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I am so lucky to have found, not just the best WW Leader Melissa, but a fantastic group of members.  We all have so much fun and laugh at our meetings.  It got me to thinking about Randy Pausch and the Last Lecture… ( A college professor who after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, delivered his last lecture at Carnegie Melon as a legacy to his young children)  He talks about being a Tigger or an Eeyore and striving to be a Tigger..  I think what makes my meeting so great is that there are a lot of  Tigger’s  in my meeting…


Randy moved close to me in  Chesapeake, VA to have his last special months with his family and he became a huge celebrity.  He was very vocal in pleading with the public not to reveal his condition around his young children,  as professionals had all cautioned to let them have their childhood until he became too sick to hide it any more.  I loved that there was so much compassion and his children’s welfare was respected.  I will never forget him and his Tigger/Eeyore reference.   He wrote a book and as an avid reader I can’t believe I am saying this but, I recommend highly watching the DVD instead…


I love my green bubble necklace and look forward to wearing it more this Spring/Summer!

As for my Weigh in, I lost 1.8 pounds.  This all happened in the last two days, when I exercised by doing the fluidity ballet bar, Yoga and stretching,but didn’t pick up weights or resistance bands.   So maybe I will try that again this week!  Exercise witht the weights for 5 days then two days before weigh in stop.   I don’t like that idea because I love feeling the weights in my hand and how strong it makes me feel… If I maintain the weight loss and can loss a pound or more each week this way, then maybe I have found the magic formula.. wish me luck in this experiment! 


This isn’t what I wore to my meeting,but I didn’t feel like taking photos today, so used pictures I had in reserve.  The top, vest and shoes are all thrifted pieces.   It’s funny how some days I have no thrifted items and others I group together…

Dear Readers, Did you see The Last Lecture?   If so, what made the biggest impression on you?  Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore?  Do you see others in your life as one or the other?  If you haven’t done this before, it’s an interesting thing to ask as you go about your day, ” Is he or she a Tigger or an Eeyore? ”  or “Am I being a Tigger or an Eeyore today?”   I believe self evaluation is a good thing to embrace and leads to a  healthy mind ! Remember I subscribe to this journey being one of Mind, Body & Spirit!  

Gratitude:  I am grateful for such a wonderful WW meeting and the opportunity to connect with a group of wonderful people!  I am grateful that my husband works so hard for our family(he had a crazy late night and was back up after only 4hours of sleep for a meeting).   I am grateful to my 17 year old for his thoughtful gesture that made my husband feel loved and appreciated ( My husband always drops a few pieces of candy into my son’s lunch.  This morning when he left for school he unlocked my husband’s vehicle and put candy and a note on his steering wheel, telling him to have a great day).   I am grateful for another thrifting adventure with a dear friend.  

Tuesday’s Food Choices

Breakfast:  Protein Bar & Banana -4pts 

Lunch:  celery & laughing cow cheese & sunflower seeds -7pts

Dinner- My Dad’s recipe for stuffed burger with stuffing and brown gravy (the ultimate comfort food)  10 pts 

This recipe is my 17 year old’s favorite & I just feel like making it for him (since he keeps asking) , to thank him for his incredible gesture to his father today…

Snack:   sunflower seeds

It’s hard enough to go from a relaxed weekend,  to homeschooling mother without the added gray skies and rain peering through the windows.  It always makes me feel blah and lacking in energy.   I did have an errand to run, so  managed to get myself together despite really wanting to curl up on the couch under a blanket in my pj’s with a steaming cup of tea..


Wearing my newly thrifted sweater with a Will Smith  top that I bought at TJ Maxx ages ago.  Of course I managed to get dressed for my errands, but loved that I have new glasses and could be lazy about not putting in contacts…


Had to walk through the mud before taking these photos, hence my booties..

I was thinking after yesterday’s post on my lack of weight loss during strength training and decided that next week I am going to try to eat mostly protein for the next few weeks…  Went shopping and bought fresh fruits and vegetables that need to be used this week. 

