Versatile Style by Tracey

My Dear Readers , thanks to the fast shipping of Amazon 

and my realizing that I could actually use some heavy duty 

velcro that I had on hand, I was able to complete my purse renovations 

as soon as the straps were delivered today.  


This denim shade of blue purse was a cross body one that I had thrifted, 

so it was easy to just snip of the original handle and thread it through 

the rings and velcro  the guitar strap on.  

I think this definitely has the 70’s retro feel , 

I am dubbing this one, “Flower Power”  

Here is the link for this strap, but the blue one is sold out, it comes in pink or yellow. 


This one was a little tougher because this navy purse was the first purse 

I bought myself after years of carrying diaper bags…. Remember I had 

4 children 4.5 years apart each , so purses were not a part of my life for quite awhile. 

Of course, I have made up for that now!  

So after I cringed for a moment, I cut the strap and again used the rings on the purse . 

I have to say this one really warms my heart…this fun print has orange and reds in it.

Here is the link for this strap, Check out it’s name , I love that!  

PS I loaded this purse up with things I would typically carry to test the velcro and it was fine.

I really enjoyed my membership to Just FAb which bills itself as a shoe site where you pay $39.95 monthly for shoes, but I used it for purses, since I require better footwear for my 50 year old body, lol

I have plenty of purses now and found myself skipping a bunch of months,and got to thinking I should cancel and find something else to try.  

That lead to me to Jewel Bits, I chose this one as they advertised better quality pieces valuing $125 for as little as $33… While I don’t know about that based on what I got, I do think it is decent quality costume jewelry pieces and am pleased with my first month.  


It arrived in a box with cute pink bags for each piece..

They offer 3 different types and the great thing is that you can go to your

profile and change it up any time you’d like.  

The three types are

Boho Babe

Glam Gal

Classic Chick

In looking at the options and examples of jewelry I was drawn to the Classic Chick.


This is a long tassel necklace and if you read my blog at all,

you know I talk all the time about the importance of longer

necklaces in my style to create a vertical line to draw the eye.  

I  love this very soft teal color and will definitely find a way to wear this one.


I actually liked this one a lot , a modern take on pearls in a shorter bib necklace.  

Pearls always make me think of my mother and grandmother and I look forward to wearing this,. 

I may perhaps layer it with a strand of my mother’s pearls.  


Matching earrings.. Of course I don’t match necklace and earrings in sets to wear them, 

but I do like these and can see myself adding them to a gold necklace. 


And last , but certainly not least, in fact this is my favorite piece and I 

have actually worn it already.  

I like that it is delicate yet a wide enough bracelet that it stands well on it’s own 

on my arm and doesn’t need an arm party.  

I am looking forward to seeing what surprises are in next month’s box.  


I am grateful for a little bit cooler temperatures as the feel likes have been 100 or more and with our humidity, it is suffocating..

I am grateful that tomorrow I am going on a trip to Williamsburg Prime Outlets for a Girl’s Day Out! 

I am grateful to my daughter who is like a little elf , straightening up after I go to sleep since she is a night owl. 

I am grateful for only one more Sunday night dedicated to my son’s Summer league. I am looking forward to the two he starts in early September, the homeschool one on Wednesday and the Saturday one as well.  

I am grateful to my niece for telling me about a favorite Tropical Smoothie flavor that is on the kids menu , which I changed up a bit and it was fabulous!   

In case you are wondering it’s Orange Crush and it tastes like a dreamsicle. 

The original had Orange Juice , but here is how I made it. 

Vanilla Whey Protein Power

Almond/ Coconut Blend Milk

Greek Yogurt 

Mandarin Oranges 

Orange Extract

PS I made it first without Yogurt , but it was too sweet tasting from the vanilla whey powder, two large spoonfuls of yogurt fixed that right up!   Don’t ask me amounts cause I am a free spirit who just wings it , so I could never write a food blog, lol 

With all the 70s style coming back this Fall, 

this one is a perfect DIY type one that you can create yourself..

Unless of course you want to invest in the Valentino version that rocked the runways..

Valentino - Guitar Strap Rolling Rockstud Leather Shoulder Bag:

This baby runs close to $4000 !  

Embroidered Guitar Strap:

Guitar Straps - Are You Into Fendi or Valentino Style?:

blogger-image-360529402.jpg (480×480):

Guitar Straps - Are You Into Fendi or Valentino Style?:

I saw an article earlier that I can no longer find that showed how to just add carbider clips to the guitar straps.

