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Today was a dreadfully hot day where it actually felt like a Sauna!  

The photos today, tell the story of how my hair went from looking Great, to flat…


The first photo of the bunch under the protection of my favorite tree…

I’ve had this outfit put together and waiting for a day to wear.

I usually have about 3 to 5 combos like that for those days when I am uninspired to create a look.

These are all pieces I’ve had for years, except for the yellow purse bought this season.


When I moved to this spot, the wind kept catching my hair and getting in my face…

I literally gave up posing in this stance…


And now my hair looks much flatter, lol!  

I really love these colors of the yellow and purple together.  

This yellow kimono, I’ve had for years is a favorite.

I actually had this set next to a green skirt in the closet and instantly thought of how 

I could style those together.  I really need to create a feature of using one piece three ways.  


I am grateful that I found the drive to do some sitting down hand weight exercises as well as bicep dips and push ups on the couch by using only one leg and not hurting my knee… Not exercising was frustrating! 

I am grateful that I slept in until 10:15 this morning!  

I am grateful to my youngest for stepping up and turning on the dishwasher for me, as well as getting as well as cleaning up and doing things to help me rest my knee.  

I am grateful for a phone call from my daughter after her exam, where she sounded very happy.  She even was grateful that she was out of class early and had time to cook a proper dinner before starting her 10 page paper, which she optimistically thinks she will have done by midnight and still get a good night’s rest.  This is special as she likes to complain and just be heard, so hearing her see the positive was delightful to this Mom! 


Today, I took it easy again for the sake of my knee,,,

Except for sweeping the kitchen, den, foyer and hallway, as I couldn’t wait another day, lol!  


I bought this tunic from Burlington Coat Factory Online.

While I love that store, be warned that in making a return from an online purchase, you have to go through a process of printing out some approval number that you request via e-mail.  Unfortunately my daughter tried to return something on the last week she could do so without knowing that and then left for college , so was never able to make her return.  


I love the quality of the Kate & Mallory Leggings and hope to buy full length ones later. 

I am also loving the idea of long tunic and sweaters for Fall…

Yes, I am longing for Fall Fashions… not for Fall per se, as that means my kids are both back to college…


My knee is feeling much better today!  

The swelling is down, too….

I am still going to take it easy tomorrow, but will take the boys bowling…


I am grateful for a few days of taking it easy. 

I am grateful that my son’s headed out for some guy fun at the beach. 

I am grateful that my youngest enjoyed the warmth of today’s water and actually went , after initially resisting. 

I am grateful that I resisted eating junk despite craving it today…

Tuesday wasn’t my best day…

I woke too early to let the dog out and struggled to get back to sleep, was almost there when my husband’s phone rang, struggled but wasn’t giving up , when the next thing I knew my husband was gently kissing my forehead as he was leaving..

I awoke to discover it was 1:15 pm…

Now, if only I had awoken refreshed , but alas sinus pressure , sciatica and knee pain plagued me. 

A  shower helped but I just said, I am not a faker, so not doing blog photos today… 

Instead I thought I would share some Pinterest Recipes I’d like to try soon that fit my desire for lots of protein and low carbs.  

chicken filled with cream cheese, bacon, and onion... This is SOOO delicious!! 5/5 stars. One of my top 5 favorite chicken recipes


Chicken stuffed with creme cheese, bacon and onion. 

Low Carb Caprese Chicken Recipe


I love Caprese  salads  and am drooling over the idea of adding in chickent

Spinach Artichoke Egg Casserole Recipe on Love this easy breakfast casserole! It's great for entertaining too!


Spinach, Artichoke and Eggs

I would add mushrooms for a more substantial meal that would keep me full longer 

Lasagna Zucchini Boats - these are AMAZING!! Just as good as regular lasagna but healthier!


Zucchini Lasagna 

I love lasagna, but have given up pasta for now and this is an easy substitute for this zucchini lover! 

Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole


Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole

I loved my mother’s stuffed cabbage, yet have never tried it, this looks easier…

Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps


Tuna Lettuce Wraps

I can’t get enough of lettuce wraps lately… my favorite new lunch or dinner…

Happy Hump Day, My Dear Readers!  

Hoping that it’s better than Tuesday…

Any favorites of these recipes, Any you are up for trying?  


I am grateful that I was able to get much needed sleep. 

I am grateful that my boys helped clean up the kitchen today, giving me a day off…

I am grateful that my sinus headache went away, making for a pleasant evening. 

I am grateful that I had leftovers from the beef tips and gravy I cooked last night!  

I am grateful that my youngest is so kind and compassionate and pitches in to help whenever I have an off day (He’s definitely maturing) ! 

Today’s Outfit Creation began from the shoes up….

I’ve re injured my knee while strength training these past two weeks….

I knew I had to pick an outfit with relatively flat soles. 


I haven’t worn my long boho skirts much this season, so thought it was high time. 

It was the perfect solution to add a knee brace or to ice it. 

I took it easy today, but did go grocery shopping and cook some beef tips for dinner 


A striped tank top and a jean vest are the perfect compliment to my boho skirts. 

Of course adding a long necklace and bracelets on both arms finished off my boho look for the day.

I opted for stud earrings instead of my hoops or dangle types.  


After a weekend of fun, it was great to have a lazy day letting my knee rest. 

It was fun to look at this look and see items that I’ve had and weren’t new additions this season, as I’ve been wearing a lot of new things out of necessity from the weight gain.  


I am grateful for the ability to be a stay at home mother and have so many wonderful moments with my children. 

I am grateful for the fun frustration of cooking in the kitchen with my 19 year old as we used all  4 burners.  

I am grateful that my husband started the week off with a sale, that’s always a good thing…

I am grateful for a phone call from my daughter, it was just so nice to hear her voice and have her tell me she ordered craft items that should be coming in the mail instead of her calling about the stress she feels with her master’s degree work load.

 I am grateful she is planning some crafts for her August break and look forward to what she has up her sleeve this time! 

I am grateful for the laughs that come when reading Facebook posts, good for the Soul!  

My Husband’s Company Treated us for a Night of Baseball with our local

Tidewater Tides


We had a wonderful time especially hanging out with our two youngest.

I think my husband’s favorite part was spending the Tides bucks that came with the package his company provided us, as he and my youngest indulged… cotton candy, ice cream, nuts , cracker jacks were the snacks they ate and that was on top of hot dogs and Italian sausages.  


I decided to wear linen capris, my new striped peplum top from Ebay and my bejeweled vest. 

I couldn’t wear wedges or heels to help the proportions of the cropped pants and my petite height, 

so I opted for the very low wedge pointed toe metallic’s .   

I wasn’t sure if we would be sitting in the sun, so my fedora was a must.  

Turned out we had great seats in the shade, but I loved wearing the hat, as I have been thinking lately that 

I haven’t worn as many hats so far this Summer.  


Can you believe that I am so use to taking blog photos, that I didn’t feel at all funny about taking

this among all the people?  

It’s a first time I didn’t feel that twinge of self consciousness.  

My trusty cross body adorned with the blue butterfly art by Harold Feinstein

was the perfect finish for the activity of the night. 

Dear Readers, I tried something new for the first time tonight, by wearing bracelets on both arms. I’ve been wanting to try it and with the sleeveless look of the day , it just felt right.   

Have you ever worn bracelets on both arms, do you like this trend? 


Enjoying our Dippin Dots…


I am grateful for a fun weekend of family time spent, bowling and at a baseball game. 

I am grateful that my husband finished patching the holes in our bedroom from the electrical issues and repainted and finally moved all the furniture  back into place. 

I am grateful for a fun day hanging out with a dear friend on Saturday, thrifting and checking out the new Tuesday Morning.  

