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Since I am sick and it ‘s a rainy day, 

I thought it would be a perfect day to look at 

Spring 2107 Trends.  

Pantone Spring 2017 Color Trends Report Erika Firm:

Look out for these shades in stores , the easiest way to embrace a trend… 

View the complete Duro Olowu Spring 2017 collection from London Fashion Week.:

Black and White Retro Prints 

Camilla and Marc Spring 2017 RTW:

Big Florals in both black and white and colors are also on trend

As it wearing pants under dresses.  

Image result for florals and ruffles spring 2017 trend

Lots and Lots of florals from mini retro prints to larger scale prints.  

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017 | Ruffle tops and dresses | Tome; Zimmermann; J.Crew | Fashion Week SS17:

Ruffles, Ruffles, Everywhere!   

I’d love to find a ruffled skirt!  

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017 | Stripes | Proenza Schouler; Rosie Assoulin; Opening Ceremony | Fashion Week SS17:

Bold Colored Stripes , how fun is that?  

Tie Front Top With Lace Details

TJ Maxx Top

Bell sleeve tops and look for touches of crochet like this one. 

Altuzarra Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show Details:

Embroidery touches like in this skirt 


Embroidered Denim 

Embroidered Detail Tassel Top

TJ Maxx top 

So many options in tops for that boho 70’s look that is going strong. 

So Dear Readers, Time to
Chime in

 Any favorites among these trends?  

How about the colors of the season, any favorites there?  

Day 3 of 100 Day Challenge following

Weight Watchers Simply Filling 

Breakfast – plain greek yogurt & strawberry smoothie 

Lunch – 2 hard boiled eggs, apple and green tea 

Dinner- Turkey, Feta Salad 

Snack  celery and Laughing cow cheese 

Today, went pretty well despite my not having done any grocery shopping or meal prep, 

which of course is vitally important to long term success.

I just didn’t want to wait one more day, so making it work with

what I had on hand, since yesterday we spent all day at the bowling alley

with our son for his travel league .  

This Skinny Peanut Butter Dip is an easy, healthy recipe! I also add cinnamon. Dip apples or veggies or crackers for breakfast, lunch, snack, or it's perfect for game day!:  

Yogurt , Peanut butter and honey dip, yumm!  

Honey and Peanut Butter are not on the Simply Filling list of foods ,

but on worries as you are allowed a small amount of points  per day of other foods.  

In reading posts on a Facebook group following this method, 

some people who gave up trying to find 1g sugar cereal just use that as

part of their 7 pts per day.   I used a banana with this dip for breakfast , along with 

two cups of green tea with Truvia.  Note today was a very unusual day as I woke up due to DH snoring at 5:30am then went back to bed at 7:30 until 11:30 , so this would definitely hold me til lunch, but not typically.  


I hard boiled up a bunch of eggs, so day 2 I had those with mandarin oranges.

For the next few days, I will vary the fruit, with apples. peaches and pineapple .


Lunch was a large salad with some leftover Misson BBQ turkey that my husband 

had leftover from his dinner and I had enough to use the turkey for both days. I did fat free cheese on both days, day one cheddar, day two feta, pictured here.   I may bore you, but salads are going 

to be my go to lunches, one meal to not think about it really helps me.  


Day 1 I tried Mission White Corn tortillas as they are Simply Filling approved, 

however I didn’t like how strong the corn taste was, so just scraped and ate with a fork.

This is lettuce, steak strips, mushrooms & onions with sharp cheddar and fat free sour creme. 

I think I used too much cheese and should have used half this amount… 

Note: I intended to use lettuce wraps , but Kroger was out when i ran to get some, since I didn’t like

the strong corn flavor in the future I will use the Mission Carb balance tortillas. 


Day 2 dinner was more of the steak strips with mushrooms and let me tell you, 

there is a alot more mushrooms on the plate than beef, cause I can’t get enough mushrooms ever!!! 

I grilled zucchini and used spray butter.  

I also had an orange on day one as a snack and a banana on day two.  

Dear Readers, It feels great to be back in control after 3 months of this mourning and 

just not caring.   I didn’t do full workouts , yet as I am sick with sore throat and sinus stuff, 

but I did jump rope for a few minutes, did twist on the Simply Fit board, planked and did 

mountain climbers (video below).  Doing bursts of exercise throughout the day is just as effective.



” Enough is Enough”

was my first thoughts when I saw these blog photos

I took on Saturday!  

