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Well, I have not been inspired to put together any outfits and been nursing a sinus headache that is now switching to include sneezing…. but cabin fever has set it….

So, I went shopping on Ebay….

I was in a mood for broomstick skirts for Spring and Summer…..

This black and white floral tickled my fancy and is now on it’s way to me…

Black and White looks and Florals  are going to be very strong this Spring, so I’ll be on trend! 

Next up is this brown sequined number….

Who doesn’t like a little bling with their boho looks?????

This is another one brown one with purple accents on the bottom by Coldwater Creek.

Since my previous broomstick skirts are all in bigger sizes before my weight loss, it is definitely time to invest in some my current size… while these are a great start, I doubt they will be it as I still need something in a more vibrant spring color….

And that won’t be a problem as Ebay has many to choose from…

It was fun to get started on replacing these much loved style of skirts that I love to swish around in for Spring and Summer with just a tank top or t-shirt and sandals..Not bad for winter with boots if it’s not snowing!!!!

Dear Readers , have you started shopping for spring , yet?  If so, what have you bought, if not do you have plans to buy something ????


I am grateful that I found something Fashion related to do as I wait for the snow to melt….

I am grateful for Ebay and the variety they offer at great prices…

I am grateful for my hardworking husband , who hasn’t skipped a beat in his new job due to the snow. 

I am grateful that my husband’s skills in training are so strong  and that his skills are noticed and appreciated! 

I am grateful that my kids are just crazy enough to head outside at 1am to build an igloo in the front yard and as I type this at 3 am are still at it!!!!  Remember they are 22, 18 and 13…

I am grateful for the sense of humor of my youngest who put on a song from Frozen to sing as they got geared up to go out.

I am grateful that I am a Mom who supports my children’s crazy whim for late night fun and made them hot chocolate!!!! 

I am grateful for three Snow Days and the surprised family time…


I had every intention of photographing my new hair cut ,but alas nature had other plans and I am not talking about the foot or so of snow we got dumped on us…

Just wonderful female issues…. that left me in my pj’s all day! But hey, I at least got to relax in my new reclining sofa…I told my husband that no one mentioned that going into menopause was very much like having a teenager about ready to leave for college… That it has to act up, so you will want it to go away….

So for today’s post, I  thought I would talk Spring…. A lot of boxy and oversized tops are making their way in and as a petite, oversized makes me cringe…. But I’ve always been the woman who looked for solutions.. So, this petite, boho loving girl is planning to embrace Kimonos!  

Lightweight, flowy, prints, what ‘s not to love???  

While this is certainly not a new trend and was out there last year, it will still be going strong again….

Ornate Chiffon Kimono | LOVE21 - 2000126369

I ordered this one from F21

I immediately see this with a white dress, white jeans or dark wash skinnys.  

Free Spirit Open-Front Kimono | FOREVER21 - 2000126408

I ordered this one as well, I like the shorter length and less volume of this one and while lightweight, it isn’t a sheer like the first one.

Free Spirit Open-Front Kimono | FOREVER21 - 2000126408

And here’s the back, with a traditional nod to the culture… 

I see pulling the teal and reds out of the print to pair with this…

Just for fun , here’s the link to all  the Kimonos Forever 21 has right now…..

Dear Readers, I love the 3rd completer pieces even in summer to throw over a simple tank top, especially when going into any place that is airconditioned and think this will be a great addtion for that purpose.

 Funny to imagine how I will style things for warmer weather , while we have so much snow  from last night… it’s going to be a long few days of getting out of this one with the limited resources in our area. I know that they were able to get extra trucks from across the state to prepare for this , but wiht half as much snow last week, it took 48 hours to get to the major roads only…. Lucky for us we live right off  a major road and on a street that is the main entry and exit to our neighborhood, so anyone who does venture out travels down our street… My Boston born husband is home for the day, but doubt he will stay home all day… he will get stir crazy and just have to venture out!!!

Will get Photos of my Haricut and color soon… they will be indoor photos!!!!!


I am grateful that everyone in my family has snow gear, this year!

