Versatile Style by Tracey

I am leaving tomorrow for my Bermuda Cruise,k, but thought 

I would leave my dear readers with one last post of Pinterest 

Inspiration Fall Outfits as I hope to come home and get back to posting more often



Since I love jogger style pants and have enjoyed my slip on Clark’s ,

I love the idea of this with a grey top

and a very classic denim jacket 

Army green skinnies, black leather jacket, grey tee, sneakers.:


How about with a leather jacket and a pair of olive pants?



A little black dress never fails to impress so if you're looking for something that's sure to wow your family and friends, possibly even ...:


This color combo is wonderful for Fall and could be done with 

a top and sweater in these shades paired with jeans.  

Witty Conversation with Jessica Kirby of Prosecco & Plaid:


How about spicing up classic jeans and a striped top with 

an orange shoe to say “Hello Fall” ? 

Leopard Top and Pink Jeans #leopard #print #shirt #twinkledeals 8,07$:


And for a new way to wear Leopard , a trend of pairing it with 

shades of pink,  blush and burgundy is on the horizon.  

EILEEN FISHER New Arrivals: Undyed Cashmere Poncho, Silk Shell, Merino Cropped Pant + Chelsea Bootie:


And the silhouette I am most looking forward to embracing this season 

is wearing culottes with boots.  I’ve opted for a bit shorter ones that work better for 

my petite height.. You may want to check out Old Navy who carries them in Petite..

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and week ahead!  

Looking forward to unplugging from media for my cruise,

will post pictures when I return. 

As many of my Dear Readers are aware,

I have sciatica and as a petite curvy woman, 

I rely on heels to help balance out proportions in my outfits. 

I’d seen the Vionic orthotic demonstration of QVC many times for their flip-flops ,

and in fact had purchase the inserts to put in existing shoes.   

It speaks volumes that a podiatrist was so moved by the disaster people do to themselves

with flip-flops that he felt compelled to make a line that was supportive.  


In preparation for Fall, 

I wanted to add a pair of lighter colored ankle boots  and decided 

Vionic orthotics were the way to go…

I bought these in the beginning of August and have worn them all around 

the house testing them out and have to say I am totally sold on this technology. 


I haven’t bought dedicated walking shoes in far to long, 

so decided to invest in these for the cruise….

They are being delivered today and I plan to take a walk in them once they arrive! 

VIONIC Joseph Black -

I couldn’t leave DH out of my new obsession and decided that since he stands on his

feet giving presentations , that he needed a pair of oxfords in this brand…

HERE is the Link for all that offers in this line.  

They can be found at a lot of other places like QVC, Amazon, etc…


I am 5 days away from my departure to Bermuda…

Asking for prayers that Tropical Storm Karl doesn’t mess us up. 

No worries , if so we will just head to Boston (DH’s hometown,lol )  

One thing I am looking forward to taking my breathe away is to view sunset and sun rises at sea!  


I am getting packed and thought I would share with you my 

choices for the Bermuda 5 night Cruise 



Two bold colored maxi dresses for easy dinner outfits.  


A beaded maxi dress and a pilazzo style pant jumpsuit, 

again for wearing to dinner. 

I didn’t photograph them, but I am bringing cardigans and wraps 

to make sure I am warm enough for the reported cold AC on the ship.  


Floral dress with sleeves that can be long or rolled up 

and a vibrant orange lace dress, found HERE.  

I love the ideas of short dresses for lunch or any time I am not at the pool

during the day or even perhaps to wear after dinner if I want to change from the maxi’s for night activities . 


This grey dress is my beloved vacation dress and has gone on virtually 

every vacation I’ve ever taken.   I recently hit up Ebay and found this purple 

and gold version made by Bailey Blue.  

Again day dress options and I am pretty sure these will be what I wear on

the days I am off ship and touring Bermuda. 


Here are the shoes I am bringing 

from left to right , they are 

Nude blinged out Naturalizers in nude with a low very comfortable wedge, found HERE 

Navy Vince Camuta laser cut sandals

Clarks Black Wedges, these are higher but very comfortable

 Black sequined Kalso Earth sandals ,

these babies are so comfortable and will ensure my back is safe in walking any time

and finally Clarks black slip ons again comfortable walking shoes.  


I added 3 bottoms in Navy, white and Black. 

The Navy skirt is new and can be found HERE 


3 tops all in Blue themes… I love the navy floral peplum 

with the navy skirt and am so excited to wear that one day.

The  paisley design one can be found HERE  


Two other options for tops, because there is no way 

I can go on vacation without some flowy , boho  style kimono tops, lol 

My formal wear is not pictured, but I will get a picture to show on the day I wear it!

I am also bring tennis shoes and workout outfit or two to get in some walking or other exercise to try not to have any weight gain despite fun and drinking…

I’ve accomplished this a lot on vacations, so fingers crossed!   