I am grateful that for the anticipation of next weekend as my daughter comes home and my son gets his keys to his first college apartment. 

When you get your news from Facebook and see that your team’s football coach

has signed a new contract, 

A fashion blogger has no choice but to respond by styling a Team Spirit Outfit! 


It’s not easy to put together a body skimming look right now, but for the sake of my team, I did just that! 

True confessions I looked in the mirror and thought not too bad…

I know better than to trust my mirror, so I asked my son to take a quick photo inside while my hair was still wet. 

That test passed as I didn’t hate how my body looked with this menopausal gain…

I may not love it , but it’s progress not to detest it! 


The number 33 is significant because it’s the year the Steelers were established.

It was fun to wear a sporty outfit off season.


I of course had to do a nod to the black and gold of my team by choosing a yellow watch and handbag.  

Being matchy is what Team Spirit is all about! 

Dear Readers, Day one of no diet soda went very well.  I had a coffee/ banana smoothie this morning and water the remainder of the day, so no other caffeine.  It’s 11:00pm as I  type this and I am feeling tired, which I usually don’t expereince.  Let’s hope I sleep well. Last night I went to bed at 1am and was up by 6:30am and not happy about it. 


I am grateful for a fun outfit inspiration for the day, some days a stylist needs help! 

I am grateful that my college son was able to hang out with his high school friend today.

I am grateful that we are having a complete break from bowling this week, though Saturday night we have a league family night. 

I am grateful for my bank for catching suspicious activity on my son’s debit card.

I am grateful for a phone call from my daughter tonight and that her presentation today went well.  

I am grateful that my husband had a late start to his day and caught up on sleep as well as helped me to put up our new bedroom curtains.  

Dressing doesn’t get any easier than finding a silhouette that you love

and repeating it with different pieces. 


I’ve often talked of my preference for swingy skirts and this Ann Taylor one I thrifted is a perfect one.

It goes to my knee, is a wonderful soft material and has movement when I walk that puts a pep in my step. 

To complete the look a simple tank top , finished off with a wonderful knitted shrug and pointed toe ballet flats. 

If I had more skirts like this, I could wear this silhouette all Summer and never tire of it..


I am on my way to go shopping with my 19 year old to get somethings for his first college apartment. 

I am carrying a red solo cup of my last Diet Soda for the Summer.  

I am making a commitment to cut this out of my daily life.  

I may still order one here or there if I am out bowling , but I will not buy it to have in the home and I never order it when I go out to eat (I always order water with lemon) . 

I’ve made a plan to be successful this time and that is to switch to coffee and tea. 

I love my green tea and have done well with lessening my diet soda addiction due to that, but sinus pressure headaches always draw me back into that ugly addictive cycle.  

I have a few organizational clean ups I need to do first (like the computer desk), but soon I plan to finally put that silly 1970’s wet bar in my den to good use by changing it into a coffee and tea bar.  

Today, I am switching my fruit smoothie to a coffee with vanilla protein power version for a morning pick me up and to begin adding coffee into my diet.  I will stick with it in the mornings as to not disrupt my sleep, which menopause is already wreaking havoc with, lol! 

Check Out 13 Benefits of Coffee


I look forward to accomplishing my goal of kicking the diet soda addiction!  

Now just for fun, I couldn’t help but to smile with my Red Solo Cup 

because of the Toby Keith Song and our upcoming concert next month to see him. 

I am tickled pink that after singing that song to me to the point of annoyance, that I told my husband he had to attend the concert and he embraced if fully inviting friends to join us.  

This is a big deal for my Northern born snobby husband who isn’t into country music!  


I am grateful for the fun of getting a coffee maker yesterday and trying a caramel version with my son. 

I am grateful for an afternoon at Walmart getting a few things for my son’s first college apartment, including his very own coffee maker.  