I am grateful for our new couches and the fun my two sons, daughter and I had yesterday, all reclining with blanckets on watching tv… and my 18 year old suddenly saying… “aaah, this is where obesity begins!”  from my super skinny kid!!!

I am grateful that my husband is feeling so relaxed as he no longer has a full commission job with the constant ebb and flow of money and the confidence and security of a more consistent pay….(this reeally is a huge weight of the shoulders of the sole provider of our family!!!!!!) 

I am grateful for Snow Days and a chance to just laugh and have family time !

I am grateful that we laid  down rock salt and have a snow shovel on the front porch, ready to dig out…. 

I am grateful that before my female issue kicked in yesterday, that I was able to get in a full Fluidity workout and it felt wonderful!!!!

Well,  I posed for pictures on my way out to go grocery shopping on Sunday and didn’t peek at them after they were taken,  like I normally do….

So…. It was sunny and I was without my sunglasses,and posed super quick , squinting ….


I have always loved grey and purple together and it never ceases to disappoint me…

A definite Mom on the Go , casual weekend look….


After my sunny tree shots, I went to my other normal spot and thought, “Hey, I just won’t face the sun” , well that just results in dark images that no amount of editing can really fix…. 

Note to self, just run back in the house and get your sunglasses!!!!!!

Dear Readers,  Yesterday I got my hair cut and colored, but no pictures… It was a busy exciting day as we bought new couches for our den…. DH traveled to two different BJ’s to get two brown leather couches that have double recliners.  He was so excited about them and I love the comfort, just not the dark brown color… So I agreed to them on the condition that we paint the walls a lighter color and get lighter tables and you can see where this is going…. At least we already had a lighter rug!!!!

I will post pics of my new haircut tomorrow… If I can manage to get dressed and take photos before this crazy snow storm arrives today… The weather men have been going back and forth about how much we are going to get and it keeps going up… Right now I think they are saying 10 inches… This is A LOT for our area and I can’t imagine how many days our schools will be closed without the means to plow anything but the major roads and that takes them 48 hours… Well, I have plenty of firewood , groceries and new couches to recline in….


I am grateful for a wonderful hairstylist and our long history, knowing I will never be disappointed..

I am grateful to my kids for all helping me clean up and get ready for the new couches..

I am grateful to my daughter who helped me remove the old furniture , as my husband and son ran out to get the second couch in Hampton—25 munutes away by interstate…

I am grateful that my husband is feeling so good about his job and future that he felt inspired to want new coushes…

I am grateful for yet another Snow Day for my chidlren, cause I am not so fond of it myself! 

I am grateful for the love in my family and the laughter that is such a huge part of our home…

I am grateful that my 18 and 13 year old sons still see the fun in a huge cardboard box… which we will put up with for a few days for them to play in….

Saturday was a very busy day beginning with lunch with friends,  followed by a wue tasting and dinner with  my husband’s  new boss and  his wife.

Prior to heading out ,I posed for photos in high winds and was freezing, imagining  and feeling compassion for what real models go through….

Don’t forget It’s Visible Monday, so go check out some other wonderful bloggers!


I went for the three layered look again this time beginning with a blue t-shirt followed by a Leopard Ann Taylor cardigan.   The loepard has grey’s , black and a touch of blue .  Three layers was not enough for a trip to Waterman’s at the oceanfront , so I topped this off with my puffer coat!!!!


This was my quickest photo shoot to date with winds whipping at 25 miles per hour…

I wore the lace fedora the entire day,  inside and out, which made it easy for my husband to spot me in the crowd of wine tasters!   We are both tolerate wine and love the tasting process, but both agreed that none that we tried would have sparked us to buy a bottle…. I can honeslty say that I know that more expensive wines appeal more to me ,but that was not present of course for the masses at this event at our convention center.   It was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon and early evening on a cold January day!!! It was a great fun way to hang out with new people when I think 3 of us are more introverted (my husband is not at all!)  


For you my regular readers, this is my signarture sassy pose ,but not today!  This was an “I”m freezing, but have to do it”  pose….