I am grateful to a dear friend who invited me to go see

Hart, Joan Jett and Cheap Trick and a fun night of music and dancing . 

I am grateful that we are back into bowling season with my homeschooler as it really is a wonderful additon to our lives, to get out and see friends and have fun .  

I am grateful for phone calls from my only child now away at college, he truly keeps me in the loop!  

I am grateful that my daughter is home with us this year after so many years in college getting both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.   

I am grateful for this upcoming cruise of course and for the way so many women have said they’d like to join us for a trip next year…so grateful for the possibilities to brighten the lives of others as this has brightened ours these past two months of anticipation!   




I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Statement Sweaters, 

as it’s something my daughter (25) and I have been discussing 

adding into her style for Fall/Winter. 

Printed Long Cardigan

Unfortunately this is currently sold out, 

but it’s tucked away in my closet as an xmas present for DD. 

She doesn’t read my blog, so I am safe showing this to you. 

Plaid Coatigan With Pin Closure

This is another addition I have put away for Christmas for her, 

and it’s still available in a few colors , HERE 

Made In Italy Novelty Coatigan

Here is another fabulous option  from TJ Maxx 

Open Front Stitch Cardigan

Even this one would be a great Statement Sweater for just $24.99 , also from TJ Maxx.

There really are too many on that site for me to show them all, 

so I highly recommend if you want to peruse them all you

Start HERE with Cardigans…

N Natori Printed Scuba Knit Belted Topper:

Yesterday was my 51st B’day , so I bought this for myself…

I see pairing it with black, grey, white, burgundy and tan . 

Tashon Faux Fur Trimmed Herringbone Poncho:

I fell in love with this wonderful herringbone fur trimmed poncho as well. 

Because of course statement toppers can be ponchos, kimono,or jackets.

I love this one because it marries two opposites, herringbone which is a men’s

inspired print with faux fur which is all female glamour….

I will say this poncho is not soft and flowy like most poncho due to the herringbone material,

but that didn’t take away my love for it at all.  

Dear Readers, Do you  have at least one statement topper in your wardrobe?  

Wishing you all a fabulous Weekend, Thanks for Stopping By?  


I am grateful to dear friends and family who all reached out to give me birthday greetings yesterday. 

I am grateful to my husband for listening to my hint and getting me tickets to go see my Steelers first game of the season at the Redskins stadium on Monday. 

I am grateful that I am just 15 days from embarking on my Cruise to Bermuda with a friend. 

I am grateful that Monday I will be getting my haircut and colored before heading to the football game. 

I am grateful for the starting of Fall activities , despite the weather being Summer…. That means my son’s bowling leagues have begun and of course Football Season!  



Yesterday, Our beloved Mini-lop Chloe passed away.

Our hearts are hurting as she truly was a blessing in our lives,

the bunny we had always longed for and felt so wonderful that she

came into our lives 7 years ago, the summer after my mother’s passing.

She had quite a spunky and demanding personality, demanding attention

and causing trouble when my youngest at I would be sitting at the computer for

homeschooling.  She left us no choice but to pay attention to her and interrupted us daily.

I jokingly referred to her as DH ‘s Girlfriend as she immediately went crazy each night the

minute he came in the door, after all he was the one who gave her treats nightly.

She was technically our daughter Ashley’s second bunny but really belonged to us all.

Ashley loved how different she was from the dwarf rabbit she had before named Ruby because Chloe had such

big paws in comparison , but was so quite that you never knew where she was.

Ashley quite fondly nicknamed her “Ninja” .

Last year when our son got his first college apartment he began taking her back and forth with him and

we were limited to seeing her on his vacations.   We all agreed it really was great for them both.

She brought joy to not just him, but his friends who would knock on his door just to see her.

She loved hanging out under his bed, on his desk when he studied and even snuggled with him in

his bed, which is where she passed away.   He joked with me today that Ruby passed away all

alone in her cage , while Chloe passed away with him there in his Queen size bed, the definition of spoiled.

She may have left us physically, but make no mistake we will carry her in our hearts forever!

Thank you my dearest Chloe for all the joy you brought to us!

My Dear Readers , thanks to the fast shipping of Amazon 

and my realizing that I could actually use some heavy duty 

velcro that I had on hand, I was able to complete my purse renovations 

as soon as the straps were delivered today.  


This denim shade of blue purse was a cross body one that I had thrifted, 

so it was easy to just snip of the original handle and thread it through 

the rings and velcro  the guitar strap on.  

I think this definitely has the 70’s retro feel , 

I am dubbing this one, “Flower Power”  

Here is the link for this strap, but the blue one is sold out, it comes in pink or yellow. 


This one was a little tougher because this navy purse was the first purse 

I bought myself after years of carrying diaper bags…. Remember I had 

4 children 4.5 years apart each , so purses were not a part of my life for quite awhile. 