So I hit up Amazon to see what they carried and picked out this one to give it a try.. New Blue Paisley Retro Vintage Hippie Acoustic Electric Guitar Strap…:

My son assured me I could find the clips at the dollar store, so I will check that out…

Stayed tuned when this arrives I will attaching it to a purse and reveal the results…

So , Dear Readers what do you thing of this Trend?  

For me it’s a no brainer because it definitely goes with my strong love of boho items.  


I am grateful for a fun summer cooking with my niece, but sad that today was our last day together.  

I am grateful that my son is home until this weekend when he heads back to college.  

I am grateful for the fun bowling league my youngest has done that was a “Get Your Gear League, which he now has two new balls and is tying to get the feel of them before the leagues start in Fall.  

I am grateful laughter and fun moments with my niece and children.  

I am grateful for dear friends who keep me sane. 

I am grateful for air conditioning as this darn heat wave is crazy hot!  

I am grateful that there are 37 days until my Cruise , it can’t come soon enough.  

I am grateful for the fun discover today that the Presidential Debate is going to be while I am on the cruise and technology free, I literally squealed and did a happy dance when my son looked up the date !  

I’ve quite often read about people who have a signature color in their 

style and have thought 

“There are too many colors to love, not for me? ” 

I’ve recently found mad love for a sweater and the more I thought 

about it the more I wonder if this just might become my signature color…


This all began brewing a few weeks back when I wore this outfit and received 

quite a few compliments .  

I had bought this sweater in 2014 when Pantone called “Radiant Orchid ” 

The color of the year, but I didn’t wear it much….

Radiant Orchid, 31 Purse, Over 40 fashion:

Then last September, a dear friend gifted me this 31 purse for 

my 50th birthday, and mad love for the color started forming….

Over 40 style, IsaacMizrahilive leather jacket, floral top:

I love the bright pop of color with the nod to the color in 

my print blouse….

Black & White Ouftif, Over 40 Fashion, leather leggings. .:

And another pop of color with a black and white outfit…

one dress 4 ways, Over 40 fashion blogger:

And don’t even get me started on how much I loved this look

with the brown, bookending it with my scarf…. 

Olive Pants, floral Top, Over 40 fashion, Spring Outfit, purple shoes:

How about a more subtle way to incorporate the fuchsia,

by just a touch of it in a pattern?  

Diane Gilman jean capris.  Goodwill find poncho, Over 40 Fashion blogger:

Then I noticed that I had other pieces that were in that shade,

beginning with this thrifted poncho……

Patterened Pants and Bright top,with white acesssories for Summer: :  over 40 fashion blogger:

a basic tank…

Summer in White Jeans:  Over 40 fashon blogger:

A sleeveless summer tunic

Maxi Dress, Love...Women Over 40 fashion blogger:

My fun loving maxi dress…


A wonderful summer shrug…

Fuscia Pants, Purple leather jacket, Floral top, Over 40 Fashion:

I even added pants in this color for Spring….

I think this is just one of those funny moments when life comes full circle…

After all, I had a guy in high school call me Pinky because he swore I 

wore shades of it every day…. He could pick out a spot in a print of purple 

and still insist it fit the nickname, he didn’t stop there he included my love 

for burgundy as well….

So my dear Readers do you have a color that seems to stand out in your wardrobe as one

you have throughout different categories such as shoes, purses , jewelry, tops, pants, toppers? 

Leave a comment, Chime in ?  


I am grateful that my rabbit is recovering nicely from her surgery and back to her cuddly spunky self. 

I am grateful that my children all spent a week together in my son’s Richmond apartment nursing the bunny back to health and making fun memories together.  

I am so grateful that my children love each other and enjoy spending time together.  

I am grateful that after a week of no kids, that my daughter and youngest come home today. 

I am grateful for time with my niece alone this past week…

I am grateful for cooking adventures with my niece, I tried Spaghetti squash for the first time!  

I am grateful for exercise and the empowering feeling of mastering control over this weight gain.  

I am grateful for the anticipation of the cruise and how much it has energized my exercise routine.

Have you noticed the 70’s touches in style currently?  

When I saw an article on Jeans for Fall in Instyle Magazine, 

I was delighted to see embroidered ones among them…


When I checked my favorite jean designer, Diane Gilman 

and found these, I swooned. 

