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I am still following along this final week of the GYPO Summer Style Challenge, 

but am going rogue, as I seem to do in the last week.  


The outfit of the day was suppose to include a white lace top and printed shorts.

Of course challengers that work always sub more appropriate work wear pieces. 

I was scheduled to lunch with a friend for day, and was dying to try my new Old Navy striped top for 

some pattern mixing with my funky print skirt, which I’ve had for several years. 

DSC_0409 (1)

I originally paired this with flat thong sandals, but wasn’t feeling spunky enough.

After watching these Vince Camuto version on HSN today,

I thought I’d try my Payless version I bought last year.Vince Camuto "Emmit" Slingback Leather Shootie  

These have the wonderful cone shape heel that I love from Franco Sarto.  

Vince Camuto "Ellezi" Laser-Cut Leather Sandal

This cutout version is so fun as well, and while you can’t tell this is called Peacoat ,

which in reality is a wonderful shade of Navy.  

Dear Readers, If you haven’t tried a cone shape heel, yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. Of course if you have feet issues you are lucky that today in style there are so many wonderful flats options.  

DSC_0416 (1)

It truly was helpful to my day to put a spring in my step and feel vibrant in the skit and shoe combo.  

A shame I missed the lunch due to not feeling well…


I am grateful for a sunny day , after several rainy -grey ones. 

I am grateful my daughter scheduled an appointment to go get the skin rash that she’s been fighting for a week looked at.

I am grateful that I decided to reschedule my lunch as I was seriously sleep deprived, with nausea and a headache, due to a panic attack call from my daughter at 5 am…

I am grateful that my husband had a break in the day and was able to run the van to Goodwill, after my closet purging these past few weeks since our Vegas trip. 

I am grateful that I stuck it out today without napping , with great hope that an early bedtime is in my future. 

I am grateful for the fun of the anticipation of the mail arrival of my son’s first performance bowling ball, as his dedication to taking private lessons has prepared him for.  


Easy dressing when in a hurry like I was today, 

Is as easy and finding a Black and White Print Dress, 

Adding a Color for accent and getting out the door…


All I see in this photo is my very pale legs and the recognition that 

I am not doing a very good job of keeping up with the faux tanning this season.

I love this black and white dress that I thrifted and have worn often because I can go classic without adding color or I can add a pop of every color in the rainbow and it’s a four season versatile piece.  

Worn here with flats, its a great Mom on the Go

Versatile Style by Tracey

Worn in winter with a moto jacket and heeled boots, 

It feels much more sasssy and special.  


I haven’t worn this dress enough and really want to go through my dresses and pair them down more,

so gems like this one get more use.  

If you are looking for short sleeve sweaters to add to your wardrobe,

Mine is a Denim & Co Essential and comes in 18 colors.

I’ve had mine for several years and they are all in great condition and hold up well. 


I am so grateful that my son’s bowling coaches agree that he is ready for his first performance ball and I ordered him it today.  This is the first sport he’s loved and worked so hard to learn.  He has learned how to hook the ball, now he just needs the ball to do the work for him!  

I am grateful that my husband and I are able to take him to private lessons and that he appreciates them and for the added bonus that bowling has given this child, which is better coordination!  

I am grateful for the fun I had with my son in the kitchen and his enthusiasm for cooking and wanting to do more and more!  

I am grateful that my youngest helped out by unloading the dishwasher the very first time I asked! 

I am grateful that my photo shoot went off today as the thunder and clouds were heading in , as we’ve been under storm watches all evening.  

I have this shrug in 3 colors and I’ve had them for several years…

I never tire of them…


Since I love prints so much, wearing two solid pieces together often feels like it’s missing something. 

This wonderful shrug solves the problem because it adds in the element of texture.  

Slinky Brand via  HSN  is where I got them and while this bright version and style isn’t currently available,

they have a version in pastels you can find Here and a lace option Here


I even kept the necklace the same pink color to add another element of texture.  

I bought this one from Steinmart years ago and highly recommend

that store for great jewelry at decent prices. 


Due to this crazy early heat this year, I’ve found myself turning to the wonders of 

linen bottoms.  

These are from , Old Navy  and Chadwick’s as well. 