I can see the weight gain everywhere, my face, arms midsection…. 

There is no way this is going to be my sister’s legacy!  

Menopause resulted in a gain ,so there is no room for this emotional eating ,

that has been going on since December!  


As a woman who promotes “Self Care” I am not beating myself up and am not even , 

upset at myself for where I am currently.  

My sister’s  sudden , unexpected and unexplained death would send anyone into a whirlwind , 

and I absolutely have allowed myself that, but now it’s time to get back on track!  


I took my thin gold chain off my Sapphire pendant and added my sister’s more 

substantial one , so when I wore the cherished gift from my husband this day, 

I felt extra special.  I swear this picture just doesn’t do this lovely pendant justice! 


Outfit Pieces 

Faux leather front Diane Gilman Leggings 

Vionic ankle boots- sold out 

Naturalizer crossbody purse 

Slinky brand top – similar 

Susan Graver Cardigan 

Now On to my 100 Days Plan!  

I am going to try the Weight Watcher’s Simply Filling method where you eat foods only 

from this list and no measuring or counting points.  

I will be starting a Simply Filing Board on Pinterest and link you to it soon. 

A Sample Menu Plan I’ve made for this would be: 

Breakfast :  Veggie Omelet with fat free sharp cheddar  plus strawberries 

Lunch-  Hard boiled egg with Salad Greens- cucumbers, tomatoes , artichokes and fat free feta w/ Italian Dressing 

Dinner :  Grilled Chicken with sauteed mushrooms,onions and spinach plus  grilled zucchini 

Snacks:  Apple / Greek Yogurt 

One way to make this easy to stay on track is for me to stick to Salads Everyday for Lunch , and 

perhaps making a veggie soup to have for a few dinners and just add a different protein each day.

I will stay on this Simply Filling Plan for two weeks before changing to counting points, unless

I like it , everything is open to how I am feeling along the way.  

Exercise Goals for the 100 days :

Monday :  Treadmill or walk outside 

Tuesday: Pilates machine with resistance bands

Wednesday Treadmill or walk outside 

Thursday : Yoga

Friday:  Treadmill or walk outside 

Saturday:  Pilates machine with resistance bands

Sunday– stretching and rest day  

I think the reason I was so inspired about my recent Nina Proudman obsession , 

is because of her so many outfits with maxi dresses and skirts… 

So I decided to go through my own looks with maxi skirts to see where I’ve been 

as  I look forward to where I’d like to be going with my love of maxi skirts… 

Warning I made this longer than I anticipated…


I wore this outfit this Fall, but could easily change it up to add

boots for a more Nina Inspired winter outfit..


Here, it’s hard to see , but I took a basic graphic tee

and tied a pink sash around my waist to blouse it a bit..

I think a white maxi is so versatile for Summer and have barely

scratched the surface of ways to style it…


A tucked in crotchet detail top, has a bit of boho charm without being over the top.

Paired with wedges for summer here, but I could add a leather jacket

and boots to winterize this one.


a velvet floral top and obi belt made this plain skirt 

appropriate for a special date night .  


A gingham top, knotted at the waist 

is a very casual weekend way I wore a maxi 


This orange skirt isn’t quite long enough to qualify as a maxi skirt, but 

the idea of a striped tank and denim vest is a sound one for a maxi skirt look. 


A striped straight maxi skirt with peplum t-shirt 

and classic jean jacket…

Switching my sandals to navy suede boots with 

make this a great Nina Proudman inspired version. 

If only I hadn’t gained weight, lol as I couldn’t fit this skirt right now…


This striped one with white jean jacket, might just be one of 

my all time favorite looks….


With a thrifted crotchet detail sweater.   

I think I’d like to take a nod from Nina Proudman 

and lighten this look up with a white top instead of the black. 


This is a maxi dress with a sweater over top, and jean jacket, 

another favorite. 

This could easily be more Nina inspired by adding in boots and a scarf.  


This black top was another outfit I wore for a date night.  

 I like this as is and wouldn’t change a thing, 

except to perhaps wear one of my sister’s necklaces. 

white maxi

This time I patterned mixed with polka dot sweater 

and floral wedges.  This showcases a very different side of me

that is not at all boho, lol   


If I switched my with slip on sneakers for grey 

suede tall boots, it would be a great Nina inspired version.

Imagine how many different bright solid colored scarves could be 

added to make this a very versatile outfit formula.