Does it get more modern with flared cropped jeans with the 70’s embroidery?  


When my son took this photograph where I was trying a different pose , 

than my normal one with my legs crossed,  he looked through the lens 

and said, ” Mom , those jeans really do makes you look slimmer!” 


When I saw these pictures, I saw exactly what he mentioned.  

So, of course I ran and found my measuring tape and lo and behold, 

I have lost an inch in my hips!   


That’s a huge pay-off for not quite two weeks of cutting calories 

and exercising every single day!  

I had been concerned as the scale was showing only a 3 lb weight loss from 

week one , but nothing for week 2…

So , ignoring my scale and going to keep doing what I’ve been with the treadmill as soon as 

I wake up everyday for 2 miles and then a Pilates or 10-15 lb handweights doing arm work and squats.

PS.  I also lost 1/2 inch in my waist and each thigh!  

Dear Readers, asking for prayers today as our beloved mini-lop goes in for surgery

for what they suspect could be cancer.  

She is in Richmond with my son

who is at college for Summer classes and 

my daughter and youngest son joined him last night to be there

for the day and in the days afterwards to 

help watch out for her during the recovery period.  

 It’s hard letting them do this without me, but in 

the end it really will be a great bonding for them all.  

This rabbit is technically my daughter’s but she allowed her 

brother to take him to college last year and again this coming year ,

so it’s great that they are doing this together. 

I joke my son who is studying for a future as a Dr. that he is going through this now

to get experience to help him later understand how his patient’s families feel.    


My Dear Readers, 

as many of you know I have been very frustrated with the menopausal weight gain , 

and how hard of a struggle it’s been with not losing it.  I let my headaches get in the way from

exercising and that has to stop…. I have super duper fabulous motivation to do just that!  



A dear friend and I are heading to Bermuda via Royal Caribbean’s ship

Grandeur Of the Seas , pictured above.   

Neither of us have ever been on a cruise and

we both have husband’s who are fully supportive and are sharing in our enthusiasm…

I have ten weeks to see how much I can lose and I have never felt so motivated in my life. 

I have given up sugar, diet soda and carbs and could really care less…yep, not missing it at all.

I am getting use of my Pilates machine daily (yesterday twice) and

have increased my reps to 40 with hopes of going up to 100 by the time cruise day comes around…

Getting to the gym can be difficult. But with the Reformer Plus, you can pencil in an AeroPilates exercise session whenever you have free time--without leaving your home.

My  Pilates machine is sold out , but very similar to this one…

found HERE on QVC , which offers easy pay plans with no finance charges for 6 months. 

Dear Readers, I would like to shout from the mountain top about the key to my being able to keep up daily workouts and that is TURMERIC, yep this actually takes all the muscle strain pain away… When I first began this I was into day 3 and feeling so achy, not just normal exercise pain, I mean my entire body ached.  I was walking around saying for the first time I feel 50!  DH went to get me Turmeric as we were out and then he left with the two kids to go to see our son who is in summer classes at VCU.  He took my wonderful massager with him and I willingly let him, wondering how I was going to manage without it.  All of a sudden I was sitting here and I realized that pain was completely gone. I did my workout and when I woke the next morning mild pain, took Turmeric, gone… I have completely gone of Ibuprofen and Tylenol since beginning Turmeric and I will never let myself run out again…

Here’s an article on Tumeric and Muscle strain…


And my one purchase for the Cruise for Formal Night ….


I am so grateful to my friend for suggesting this cruise and searching out and finding this one  which leaves out of Baltimore MD , so no flight necessary. 

I am grateful to my husband for sharing in my joy and being so happy for me as this is the first vacation I’ve ever taken without him…

I am grateful that both our husbands are supportive in this and seem as happy as we are !

I am grateful for the confidence I now found to finally kick this weight gain to the curb. 

I am grateful for finally fulfilling my desire for a girl trip.

I am grateful that this has sparked the desire to do something annually and we are hoping to plan next year’s as soon as we get back, a train ride in the fall up the northern east coast to view the fall foilage.  

I am grateful for the solitary time I had Saturday night when my crew all went to VCU and Richmond for Pokemon hunting, yes my adult kids are loving playing this with my teen and the bond it creates for a 16, 20 and 25 yr old is priceless , which is another gratitude in itself….

I must say that Pokemon has gotten my kids going out and about more and riding their bikes again, something they haven’t done in years!  