I am grateful for our bowling weekend and the Country Inn & Suites hotel that offered tea and coffee in the lobby, which caused my son to try it and have it several times, resulting in him now liking coffee for the first time. 

I am grateful at  my husband’s willingness to humor me by tasting the caramel coffee despite his total distaste for the beverage and his support of my turning the wet bar into a coffee/tea bar. 

I am grateful that when my husband had an early night, he came home and invited me to go see the Trainwreck movie, as it was a very funny movie, and a much needed night out.  

I am grateful that when the movie ended and I was chair dancing, that my husband joined me when I stood up to dance, I really think this impending 50th birthday is making me not care about making a fool out of myself and bursting into dance more randomly…. 

I am grateful for YouTube and being able to find music so easy, I listened to several Toby Keith song’s as I finished my blog, a great uplifting start to my morning! 

After this Weekend in Roanoke for My Son’s Bowling Tournament, 

I’ve been taking a few easy, breezy, lazy days..

A blogger needs a break every now and then…


This is what I wore yesterday for a very hot day…

The sheer polk a dot top is one I thrifted, and in the interest of true confessions,

is actually mint color and not the teal shade I thought it was, lol.  

If you are very observant you can get a tiny peek at the nasty bruise near my knee.

I have no idea what I did, but since I haven’t had a bruise in awhile, I guess I was due! 


This is the outfit I wore the day before our trip and hadn’t posted yet. 

I love pinks and browns together. 

Plum Tree Dressy Wedge Shoe | Women's SALE Dress Shoes | Aerosoles

I was tickled pink , when I saw these Aerosoles on Sale. 

With the extra 25% Off Sale they are only $22.49. 

They even have a knee They even havehigh boot or two for about that price, so you may want to check out the Sale. 


Just for fun, here are my three traveling companions for the Roanoke trip.

I took this photo right after we came out of our tour of the Dixie Caverns. 

From left;  Nicholas my 19 year old at VCU, Connor 15 my homeschooling -bowler and Tom, my husband who has been sporting the beard ever since October when we went to Ireland (he’d been clean shaven for the 24 yrs previous, lol) 


I am grateful that we had a wonderful trip to Roanoke with quality time together, as well as fun with the other team families. 

I am grateful for our love of road trips and that this time we were in my husband’s new car with Sirius Satellite Radio. Music is a big part of our road trips and it was so nice not to be searching channels.  

I am grateful that my son, who threw up Saturday night, was determined to bowl and finished the tournament on Sunday (not his best bowling day, but he didn’t let it get him down). 

I am grateful that my oldest son gave us piece of mind by staying at the house and taking care of the dog, rabbit and turtles. 

I am grateful that I only gained a half a pound on our three day trip. 

I am grateful that my 19 year old who will be voting for the first time in the next presidential election came to me yesterday and told me all about this research and reviews of each candidates.  

I am grateful that my 19 year old has his mother’s sense of wonder and actually pointed out how funny it was that I could sit on the couch on my phone and transfer money to his account, while he sat on the other couch immediately afterward and ordered bedding from Amazon for his first college apartment.  I quite often stop and point out the wonder of things like this…

I Know There Are A Lot of Bloggers, 

who wouldn’t dare to wear leggings….

I however am a real Mom, who today, was looking for extreme comfort


I ordered these fabulous leggings from Evine Live and love the quality. 

I ordered this top from Burlington Coat Factory, love that they sell online now, 

but be forewarned… their return policy is awful.  

My daughter tried to make a return and had the receipt that came in the package with her when she went into the store.

That wasn’t good enough, they wanted some silly thing she had to sign up for online, receive and print to accompany the receipt… A wasted trip to the store the day before she went back to Boston College… So frustrating!  


Today we met with my son’s bowling team for a last practice together before this weekend’s tournament. 

It was a lot of  fun and I was so thrilled to see how well they were all doing.  

I carried and wore my cobalt sweater since the bowling alley is usually so cold. 