I tried the 3 layer look for the first time last week or so Here  and liked it so much I was inspired to do this again today..I know those who live in colder temps probably think this is a no brainer and  have been doing so for years… but alas I am expereincing colder temperatures that I can ever recall …. even if we get cold days it doesn’t stick around… Remmeber we had highs in the mid 60’s then got 5 inches of snow in the same day!  I like that alll threee levels are seen and not hidden secrets in this formula and will definitely continue this in my rotation, 


I am so grateful for a fun lunch with friends that began as a trio and turned into both my husband and a friend’s mother joining us- the more the merrier! 

I am so grateful for my dearest freind and sharing her joy as her live moves in a positive direction after years of  stress.

I am so grateful for this friend who reminds me to be grateful!

I am grateful that my husband is working for such great people who are so excited to have him on board!  

I am grateful for weekends and time together as  husband and wife and as a family! 

I am grateful that my husbands schedule allows for more weekend time with us!!!

Today Would have Been a Great Day to Hibernate!  

We are not use to temps this cold…


I had to run to the grocery store, so used it as a great reason to debut my recently purchase poncho via Ebay…


Layering was the theme of the day, as I am wearing a long sleeved t-shirt under the white cable knit sweater and fleece leggings underneath my dark wash jeggings… For added warmth my Issac Mizraahi boots are fur lined and I chose the lace fedora and my Aigner leather gloves…


To further support the edgy vibe I addded my white sunglasses that I purchased last year on my Cayman Islands trip.


Happiness levels are very high with this outfit as it lifts my both my edgy and boho sides! 

I really love black and white outfits..

I have so many colored bottoms that are itchng to get paired with this poncho and I will most certainly indulge them…

Dear Readers, today my kids slept most of their second Snow Day, not getting up until after 2pm!  Tomorrow the schools are on a two hour delay… Since my son goes in two hours late half the school days , he won’t be going in until 10 am…. and has his final exam for  his semester class…. Friday was a scheduled day off for the kids to serve as a teacher only day at the end of the semester, so they’ve made up one of their snow days already…They are saying there is another snow storm heading our way possibly this weekend… this really isn’t good news for an area that doesn’t have the ability to plow anything other than the main streets….


I am grateful for Ebay and that someone no longer wanted this incredible poncho!  

I am grateful to have a fireplace and the fun we all share in building fires and keeping them going all day!

I am grateful that our grocery store got in more wood today, as they were out last night,….

I am grateful to my 18 year old son for braving the cold to take my photos today! 

I am grateful to my youngest for bringing me ice when I banged my knee (pretty hard, going over the gate that keeps the dog out of my kitchen ) on my husband’s weight stand….

Using Pinterest for Inspiration can be done in so many different ways and is only limited by our own  creativity…

I chose today’s inpiration purely for the color combo, not at all to try to mimic the outfit…

Mine was inspired on how to wear my purple boots  for our rare snow day! 


Hard to believe that the following Inspiration turned into this…. No real fashion for today as my job was keeping the fire going , making hot chocolate and helping to dress and adjust…


I might have to do this color combo justice and do it another time…

And now onto our Snow Day…


Connor pointing out the snow as it began… he was so excited he kept dressing and undressing going in and out all night , sometimes with his sibling other times all by himself until after 1 am. when I called it quits.


About midnight… That’s my favotite tree to pose with….


At 1 am coming down hard and three of my kids were out having fun…You can’t make it out but this is my daughter, Ashley, 22…


Nicholas, 18 with Connor, 13 waiting his turn…


Icicle swor fighting…




Snow Angel….

Dear Readers, We had a great Tuesday night and fun Snow Day on Wednesday!  Since we got snow in January the kids have high hopes that there could be another snow fall in February, as when we do get snow it’s traditionally in Feb.  I had a lot of fun watching my boys playing,but gotta say it really pulled at my heart strings. These boys have been so close, calling each other twons who were born at different times (4 1/2 years apart).  I know the loss for my youngest will be huge as Nicholas ventures off to college next year.   Can’t help tearing up thinking of this…


I am grateful for the unexpected January snow and the joy it brings my children!

