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We are still “snowed in: as the temperatures have been in the teens at night, 

a true rarity in a place that barely goes below freezing. 

The roads are thick sheets of ice , schools are closed as are lots of businesses.  

So I thought I would share with you my sister’s jewelry, 

she’s been making it for years and use to ask my daughter’s dress colors and bring 

her one specially made for each event.  



She loved Swarovski crystals and sterling silver, these are both clear but reflect colors areound them and the walls in the room were yellow.  These were ones she began making a few years ago and sold at Christmas.  My niece and daughter each have two as well, we all have the oval shaped one on the left , but while I have a seashell, my daughter has a star and my niece chose a snowflake.  


This all silver seashell one was one of her earlier works and one she wore quite regularly. 

It was the first thing I went in search of , as I wanted to wear it to her memorial service, 

to give me strength to speak.  It is my favorite and the most dear to me because of how many 

times I noticed her wearing it.  



These two are also earlier pieces and are knotted on string.  

The pink and blue on was one I picked out of her inventory she brought over one Christmas and asked which one I wanted20170108_195640


Starfish are very big among her line of jewelry and she named her company, 

“Joyful Jems”  


She did this sea glass, pearl and swarovski crystal one in several colors. 

My niece chose one in burgundy, while my daughter who is a more minimal dresser didn’t opt for one, so

I have one in blue as well.  


She even had the star in glass beads as well.  

So don’t be surprised if I wear the star ones quite often. 

That is actually a good thing as back in 2003 when I went to New York to 

buy jewelry for my Consignment store, I had picked out what I called , 

a ‘wanky star”  and chose a chain that was measured and made for me in sterling 

silver and wore that thing as my signature piece almost daily.  

Unfortunately, it somehow broke and slipped of my neck somewhere a few years ago and

I literally mourned the loss. I find it quite poetic that my sister has left me ‘wanky stars ” in 

several options.   


These creme options are very prevalent  part of her line, and I adore the turtle version..  

Those  green beads are quite beautiful , she even managed to  sneak in a few Swarovski crystals ,


This one with beautiful fine stones was a direction she had wanted to take, but 

found hard to sell and price to recoup  the cost of the beads and show others their value ,

so she changed directions. ‘Like most of the ones I’ve pictured, this is one she wore and loved.  


This was the surprise piece I found with the tassel she made. 

It’s classic her with the the pearls, but a bit different with the butterfly 

and I can’t help but wonder if she made this one after I told her 

that Mom came to me in butterflies on my 45th birthday and every time I took walks. 

A special one , I will definitely cherish.  

Dear Readers, it is such a comfort to have her jewelry

and to share them with my daughter and niece. I’d like 

to see if I have earrings to pass on to several of her friends,

but am so worried that I will miss somebody important.  

When it snows in Virginia Beach, 

It’s a big deal and everyone gets excited.  


The day before the storm I took a walk to the store as I knew I’d be 

in hibernation mode as I am not a snow person.  When I went , I didn’t need 

essentials , so got our traditional snow day treat for making s’mores in the fireplace. 

It was so funny watching the harried and frantic shoppers grabbing milk, bread, soda , chips

and alcohol.   What made it funnier was seeing the faces on the shoppers who peeked at my cart, lol 


The view from my front porch 


Penelope exploring snow for the first time. 


My son home from college is the photographer of the snow pictures .


The cloudy day made for some great pictures of the contrast of snow and trees. 

 Dear Readers, Sorry still no pictures of myself, but then again I stayed in Pj’s nursing  a headache 

and sneezing, this thing has been hanging on for two weeks, I feel better then it comes back…

I have several outfits paired up ready in my closet for as soon as I am feeling better!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, I’ll be spending Sunday watching my Steelers play off game. 

I thought it would be fun to do a list of my favorite things that I use on a regular 

basis and wouldn’t change even if I became a millionaire, lol 

Once you start using this remarkable styling cream, you won't know how you lived without it.

  1. No Shampoo for me, I am a Wen Girl 

I get mine on Auto Delivery from QVC 

I have used this for 7yrs and just recently spent the night in a local hotel for my

husband’s company party and forgot my Wen and used the shampoo provided by the hotel. 

I literally cried as I felt the moisture all get sucked out of my hair and that disgusting feeling of straw 

before you put conditioner in.  Never again I will always have my beloved Wen with me. 

I must be responsible and say there is a lawsuit from some saying they are having bad reactions, but I have several friends who use the product and like me they will never go back to shampoo.  