DSC_0576I cringed when I saw the stomach lump here, but it is what it is…

I could have cropped the picture and taken it out,

but I am too honest to you my Dear Readers, for that… 

Embracing the body I currently have! 

Heck, I am almost 50 and dealing with menopause, I’ve earned the right to this body!!! 

Of course, that’s easier for me to say, now that I am full force working to lose this 15lb menopausal gain..

I love this new top and hope to wear it more often and perhaps into fall with a sweater over it. 

Check out another blogger who shows several ways she wears her white leggings,  glad to see I am not alone in this! 


I am so grateful that my son did well today with his bowling, as his scores had gone down after getting him the performance ball and he really wants to use it in the tournament.  He went from a grumpy teen I’ve been dealing with for two weeks, to smiling and back to a much more lovable version.  Just in time for the weekend! 

I am grateful that my niece is having fun with bowling and getting new high scores , since she is getting dragged into this! 

I am grateful that my oldest will come stay with our dog while we are away, there is such comfort in that, priceless! 

I am grateful that changing my shoes worked and I was able to do my late night power walk with my husband without any back of the knee pain!  I was literally happy dancing this morning when I awoke to no knee pain.. 

I am grateful for this time I get to share with my niece and seeing my brother each morning and night! 

I am grateful to my dear niece for taking my photos today, giving my boys a break.  My bowler banged his ankle and was hobbling and my college son fractured his finger bowling Saturday night… Yes, bowling has it’s risks, lol! 

I have a grey dress that I’ve owned for about 6 years and still love so much. 

I swore if I ever found a dress with the same deep v in both the front and the back,

and the similar kimono bodice, that I would grab it!  

Who knew it would take so long to discover this style dress???


Well,one this one came up recently on (no longer available)  and I couldn’t help myself.  

I actually like it a lot, but would prefer it just a tad shorter for wearing with flats.

This was is marketed as a bathing suit cover up ,so isn’t the same quality of my beloved original in this style. 

The bottom isn’t hemmed , but has a serge stitch. . . Perfectly fine for a more casual flip-flop dress. 


This is the my original , much loved version.  


And a bonus winterized version.


I like that this is low cut, which allows for the addition of a colored tank. 

For this first styling, I paired it with mint , in the tank, pointed toe flats and earrings. 

Since, I am a modest dresser, it is fun to get this deep v-neck for added styling options with different pops of color in a tank.   I think this adds to the versatility of a dress, making it fresh each time I wear it.  

I will definitely try this next time with wedges.


Dear Readers, I have just a few days until we head to the Roanoke area for the state bowling tournament and I am trying to get things in gear to keep up the weight loss journey.  

My husband promised to replenish the cooler with as much ice as needed for me to bring yogurts, cheese, fruits and veggies to keep me on track for breakfast and lunches.  That will mean eating out for just dinners.  An easier thing to manage and keep on track.  

It’s one week into my 60 day push towards my 50th and losing this 15lbs and I am happy to report that I am 3lbs down.  


I am grateful that my son took the pressure off himself when practice bowling today and throwing it all kinds of fun ways and laughing.  

I am grateful for Sam’s Club rotisserie chicken ( the best in my family’s opinion) for an easy dinner with salad and veggies.

I am grateful that after having my sleep interrupted by a 4am alert on my husband’s phone, that I finally fell back asleep after 8am… now I won’t have to break my husband’s phone, lol.  

I am grateful for the funny Facebook Memory where last year I posted about how Women need their sleep that popped up in my feed today, allowing me to text it to DH and for his sweet apology and promise that he had removed himself from the newsletter that had sent the offending 4am post. 

I am grateful for my 19 year old very aware and compassionate son.  When leaving the bowling alley my youngest and I headed out the door ( in a hurry as it was cold in there today). We didn’t even notice my niece was still changing her shoes, but my Nico did and waited to walk out with her…. 

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