( Note, no school again Thursday, as the cold temps all day and single digits overnight (crazy lows for our area!)  and lack of snow plows in our region means messy roads.)

I am grateful that my boys have been such great friends and really love each other.

I am grateful  for a toasty fire and hot chocolate!

I am grateful for Pizza Delivery and S’mores in the fireplace, at least for the kids, I refrained as I want to lose the holiday weight…..

I am grateful for a second Snow Day to look forward to.


I may have mentioned this before, but I really like Navy and Burgundy togehter and they always remind me of the Birthsones os myself, my mother and daughter…

Saphire is my Birthstone while my mother and daughter shared July b’days and Ruby birthstones…


I originally paired this with my burgundy moto jacket, and immediately felt like it’s my go to silhouette with dresses for winter, but today I just wasn’t feeling it…. I quickly decided to go for the cozy sweater instead.  I had bought this with the intention of pairing it with dresses…


As someone who like variety this satisifed my creative spirit…. I hope you aren’t getting sick of seeing this scarf, but I can’t help it I love it!!! Besdies that, this dress has a deep v-neck and this chunky scarf was neccessary coverage…


Facing the scale at WW was no fun…Having PMS and seeing the scale jump 3lbs ovenight didn’t help!!!!  I however am not a woman who sweats the small stuff, so after a momentary cringe, on to a fun day!   

Dear Readers,  I have 5lbs to lose to get back to where i was before the holiday gain and my goal weight!!!! I know myself and I am over recording what I eat each day.. I invested in a clicker tool from WW that allows me to set my points for the day and subtract them as I go… So much easier, while still keeping track.  That’s what it’s all about, surrounding myself with the right tools to conquer this maintenance thing…


I am grateful for my WW meeting and that I will have a tool that never ends, that as a Lifetime Member, the meetings are a tool to forecer keep me on track!

I am grateful for the group of fantastic fun people  in my meeting and WW Leader!

I am grateful for a beautiful 60 degree day before the rain and snow hit!

I am grateful that my son got his wish since September of a Snow Day, this last year of high school! 

We are bracing for another round of Cold Temperatures and an expected accumulation of 1-3 inches of Snow!

To us here in Virginia Beach, it’s not a yearly thing, so we look forward to ANY and the kids are desperately hoping for a SNOW DAY! 


I am so excited to wear my Cognac jacket that I picked up at Steinmart rigth before Christmas….This has been on my wish list since last year as I made the decision to try to get jackets to match each of my boot colors…This will go with both the riding boots pictured above and my cowboy styled ones, pictured here.


I love cognac with black and have seen that alot on Pinterest, but loving patterns in my outfits, I opted for my houndstooth skinny corduroys.   It definitely added that interest that I was hoping for in this look.  I also did a little trick here as my top is a v-neck t-shirt with a scarf to cover up the exposed decolletage.  


This jacket completes my desire to have one for every boot color!  I look forward to other ways to style this jacket. I love this color with green and navy, so those are certain to be one of my next options…

Dear Readers,  I am heading back to Weight Watchers after not going since right before Christmas… It’s time for me to face the music and be accountable for my holiday weight gain and lack of exercisze.  That is why I chose Weight Watachers as my tool for weight loss.  Accountability is the cornerstone of my success and I look forward to going and getting back on track with the wonderful, non judgemental support of those who face this same struggle. 


I am grateful that my daughter has made a decision to get herself out of a toxic work environment! 

I am grateful that I made plans today for a girls lunch on Saturday, with my best friend and our friend who moved to Florida last month….

I am grateful that my son was interested in trying a new homeschooling method of choosing one subject each day instead of doing a little of each. 

I am grateful that my oldesst’s choice to become a Pescatarian ( eats only fish as meat) and how it inspires me to come up with vegetarian dinners for us to try together.

I am grateful for the possiblity of snow accumulation and the excitement among my children! 

Angie at YOU LOOK FAB put together an outfit forumla to wear these three colors together, 

and here is my version

Linking up today with Monday Bloom


I have seen several Pinterest looks of layering two shirts or a shirt and cardigan under a jacket and have wanted to try the 3 layered look, and since I had  two shirts in the lilac color, I ventured forth.