Gratitude:  I am grateful that despite my blah mood today, that Connor cooperated and worked hard on the writing unit and reading we did today!  I am grateful that Connor also helped do chores of taking out trash and unloading dishwasher with a good spirit(he was stalling starting homeschooling but doesn’t know I was onto him! )   I am grateful that the rain stopped and I was able to take photos! I am grateful for phone conversation with my daughter as she is so stress free and she  also told Connor she had 2oo pages to read tonight, so he knows I am not making up how important reading is in his college future…

Monday’s Food Choices

Breakfast– cleaned up and ate at 11am.. by then just grabbed a protein bar, banana & 1% milk-  7pts

Lunch- 2 celery stalks and  2 laughing cow cheese wedges ( a new favorite!) and an apple- 3 pts

Dinner– Quino, brown rice with mushrooms and onions and salad greens with feta & Ital dressing- 10 pts

Heading out to my WW Meeting this morning, so come back tomorrow and see how I did??

The past two weeks I have committed myself to a really strong exercise program.  I have  a four  way approach.  I begin each day with a good 20 minute stretching routine.  When working muscles as hard as I have been this truly makes all the difference.  When I start the day off like this my muscles feel great and are ready to workout by the end of the day.. I also do these stretches before bed at night since I exercise late night.  Hey, gotta do it when it works for your lifestyle… As a homeschooling mother after the kids are in bed is what works for me!

Linking up today with Visible Monday and Watch What I’m Wearing 


I begin my workouts with my fluidity ballet bar 30 minute workout.  The best description I can think of is that it is a combination of Yoga and Pilates.  It works my entire body and other than water aerobics, is my all time favorite program that I have ever tried.  Small movements create maximum effects!


I take a five minute water break and then pick up my 8lb weights and do every exercise for arms and shoulders that I could think of.  I follow that up with some moves from Melt it off with Mitch where you hold the weights out in front of you and swing them back and forth, high and low.  This does incredible for the abs.  I also do up and down with the weights next to my sides for oblique work.  This is followed by squats, as many as I can muster… Right now 30-40 and I do two sets of these, second one right before finishing with the weights.  My last thing for weights is stomach crunches on edge of couch using arms with weights as well.  i do crunches, flutter kicks and open and closing of legs all with weights in my hands.  If  I was braver I would make a video of this, but not that brave!


Finally, I mix Yoga poses throughout my day.  There are so many opportunities to hold a tree or warrior pose for a few minutes.   Waiting in the kitchen for my water to heat up for tea and for the tea to steep is just one example.   If working with homeschooling is stressing, he goes on the trampoline and I do Yoga.   Just fitting it in several times a day.  If I feel like I want more after the weight workout, I frequently have a water break and do a few yoga posses..


 Dear Readers,  The hardest part about this routine is stepping on the scale and seeing either a gain or staying the same.  I know this is normal and I am committing myself to 6 weeks of this strength training  and will then switch to cardio and eventually a mix of 3 days of each… I love how strong I am feeling and my muscles crave the next workout.  Remember for me this isn’t about weight loss it’s about health.  I began this journey as I was pre-diabetic.  I may have been thin for the majority of my life, but I have never eaten or exercised for health!   Dear Reader, How do you fit in exercise?  Do you prefer cardio or strength training? Have you found something you feel excited about like Zumba ?  Would love to hear your thoughts!  

Special Note:  My youngest, Connor, newly 13 took my photos today.  On some days he just points and shoots wanting to get it over with.  Other days, he suggests poses or tells me to pick my chin up or down… This time he told me to stand still and took the first photo shown, then moved to my side to take the next shot!  Pretty creative!  My outfit is simple, my Diane Gilman purple leopard jeans, sweater from Walmart (on clearance last year for just $3),  shoes thrifted and purse from Avon last year…

Sunday’s Food Choices

Breakfast- Strawberry & Banana smoothie w/yogurt & flaxseed meal  (6pt breakfast)

Lunch– 2 laughing cow cheese lt. swiss wedges spread on 2 Celery & Apple  ( 3pt lunch)

Snack-yogurt (4pt snack)

Dinner– Quino & brown rice & mushrooms and onions   & mixed salad greens with feta & lt Ital dressing   (10pt dinner)

I’ve been loving the trend of wearing different shades of white and cream together and loved the idea of pairing my moto jacket with white skinny jeans… After all my moto is going to disappear once hot humid summers hit.  