Dear Readers, What Items are you loving for the season?  


I am grateful that melatonin has given me two decent nights rest.  Last night we had crazy storms and I didn’t fall asleep until after 4 am.. but I slept late, so it all worked out well!  

I am grateful for my friend for texting and asking us to join her for an impromptu bowling get together. 

I am grateful that today we made plans to get out more, as I had been doing a lot of closet and cabinet purging and not going anywhere much since returning from Vegas… Of course my lack of sleep lead to some of that as well. 

I am grateful that plane tickets are purchased and my two boys are heading to Boston for July 4th to visit their sister, as my youngest has been wanting a vacation with them and my daughter’s birthday is July 5th!  

I swear my favorite article of clothing is a maxi dress or skirt…

It is so funny that a few years back I steered clear of them due to my petite height. 

I could live all Summer in them!  


This pink one I bought last season on Beyond the Rack which is now Choxi.

I was pleasantly surprise that it was a Cato brand from that site.


I bought this yellow Joan Rivers Jacket from Ebay 

as a reaction to her death and have been chomping at the bit 

to wear it with this pink, purple , yellow and orange floral maxi.  


Not the best photo, but my silly photographer came outside with no shoes

and his feet were burning on the concrete… 

I loved how this outfit came together and felt so wonderful in it… 

Can a wear a maxi everyday, please?  


I am grateful for several phone calls from my daughter who is back in Boston.  I miss her terribly! 

I am grateful that my youngest opened up to me about how hard it’s been without his XBox (it broke) to communicate with his homeschooling group.  He’ll have a new one shortly! 

I am grateful for Parents Night out and all the wonderful information on new curriculum ideas. 

I am grateful for the wonderful friendships and how caring this group of mother’s are for each other. 

I am grateful that we made plans to bowl together soon and booked our next Parent’s Night Out! 

As a woman of 5’3″ I have to have a few styling tricks in my arsenal.  

Today I had the use for one, as this Kate & Mallory Maxi is the longest one I have. 

In fact even with 4″ wedges I found myself tripping on it when I walked…

DSC_0359 (1)

I didn’t get the best photos before our Father’s Day Dinner and Movie…

My trick was to use a rubber band underneath the fabric at the empire waist line by gathering about 2 inches.

With the rubber band underneath against me skin there is no one who has to know the secret!  


Still not the best picture but you can clearly see that my feet are visible when before they were not.  

My husband is wearing the new olive shirt I bought him at Burlington and the new Izod light gray shorts from BJ’s. 

I have not ever been able to convince him to wear leather boat shoes for summer , so he has a few pairs of sneakers and this lighter creme pair with brown stripes are at least fashionable.  


I am grateful for knowing this rubber band trick and quickly being able to solve the issue of the too long dress. I’ve used in on shirts and am so happy that I now have a new way to use it…

I am grateful for my four awesome children and how amazingly perceptive and wise they all are. In conversations with them and hearing the now adults take on things, I am so impressed with them all! 

I am grateful for a day off as my insomnia reached “hell” levels and I took the day to just head back to bed and slept from noon till 4pm!  

I am grateful for a day to celebrate the father’s in my life and that over the years the pain of my father passing when I was just 13 has faded and I can fully embrace the day without sadness.

I don’t normally shop at Cato…

However my daughter does and when she was looking for items 

I happened to see this lovely sweater on clearance for just $7.99


I am also sporting new linen bottoms you can find here from

Wearing a size 8 these days, I ordered these pants in a medium and they fit tighter than I would like.  


I love this sweater and am excited to have mint jeans and blue bottoms to pair this with as well as red-orange jeans and of course white, so I know this will go well into fall.  

I may even style it with a long sleeve top underneath to extend it’s usefulness 


If you notice, I am holding my Isaac Mizrahi  Wallet that actually has a pocket 

that fits my Sony Experia Z3V phone.

I went rogue today for the GYPO challenge which was to pair a bright shorts or bottom with a white lace top. I couldn’t wait to wear my new sweater as it came in before the challenge started and it’s a 3 week challenge.  

Dear Readers if you haven’t checked out Catos , I highly recommend their clearance section where my daughter has snagged some great deals.   


I am grateful that my son headed to near Washington DC today to meet up with some of his college friends for a fun day! 