I loved wearing the 3 layers and it was a windy and cold day which was perfect!  I would definitely attempt this 3 layered style again!  Can’t believe I coveted it so long and that it took me so long to do so…. As any true fashionista knows there are so many creative ways to put together outfits and not enough days in a season!!!!


I love that my two shirts played so well together and that the stipes addesd extra interest to the look.  If you are a regular reader, you notice I wear hats alot because I hate cold temps and they really help me feel warmer during photo shoots and it really is my real style as I never go out in winter without a hat….


There really is something about wearing heels that ups my mood and makes me feel Spunky!  I love riding boots a lot this season and my Mom on the Go looks, but it is nice to break out of the mold, especially for a movie date night….

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  My husband and I went to movies both Friday and Saturday night, seeing “American Hustle” , then “The Wolf of Wallstreet”.

 The Wolf of Wallstreet was excellent and hit very close to home for us.  You see my husband was a stock broker and the first company he worked for was much like  the firm depicted in the movie,  he, however ” did not drink the Kool-aid” and in fact gave evidence to the FBI and SEC after he recognized what was happening.  His firm changed their name several times, putting different people in charge and had 7 offices all doing the same stocks at the same time. My husband felt a huge responsibility to his clients and moved to a reputable firm and made all his clients whole.. With only one client not returning his calls, he still kept an eye on things and left him a message of when to sell out in time to make a profit…. He was young, in his mid 2o’s at the time and I was so proud of him and impressed with his integrity!  So, as someone who had a real experience like this movie, we were both very impressed with it and Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance was incredible!!!  He has really grown as an actor and really deserves the Best Actor nomination! 

Can’t help mentioning Matthew McConaughy’s appearance in this movie and how unsettiling it was to see him so thin and sickly looking.  He has been a favorite of mine and I cringed during his scenes.  I understand he did this to play and Aids patient in a movie, but the shock of how unhealthy he looked haunts me…


I am greatful to Angie at You Look Fab and the wonderful inspirations she takes so much time and detail in putting together.

I am grateful for  our movie nights and our chance to remember that time in our lives and how we stood strong in our morals and did what was right!

I am grateful that my husband is loving his job so much,  as he really thrives when in a position of making things flow in a company and promoting a positive workplace.

I am grateful to share my story , with you my dear Readers!!!!!   

Today was a very casual day , going for a walk with my daughter to the bank and grocery store….


I originally planned to wear this without a scarf, but the cold temps and a deeper v-neck top did not mix well together… I love happy accidents as this outfit is much better with the addition of the third brighter orange… This formula would work with my green scarf another day! 

I am glad that I invested in a few solid colored scarves this year, especially since they were a Black Friday special from JCP for just $6…


My daughter is not my normal photographer and had fun cracking me up to get what she called a genuine smile…She also noticed that as soon as I switched to this , my favorite “Sassy” pose that I lit up differently….


It was definitely a change and wintery temps today, so the puffer coat was perfect for our walk…I added a hat and gloves after the photos and realizing how cold it really was….

Dear Readers,  Ok, the anniversary is over and it is really time for me to kick it into gear and lose this excess 5lbs as these are my newest jeans and they were feeling snug!  Going into full exercize mode tomorrow with  the exercize trampoline for cardio, my fluidity bar for pilates type workout and 20lb weights for abs , arms and squats…

A great plan, lets see if I truly begin tomorrow!!!! Once I begin ,I go gangbusters. but sometimes it’s just starting that is harder…

Wishing you, my dear readers, a wonderful weekend filled with laughter, family and friends! 


I am grateful for time with my daughter, even if it meant a cold walk!!!!

I am grateful for the exercize equipment I own and not having to go out to a gym in winter weather.

I am grateful that I am in a no buying zone right now as, a lot of bloggers are posting tempting sales items.

I am grateful that my son is treated so well by my husband’s boss and even went out to lunch with him today( without his dad’s presence!)  

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