Josie Maran Deluxe 100% Pure Argan Oil Light, 4 oz.:

2.       Next up is Josie Maron Argan oil, it’s all I use to hydrate my face, neck and hands .

I’ve used this about as long as the Wen, prior to that I used avon products for 1oyrs and before that Oil of Olay. 

I adore this and get it on QVC as well, this bottle lasts me 4-5 months. 

You can also find her products at Sephora, I use her foundation too and in a pinch bought it there. 

Color Design 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette

 3                     Lancome Color design eye shadow 

I have only been using this for a few weeks as I found new ones 

in my sister’s make up bag.   My brown eyes have never been so bright as when I use this. 

I’ve always worn purples , but there really was something incredible about this palette. 

Caj Volumizing Dryer Brush w/ 6.7 oz Shampoo & Conditioner:

 4.                    I bought a similar Caj beauty dryer brush last Christmas as an 

upgrade from the drug store one I used for years and their really is no comparison . 

I use this every single day , unless I am doing the beach wave look with sea salt spray. 

My daughter has this as well and is just as crazy about it as I am. 

 5                    Next up is Diane Gilman Jeans, I can’t even pick one to picture and feature as 

I have so many pairs and love them all.  When I first saw her on HSN and she talked about 

having customers who collect her jeans, I thought that was a bit nuts, well call me nuts because 

I get new ones every season and refuse to count them as it may lead to a divorce, lol 


6                  Better Brella which inverts so the dripping outside is contained. 

And yes My Dear Readers, I have the leopard one as it was the perfect choice to go with 

my three trenches in red, black and tan.  

Calily™ Eternity Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy with Relaxing & Soothing Multi-Color LED Light - Perfect for Home, Office, Spa, Etc.

7.             I am just starting to dabble with aromatherapy and began with a necklace, 

but graduated to a diffuser for Christmas. 

I love that this one cycles through several colors, each more beautiful than the last. 

8           Himalayan Salt Lamps a set for just $39.95

I got these because they are recommended for allergy suffers  but when reading 

they sounded amazing.  I have slept for 7-8 hours almost every night since i put this in my room. 

I have one in the den too and it is such a soothing glow of light that i would have to agree that it helps with

depression.  If it offers comfort to me during this intense stage of mourning it definitely has merit. 

Verilux HappyLight Liberty 7,500 LUX Light Therapy Energy Lamp

9.                 Verilux Therapy Light 

I love light therapy during the winter months when I don’t go out walking as much 

since I have exercise induced asthma and cold air is the most aggravating.  

Nano Sponge Cleaning Sponges. Everyday Heavy Duty Household Kitchen and Dish Sponge. 2 pack

10                                 Nano Sponge

These are fabulous, cleans with just water and can be machine washed or 

put through a dishwasher cycle.   This is definitely a premium sponge unlike ones I have used in the past. 

CooksEssentials 3qt Digital Air Fryer w/ Presets & Pan:

11.             Cook’s Essential Air Fryer via QVC 

 I have this smaller version but they also sell a bigger one

that I wish I had gotten since I have a large family.

It doesn’t just fry it bakes, roasts, steams , toasts etc .

My husband was never fond of a microwave , and hasn’t pulled out

the toaster oven since this came into our kitchen.

Dear Readers, I probably should have done this list before the holidays, but alas I was in no condition to think about such things.  After dealing with the loss of mu father at just 13 and my mother 6yrs ago, this is far worse, a sentiment shared by mu brothers.  I hate the entire idea of being the only girl left with two brothers. Just typing this makes me cringe. 

I am doing better as the shock of it is beginning to wear off.  In fact Monday (today) I am beginning 

a quite drastic 900 calorie diet for 10 days to kick this carb addiction that has swept over me with 

a ferocious hold over me that I can’t seem to shake.   I feel like an addict who just can’t get enough.

I need to quit cold turkey ans since I want to lose weight anyway I am starting with something I never thought

I would attempt, I have never attempted to lose weight to this extent, but am looking forward to giving it ago. I needed something very simple and that wouldn’t take much thought to execute.  

Wish me luck as I dislike oatmeal , but plan to save one apple a day to chop up and bake with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger. I tried just the baked apple part last night and loved it!  


900 calorie weight loss meal plan:  






DSC_2978-2 (1)

DSC_2941-2 (1)













Dear Readers, Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas. 