I am grateful for a day with just my youngest, I think we both have missed our time with the kids coming home from college.  

I am grateful for a nice conversation with my daughter who is back in Boston and was heading out to her apartment pool for the day. (she’s an introvert , so this is a good thing)

I am grateful that my daughter chose the internship that would best prepare her for her PHD despite really wanting the other one she was offered. 

I am grateful for a nice walk today with my youngest  to Burlington, where I scored some Father’s Day presents and then we stopped by Zeroes sub shop for dinner. 

I am grateful that my husband had an early day and a successful one! 

Kimonos are so big this Season,

but I’ve been Rocking them for quite a few years now and will probably do so even 

when the trend has faded….

They are a wonderful completer piece for Spring/Summer


I’ve had this kimono for several years and my love for it is still going strong. 

I bought it from Steinmart because of all the different colors that would make it very versatile

Kimonos seemed to stir up the most angst among the GYPO Summer Style Challenge participants.

It was nice to see so many embrace the trend despite misgivings and end up loving it…


Nothing touched my heart more than when one of my regular readers 

sent me a picture of herself in a kimono , recently!  


Still can’t believe I am wearing more shorts this year.

These are 7 inch rise from Old Navy and I love them with the Clark’s Wedges,

The addition of the wedges helps my curvy petite figure.  

A lot of the challengers had great luck with finding Kimonos at Maurices

Check out this how this wonderful blogger styles a kimono for the 50’s , 60’s and 70’s woman! 


Dear Readers , you know I love completer pieces and along with kimonos, short sleeve cardigans, and shrugs, that I also love vests for Summer over tank tops and I bought a new one.

I loved this one by Liz Claiborne NY via QVC

Liz Claiborne New York Snap Front Vest with Eyelet Details

The extra eyelet detail really sold me , as any extra feminine touch suits my style!  

This is going to be fabulous for Fall/Winter as well…


I am grateful for my knee feeling much better today! 

I am grateful that my sons woke up and got to my youngest’s private bowling lesson today, because this insomniac was still asleep!  

I am grateful that my daughter made it back to Boston and that I touched base with her last night…. she found that a mouse had gotten into all her food upon her return. The roommates had the exterminator come that day, so let’s hope this situation ends soon..

I am grateful that Saturday night we begin our fun Summer bowling league!  

I am grateful that both my son and husband are being such troopers as they deal with poison ivy outbreak after their yard work this weekend…




Rocking my Neil Diamond concert tee and the bling Aerosoles 

I bought while in Vegas..

And let’s not forget that Charming Charlies hat I picked up in Vegas…


I was hoping the faceted silver studding of the “Diamond Girl” would show up, 

but trust me it’s a wonderful bling tee…


I don’t think these Chadwick’s Linen shorts are the most flattering, 

but have to say, they are the most comfortable!   

I bought lavender ones last year and went back this year for the orange shade…


My yellow purse is the one thing I bought for the challenge, as I had a crossbody style in yellow, but this is more versatile and a sunnier yellow!  

It’s this one from Amazon and comes in other colors…

Dear Readers, the GYPO challenge even stretched this blogger…. On my own I would have paired this outfit with my red-orange Dooney and Bourke purse to play off the orange….Adding in a third color is a hard thing for me and my matchy tendency… I like that even a confident person who loves color can learn something from this challenge…

Dear Readers, How confident are you when it comes to mixing colors????


I am grateful my oldest came to visit today, this last day with my daughter and he brought his new bird and she was so sweet… he moved out a year ago and has now invested in two birds that have long lives of about 30 years… He swears this is it…

I am grateful for this last day with my daughter and the fun chatter as we all hung out together.

I am grateful that my husband surprised us by coming home and had a huge break in his day to spend with us! 

I am grateful that my knee is feeling much better today!  

I am grateful for AC and will keep repeating this as I cannot take it for granted on this 101 degree record breaking day! 

Today is the first day of the GYPO Sumer Style Challenge

and when we got the first outfit e-mailed last night I was so excited.

I had actually bought a pair of print shorts and was so ready to rock them, 

despite my not loving shorts….