Once again switching mu flats for boots and adding 

a scarf would add more boho chic flair I am craving…


These colors just scream Fall to me…

I’d love to try this skirt with a pair of boots, sweater and scarf too. 


  This version with a bomber jacket and flats… 

I’d like to try this one with my red leather jacket and boots for winter. 


A cute ruffled neckline t-shirt and vest. 

I think a light kimono over the t-shirt in the shorter lengths 

that Nina Proudman wears a lot , would be a great way to switch 

this to a more boho inspired version. 


I absolutely adored this when I wore it.  

I loved these short sleeve sweaters, but feel they are more 

conservative than I’d like these days…

I hope to try this with a kimono type sweater.   


A  lace baseball shirt , is definitely a surprise to 

pair with a maxi skirt.  

Layering a few necklaces might make up the boho vibe of this look. 


This one I actually paired with boots and a scarf, lol 

If I had paired this with a jean jacket, it would be more Nina Proudman style. 

I think my maxi lengths for flats don’t work to well with boots, 

so perhaps that is why I haven’t done this more often and a problem

I’d need to solve….


Well this makes 20 outfits with maxi’s so I think

it’s time to stop, lol…

I think this open weave jacket is boho enough to keep for my

new direction of how I would like to wear maxi skirts. 

and a good thing too as I own it in hot pink and yellow as well.  

Dear Readers, If you made it this far reading this, 

Thanks for hanging in as I went down memory lane to see where I have been 

as I begin to switch my style as I look forward to Spring and Summer…

Dear Readers, I got back to exercising for just two days when

I started having back spasms and pains…

I used my down time wisely, and fast forwarded through the seasons of Offsprings on Netflix  

I took a lot of photos to showcase why I fell so hard for the style of the character, 

Nina Proudman.  


A blurry shot , but the elements are a maxi skirt with an open weave sweater and tank top underneath

and a pair of boots to complete the look.  Maxi skirts or dresses with boots is a very common theme in her style. 


This is another maxi skirt look, but not a full view as it wasn’t always possible to get a picture in the show. 

A denim jacket with these big cuffs and a solid tank , belted is another theme.  


This is a purple floral maxi skirt. 

Another common thing is the choice of a black tank quite often. 

She also wears belts a lot more then my menopausal body will tolerate, but 

with weight loss I hope to get back to belting more.  

Notice to the length of a lot of her jackets right at the waist.  


These short lightweight toppers are common too, have not found where 

I could get my hands on some of these , but would love to for my petite height.  

This and the next two are all paired with jeans and knee high boots.  


I love the detail in a lot of her tops and toppers. 

You can’t tell very well, but this has beautiful pintucking.  


Another shorter sheer jacket , but this one has embroidery.  

I have a mint kimono with a tie waist I bought last year, that 

I hadn’t thought to pair with a black tank. but love the contrast here. 


Again, the details of the crotchet in both the topper and tank top 

are very appealing to me.  I loved all her white tops and toppers. 

One thing I myself am short on…


Nothing easier than a printed tunic over jeans. 

I am looking for this style for Spring and can see this tunic over soft pants.

or ankle pants with a pair of wedges.   


This floral kimono again paired with a black tank top. 

I like that her style evolved over the seasons beginning with her 

wearing these cognac boots a lot, then adding in a pair of blue ones 

and finally a pair of green ones.  


I also like that she would wear pieces over again paired up differently.


I love the vibrancy of this topper and the fact that it’s not a solid. 


Towards the fifth season she began adding in a few pairs of 

printed soft pants with ankle boots.  

She also wore a few pairs of culottes as another bottom option.  

For more Nina Proudman Style  I found around the web, 

head to my Pinterest Board where  you can also see some kimono toppers I’ve ordered from ebay and other places.

My Back is a bit better today, so hoping tomorrow that continues. The worse time is trying to sleep and not getting enough as I feel pain with every shift in the bed and it awakens me often during the night.   

I recently watched the series Offsprings  on Netflix 

and fell absolutely in love with the main 

character “Nina Proudman’s”  Style.  

She rocks a Boho Chic look in every show and each time 

I started a new episode I was as attracted to the plot as 

I was to seeing what she wore next.  

Image result for nina proudman tunic and jeans outfits

I liked this look which consists of fairly common elements : a fabulous tunic 

over a pair of jeans , tucked into cognac heeled boots.   

With her Aussie weather , there are never any truly winter outfits.  

I however happen to posses elements to create a similar outfit, so I felt inspired to blog it. 