My husband surprised me by editing a previous Christmas video , so I could hear ‘my sister’s 

voice and laughter and her doing her thing of exclaiming over gifts my children opened. 

I found it very comforting and it made my day not as bad as I thought it would be. 

I stayed in the moment with my kids, brother and niece and had the impending Steelers game 

to look forward to late in the afternoon.  

December 30th is my sister’s birthday, so yet another tough holiday around the corner. 

I hope to begin blogging regularly January 1st as the distraction will be helpful.   

Any favorite looks among these?  

Would love to have you share yours so don’t be shy

make my day and comment away!  

Just wanted to take a brief moment to wish my 

Dear Readers a Happy Holiday Season. 

This is by far the toughest with my sister passing away 

so unexpectedly last month, finding joy where I can. 

I found a silly Christmas sweater that was in her closet with the tags still on

and I know that means she would have come in on Christmas morning wearing it. 

My dress form which is traditionally dressed with a Santa Suit 

has a new look for the season:  


It even has a bell on the hood and a button to push at the tummy for music.  

It was so fun when my 16 yr old son and 25 yr old daughter discovered this with me 

and we all giggled and they both tried it on.  We delighted in imagining my sister bouncing through 

the door on Christmas morning wearing this, with that wonderfully unique laugh of hers,.


 How can I not find joy in my college son bringing home our new bunny, 

Penelope for a month!  

He bought her this dog outfit at Five Below store and went through a lot 

trying to capture a picture of her sitting still.  


A dear friend tagged me with this video on Facebook and I thought I’d end this 

with the video that brought me peace in this time of pain for any dear readers 

who are missing a loved one this season.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, my dear readers,

thanks for stopping by my blog and being the reason I write this blog and being

a part of my life!   

One thing I’ve been missing during my time-out from fashion blogging

is my Gratitude Feature, 

so thought I’d write a post with a few for today…..

I am grateful that my husband surprised me with tickets to see Kenny Rogers last night. 

Neither of us were aware that it was his Farewell Tour and felt so honored to be there , as

he took us on a journey of his career.  It was a wonderful heartfelt night with a roller coaster of 

emotions as he ends his career and I only cried once, when he sang  :  

His last choice of a song was one that everyone cheered him with such love and admiration, 

unlike any moment I’ve ever felt in a concert and it truly was a moment filled with appreciation

of this entertainer and all the memories he’s leaving us with.  

This memory will last a lifetime as it truly was a honor to be there 

and to have shared that night with each other and the people who sat on either side of us

as we had wonderful conversations !  

I am also grateful that I remembered to bring out my therapy light as these past few days have been gray and lacking in sunlight and it really did help me!  

I am also grateful that I found a gratitude journal my sister had kept back in 1997 in which she mentioned me and how much she loved me and how much I was there for her.  I will have this to read whenever I need to!  

I am grateful that we began the process of putting out the Christmas decorations,though I cut back and am not up for doing them all. 

I am grateful that the “Magic Weighted Blanket” I ordered a few days after my sister passed on , arrived yesterday

I am grateful for the big tub of chocolate chip cookie mix I bought at BJ’s as, I made a batch up this afternoon.  

I am grateful that my husband I share a love of going to concerts and all the emotions music stirs in us as it truly touches your soul in a very special way.  I am grateful for all the songs and singers I have loved and who’ve brightened my life!  

A week ago we had my sister, Kelley’s Memorial Service 

and thanks to her friends who stepped up and told great stories 

that made us laugh, it was everything I had hoped for her….


Through my tears and heartache,  I am trying to hold onto the 

beautiful vision I had of her in the loving embrace of our parents.  


The necklace she is wearing here is one she made and loved and the first thing

I went to find to hold close and feel her with me…


She didn’t have kids of her own, but sure loved mine, this was the one birth 

she actually made it to , with my youngest….


It’s so hard to understand how someone so vibrant is gone.  

She was so active and I grabbed her tennis shoes and have been wearing them as some days like the day

planning her service at the funeral home, I needed to walk in her shoes…

One day I went for a walk and i swear her shoes carried me and I actually felt a pep in my step, 

that was definitely not coming from my broken heart….


She really got into biking after her divorce and I love this powerful picture 

of her celebrating Day 2 and still going strong…. 

I picture her riding on to a new journey…

Dear Readers, Taking it one day at a time as the shock of this sudden unexpected loss of 

a healthy 53 year old sister sinks in…. 

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