After trying them on and not being able to wear the wedges, due to my knee being sore,

I switched out for a print skirt instead…

This is a fun Navy and creme patterned Loft skirt that I thrifted. 

The purple top is one I scored from 

I added a scarf tied to my waist, but not sure I am loving it in pictures…

I swear it looked better in the mirror…


I love pairing Navy with purple and had fun adding my hat and purse into the mix…

I bought this fun hat from Walmart and haven’t worn in nearly enough in past seasons.

Perhaps this season that will change as bigger brimmed hats are on trend, and what the heck we are having extremely hot temperatures…

DSC_0306Tomorrow we are expecting 100 which is rare, but in June, even crazier!  

Now I must add that all I can notice is that I didn’t keep up with my false tanning this weekend! 

Dear Readers, I can’t say how glad I am that this Summer Challenge is starting because I am experiencing my first ever fashion depression… I think skipping over Spring and these hot temps are making it hard to feel creative.  

How are temps in your region?  

Were you lucky enough to have a Spring?


I am grateful that my knee felt better today, but still I wore a brace except for my photos…

I am grateful that I am having so much fun seeing what all the other challengers are wearing and our shared experience of support on the private Facebook page.  

I am grateful for a very low key relaxing Monday! 

I am grateful that I was surprised to see that my husband’s check was bigger than he had told me, I can not say enough how grateful I am that this job is going so well and giving us what we need to help our kids through college…

I am grateful to my son’s for helping with some chores for the day to allow me to take it easy for my knee, I rewarded them with pizza delivery! 

If you are a regular reader of mine, I have often felt bad that some items that I have worn are things I bought on clearance or have had for awhile and can’t show you where to get for yourself…

So, when my Chadwick’s and Metrostyle Catologs came in the other day, 

I saw an opportunity to have some fun with that…

Zebra with Teal Skinnies/ Over 40 petite blogger/ Weight Watcher/

This zebra jacket is so dear to me and I’ve worn it quite often, 

while mine is jean jacket style…

Animal Print Jacket

Like mine,  this is by Metrostyle

and it comes in leopard print as well! 

Passionate for Pink Dresses and Skirts Over 40 Petite Blogger

I have this Chadwick’s dress in this color

, cobalt and black and I’ve worn them so much!  

Ruched Short Sleeve Knit A-line Dress

This one is similar with the perfect empire waistline ,as well.

It comes in 3 colors, not as vibrant as mine, but still fabulous! 

Shirred-front Dress

Here is another option in vibrant color that is on sale for just $26.99

IMG_3970I bought this maxi skirt this season, but have to say if I hadn’t 

Oversized Flower Maxi Dress

This would be a great option…

Gingham Shirtdress - Stretch Cotton Dress | Chadwicks of Boston

I bought this dress in a mint color earlier in the season

as the gingham trend is going strong…

Versatile Jean Jacket

I added a few colored jean jackets this season, 

not from these sites, but these are fun options with even a floral one…

Floral Print Skinny Belt | Chadwicks of Boston

And I couldn’t help sharing these floral belts for just $11.99 


I love linen pants….

Here is a link to their options for this season. 

Perfect Fit Poplin Shirt

I love this vibrant print poplin top in stretch cotton. 

Dear Readers there are really so many lovely items in these two catalogs and I want you to remember that I make no money from blogging and only pass this info on as I love their clothes and want to share them in case they are something that appeal to you.  

I highly recommend you check out both sites for other options! 


I am grateful that the long awaited beginning of the GYPO Summer Style Challenge will start tomorrow (Monday, as I am writing this Sunday night)  I will receive the e-mail with the first outfit inspiration in just one hour…

I am grateful to my husband and kids who all worked so hard doing some much needed yardwork in our overgrown backyard!  

I am grateful to my daughter for all her help in my whole house purging and am sure going to miss her as I continue on my own while she heads back to Boston College for a Summer class. 

I am grateful that my daughter will be returning in August as it makes it easier to say goodbye this time. 

I am grateful for watermelon, after reading about a group  that was stuck in a dome for 8 months to study what it would do to be confined like that for Mars research.  They mentioned that after eating freeze dried foods that they wanted watermelon, something I take for granted…

I am grateful for AC in these extremely hot days as I know there are those less fortunate.  


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