Have you seen the new Accessories Trend

Choker Necklaces?   

Pinterest: Nuggwifee☽ ☼☾:


A big take on the trend is layering it with another necklace like in this picture. 

I love this idea as we all have some finer delicate necklaces that can be paired with a 

simple black velvet or lace choker.

Jane Stone Vintage Black Lace Sunflower Tattoo Gothic Necklace Choker (Fn1767)

This lace one is from Amazon Found , Here

I am thinking about ordering this one….

Flawed Leather Wrap Bolo | Gold-tipped bolo on a natural leather cord; simply slide to adjust. American made.:


This bolo type one in another version that is a very boho 

way to get into the choker trend.  

Although I have a strong boho tendency I think this is edgy and 

not as feminine  to my eye.  Of course that just means it’s 

something I would have to try on to see how I feel. Long Black PU Leather Wrap Necklace Stretch, Strand Choker with Starfish Silver Pendant, Adjustable DIY Style: Jewelry:

This version from Amazon is a different take on the bolo style.  

This one might be more to my taste…

I love this necklace. Silver or gold. #anthroregistry:


The other version is the open collar type and can be very simple as shown here. 

I love the simplicity of the open collar version.

A white, button-shaped cultured freshwater pearl caps off each end of this stunning Honora necklace, crafted of colored bronze.

I found this Honora Pearl version on QVC 

It’s currently on clearance for $49. 96.  

I oredered this one in gold  and I think I will layer it with 

H by Halston Cylinder Lariat Necklace:

This Halston Lariat Necklace , also from QVC, that I bought a few months ago. 

I have to say I love this so much I ordered in in silver recently…

DH notices and compliments this necklace every time I’ve worn it… 

That’s saying something as he compliments clothes and shoes all the time, but

this necklace really catches his eye as being different for me.  

Dear Readers, So, what’s the verdict?  

How do you feel about a choker Necklace? 

I still remember a pink velvet verstion that I had as a child that had a pink rose 

dangling from it and the wonderful feeling I had wearing it… Back in my teen years I love the 

victorian era and my mother spent hours watching me delight in exploring the 1928 jewelry collection 


I am grateful for the trends like this that recycle from my youth and give me chance to relive the memory and happiness it brings forth. 

I am grateful that my trio of kids joined in together and have been having fun with Pokemon Go, this has truly been a great bonding experience for kids who are 16,20 and 25.  .

I am grateful that Pokemon Go is getting my introverted children out the door and getting exercise as they go out at least twice every day and one time for hours….. And if that’s not enough my youngest and my daughter got their bikes out of the garage and have been riding them.  My middle son was generous and gave his bike to my oldest who lives near the beach and uses it often , so he was left with a scooter to join in the fun….

I am grateful for this past month and a half with my son , who today will be heading back to VCU for summer classes and is looking forward to more areas to go Pokemon hunting, lol…. 

I am grateful for the anticipation of a girls trip in September with some mothers who need a break from family, I know it will be reviving and just what the doctor ordered!  


After buying tickets in December for the Journey Concert , 

on the day after I face planted on the ground tripping over my son’s

bowling bag going out to the car, 

It did not dissappoint!  


Here is what I wore for the concert.  

It was a rainy day and evening and I was prepared with umbrellas 

and even a big blue tarp to cover our laps. 

The lightening storm came in at one point and they cleared us all back to our cars. 

It didn’t put a damper at all on our night as we had a white canopy tent

set up behind our van to sit under. 


Everyone else in our group took photos, but at one point my phone fell out of my back pocket and into the mud,

after that we tucked it away safely from the rain….

I have to say this might just be my favorite concert to date as I kept finding myself thrilled with

every song , asking if it could get any better and each time it did!

I danced in the rain, in my bare feet and splashed in puddles ending up with

mud splattered white capris, but it was worth the fun!


DH did manage to take one selfie of us during a break in our frantic dancing….

I swear the rain, really did change the feel of the event and make for more fun dancing…. 


And on our way to the Ampitheater, we saw these and had to stop 

and bny a set , Steelers for me and Patriots for him…

Yes , I know Football Season is our house in quite fun- loving teasing…

Next weekend hopefully it will be dry and we can break these out for our next tailgating 

event at the same place for Tobey Keith…  

Wising all my Dear Readers a Fabulous Holiday Weekend of

laughter, love , fun family and friends!  

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