Of course, I have made up for that now!  

So after I cringed for a moment, I cut the strap and again used the rings on the purse . 

I have to say this one really warms my heart…this fun print has orange and reds in it.

Here is the link for this strap, Check out it’s name , I love that!  

PS I loaded this purse up with things I would typically carry to test the velcro and it was fine.

I really enjoyed my membership to Just FAb which bills itself as a shoe site where you pay $39.95 monthly for shoes, but I used it for purses, since I require better footwear for my 50 year old body, lol

I have plenty of purses now and found myself skipping a bunch of months,and got to thinking I should cancel and find something else to try.  

That lead to me to Jewel Bits, I chose this one as they advertised better quality pieces valuing $125 for as little as $33… While I don’t know about that based on what I got, I do think it is decent quality costume jewelry pieces and am pleased with my first month.  


It arrived in a box with cute pink bags for each piece..

They offer 3 different types and the great thing is that you can go to your

profile and change it up any time you’d like.  

The three types are

Boho Babe

Glam Gal

Classic Chick

In looking at the options and examples of jewelry I was drawn to the Classic Chick.


This is a long tassel necklace and if you read my blog at all,

you know I talk all the time about the importance of longer

necklaces in my style to create a vertical line to draw the eye.  

I  love this very soft teal color and will definitely find a way to wear this one.


I actually liked this one a lot , a modern take on pearls in a shorter bib necklace.  

Pearls always make me think of my mother and grandmother and I look forward to wearing this,. 

I may perhaps layer it with a strand of my mother’s pearls.  


Matching earrings.. Of course I don’t match necklace and earrings in sets to wear them, 

but I do like these and can see myself adding them to a gold necklace. 


And last , but certainly not least, in fact this is my favorite piece and I 

have actually worn it already.  

I like that it is delicate yet a wide enough bracelet that it stands well on it’s own 

on my arm and doesn’t need an arm party.  

I am looking forward to seeing what surprises are in next month’s box.  


I am grateful for a little bit cooler temperatures as the feel likes have been 100 or more and with our humidity, it is suffocating..

I am grateful that tomorrow I am going on a trip to Williamsburg Prime Outlets for a Girl’s Day Out! 

I am grateful to my daughter who is like a little elf , straightening up after I go to sleep since she is a night owl. 

I am grateful for only one more Sunday night dedicated to my son’s Summer league. I am looking forward to the two he starts in early September, the homeschool one on Wednesday and the Saturday one as well.  

I am grateful to my niece for telling me about a favorite Tropical Smoothie flavor that is on the kids menu , which I changed up a bit and it was fabulous!   

In case you are wondering it’s Orange Crush and it tastes like a dreamsicle. 

The original had Orange Juice , but here is how I made it. 

Vanilla Whey Protein Power

Almond/ Coconut Blend Milk

Greek Yogurt 

Mandarin Oranges 

Orange Extract

PS I made it first without Yogurt , but it was too sweet tasting from the vanilla whey powder, two large spoonfuls of yogurt fixed that right up!   Don’t ask me amounts cause I am a free spirit who just wings it , so I could never write a food blog, lol 

With all the 70s style coming back this Fall, 

this one is a perfect DIY type one that you can create yourself..

Unless of course you want to invest in the Valentino version that rocked the runways..

Valentino - Guitar Strap Rolling Rockstud Leather Shoulder Bag:

This baby runs close to $4000 !  

Embroidered Guitar Strap:

Guitar Straps - Are You Into Fendi or Valentino Style?:

blogger-image-360529402.jpg (480×480):

Guitar Straps - Are You Into Fendi or Valentino Style?:

I saw an article earlier that I can no longer find that showed how to just add carbider clips to the guitar straps.

So I hit up Amazon to see what they carried and picked out this one to give it a try.. New Blue Paisley Retro Vintage Hippie Acoustic Electric Guitar Strap…:

My son assured me I could find the clips at the dollar store, so I will check that out…

Stayed tuned when this arrives I will attaching it to a purse and reveal the results…

So , Dear Readers what do you thing of this Trend?  

For me it’s a no brainer because it definitely goes with my strong love of boho items.  


I am grateful for a fun summer cooking with my niece, but sad that today was our last day together.  

I am grateful that my son is home until this weekend when he heads back to college.  

I am grateful for the fun bowling league my youngest has done that was a “Get Your Gear League, which he now has two new balls and is tying to get the feel of them before the leagues start in Fall.  

I am grateful laughter and fun moments with my niece and children.  

I am grateful for dear friends who keep me sane. 

I am grateful for air conditioning as this darn heat wave is crazy hot!  

I am grateful that there are 37 days until my Cruise , it can’t come soon enough.  

I am grateful for the fun discover today that the Presidential Debate is going to be while I am on the cruise and technology free, I literally squealed and did a happy dance when my son looked up the date !  

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