal print.

I am just dipping my toes into the waters of pattern mixing and have only done one other combination that was easy as I kept it to a black & white polka dot skirt and zebra print scarf…Here is that first attempt

And of course last weeks second pattern mixing with the hounds-tooth jacket:

And now for my third  attempt, which is just as basic, but I am still getting use to this whole idea, don’t worry I plan to get even braver, just be patient with me… Growing takes time….

Notice my sweater here… It was too long for my liking.  Remember I am trying to do a better job of dressing my petite height and this just didn’t work well.  Rather than forgetting it entirely,( I loved the color with this skirt), I just buttoned it up and tied the ends.  I actually think it is something I may do again…. Am I delusional or does this work ok?

The wind was blowing and I was a little chilly here, can you tell?

I never do close ups of my face, but didn’t like how I was standing in this photo, so I cropped it!  I do have to say that my 12 year old took these photos and that first one he nearly gasped over and loved it.  I think it was the wind in my hair…

Thanks for viewing my progress as a pattern mixer…I promise more adventures to come as I get more comfortable…

Gratitude: I am grateful that I am feeling better, just in time for Thanksgiving. I am grateful for the time this week with family.  I am grateful for my readers and those who comment and keep me going by their support!  I am grateful for the upcoming weekend and time with my daughter!

Dear readers, I was serious when I asked if I was delusional in thinking that tying the sweater worked out ok, so please chime in,… Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Just in case a few of you are browsing blogs on Thanksgiving Day, I thought I would do a post on some of the research I’ve been up to for some upcoming Wednesday postings of the Pinterest Inspirations…

This first one I really like because it is all neutrals and I have not specifically highlighted my love of them, yet.  I also think this is a look most women could easily put together…


This next one is one I would love to do again in the spring,but couldn’t resist making it into a fall version.

kelly green cardigan, striped tank, denim pencil skirt

This next one is just an excuse to wear pink.  I really envy her height and know on me

this will be totally different…


And the final one incorporates cobalt which I love and is a super casual look that is not really me so I will adapt it to my style…

Blue blazer, white t,

Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to come back over the next few weeks to see my take on these inspirations…

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