I opted not to do skinny jeans and tuck in boots for today , as quite frankly I have 

gained weight and the longer bell bottoms with just a cognac boot peeking out is 

more figure flattering to counter the weight gain and my petite height.  


I actually hate that my sister’s passing resulted in weight gain and thought about hiding out…

I am a strong woman who values self care and finding tools to motivate myself. 

What better tool than to publicly humiliate myself by posting pictures of my weight gain???  

Don’t worry readers, I didn’t mean that seriously, but I do think seeing myself in photos will be great

motivation to stay on the right track with eating and exercise.  


It was so much fun to find something to get me out of my funk and back to blogging

outfit posts , I already have another Nina Proudman Inspiration or two in mind…

Tomorrow my Steelers are in the play offs against my husband’s Patriots, so 

I will definitely be choosing a look to support the black and gold team of my parents beloved state. 

Offspring season 4:

Here is another ” Nina Proudman” version of a tunic over jeans with boots, 

This green is very appealing, but I am not running out to buy anything right now.  

I do have a a teal one that would make a good substitute. 

It doesn’t matter what color you choose, any embroidered tunic would work.  

product photo


This length from Old Navy would be good for petite

who wants to wear the skinny pants tucked into boots.


Another option from Macy’s

Lucky Brand Mixed-Print Peasant Top


A printed version instead of embroidered would work too. 

I traditionally think of these type of shirts for Spring/Summer ,

but love the idea of increasing their use 

and versatility with layering.  

I have to say I don’t think I’d ever have chosen

to wear my mint leather over this tunic without the Inspiration.

Dear Readers, Hoping you are having a great weekend!  

Love your comments and they help to keep my motivation up to blog 

during this crazy mourning of my sister who is gone too soon…

We are still “snowed in: as the temperatures have been in the teens at night, 

a true rarity in a place that barely goes below freezing. 

The roads are thick sheets of ice , schools are closed as are lots of businesses.  

So I thought I would share with you my sister’s jewelry, 

she’s been making it for years and use to ask my daughter’s dress colors and bring 

her one specially made for each event.  



She loved Swarovski crystals and sterling silver, these are both clear but reflect colors areound them and the walls in the room were yellow.  These were ones she began making a few years ago and sold at Christmas.  My niece and daughter each have two as well, we all have the oval shaped one on the left , but while I have a seashell, my daughter has a star and my niece chose a snowflake.  


This all silver seashell one was one of her earlier works and one she wore quite regularly. 

It was the first thing I went in search of , as I wanted to wear it to her memorial service, 

to give me strength to speak.  It is my favorite and the most dear to me because of how many 

times I noticed her wearing it.  



These two are also earlier pieces and are knotted on string.  

The pink and blue on was one I picked out of her inventory she brought over one Christmas and asked which one I wanted20170108_195640


Starfish are very big among her line of jewelry and she named her company, 

“Joyful Jems”  


She did this sea glass, pearl and swarovski crystal one in several colors. 

My niece chose one in burgundy, while my daughter who is a more minimal dresser didn’t opt for one, so

I have one in blue as well.  


She even had the star in glass beads as well.  

So don’t be surprised if I wear the star ones quite often. 

That is actually a good thing as back in 2003 when I went to New York to 

buy jewelry for my Consignment store, I had picked out what I called , 

a ‘wanky star”  and chose a chain that was measured and made for me in sterling 

silver and wore that thing as my signature piece almost daily.  

Unfortunately, it somehow broke and slipped of my neck somewhere a few years ago and

I literally mourned the loss. I find it quite poetic that my sister has left me ‘wanky stars ” in 

several options.   


These creme options are very prevalent  part of her line, and I adore the turtle version..  

Those  green beads are quite beautiful , she even managed to  sneak in a few Swarovski crystals ,


This one with beautiful fine stones was a direction she had wanted to take, but 

found hard to sell and price to recoup  the cost of the beads and show others their value ,

so she changed directions. ‘Like most of the ones I’ve pictured, this is one she wore and loved.  


This was the surprise piece I found with the tassel she made. 

It’s classic her with the the pearls, but a bit different with the butterfly 

and I can’t help but wonder if she made this one after I told her 

that Mom came to me in butterflies on my 45th birthday and every time I took walks. 

A special one , I will definitely cherish.  

Dear Readers, it is such a comfort to have her jewelry

and to share them with my daughter and niece. I’d like 

to see if I have earrings to pass on to several of her friends,

but am so worried that I will miss somebody important.  

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