I have been wearing contacts for a few years now and haven’t wanted new glasses… Sinus issues for Spring prompted me to want some days without contacts… When I worked I wore my glasses all the time.  I must say it is taking some getting use to seeing myself in glasses again…


These white skinny’s are thrifted by Cabi Jeans and I am very impressed with them… When I looked them up I found that this brand is sold via parties much like Tupperware .   Pointed toed slingbacks and ruffled animal print shirt really give this outfit the feminine touches I love to mix with the moto jackets.   I wasn’t sure about the snakeskin purse with what is a loosely done leopard print top mixed with florals, but seeing it in pictures, I am pleased with this choice…

Dear Readers, Have you tried mixing shades of white yet?  I hope you all have an amazing weekend filled with family, friends, laughter and fun!  All comments are appreciated and welcomed!  

Gratitufe:  I am grateful for a wonderful lunch with two dear friends that lasted 5 hours!   I am grateful that we made plans to see each other again in two weeks.   I am grateful that  I came home and took a nap!   I am grateful to my youngest for unloading the dishwasher while I was out to lunch.  I am grateful that my seventeen year old is challenging himself  in signing up for his senior year classes and in particular his Dual enrollment English class with Tidewater Community College.  I am grateful that I found the energy to workout after my nap!

Friday’s Food Choices

Breakfast- Protein bar and 1%milk

Lunch- Salad greens with turkey & Italian dressing (Jason’s Deli salad bar)

Dinner- Just a banana & Peanut butter when I woke up 

This post was written at 2 a. m… that nap was from 8pm to 11pm… tired now though and going to bed!

Today’s Lucky Finds are a combination of things bought at retail , online , Ebay and thrifting…


Beginning with these Liz Cliaborne slim pants purchased via JC Penney.  I have been mourning the loss of yellow shorts and skirt that I had last year that no longer fit me due to the weight loss.


Loft dress via Ebay- I have the perfect green sweater and slingbacks to go with this dress in the color of the season!


Love this color and the slimming effect from the middle panel in this top found at BJ’s for just $12.99.  The sides are knit for a perfect fit to your body!!!


Also found at BJ’s for just $19.99 and what I plan to wear for my daughter’s college graduation next weekend!


Aerosoles ballet flats to replace my current metallics that are several years old..


Also Aerosoles this time floral wedges!


Thrifted cable knit sweater by Merona via Goodwill


Also by Merona and thrifted at Goodwill


Summer hat via Goodwill and Yellow scarf found at BJ’s


Yellow purse I’ve been searching for and finally  found at Goodwill

Dear Readers, I am pretty set for Spring with these purchases, but still need to fill in some holes with a few pairs of Bermuda shorts… Are there any holes you need to fill for the warmer seasons?  Come back tomorrow to see pictures of me in my new eyewear.  I have both glasses and prescription sunglasses to debut!  

Gratitude:  I am grateful to have new glasses as I have been wearing contacts a lot ,but some days when it’s sinus season (like now) I’d prefer  glasses… I am grateful that Connor finally wrote his ten sentences today, once I bribed him with Peanut M& M ‘s.. I am grateful that Tom had a short break today and came home and did a few more tiles in the bathroom…I am grateful for a lunch that I will be having today with dear friends… 

Thursday’s Food Choices

Breakfast– Tropical Fruit Smoothie w/ yogurt & flax seed

Lunch-  1 slice WhiteWheat Bread, Peanut butter, bannana 

Dinner– Baked potato w/ cheddar cheese

Today (Wednesday),  a warm front moved in and brought high’s of 78 degrees! It’s only lasting one day and back to the 50’s again…  I woke up to a friend texting me to go thrifting and jumped out of bed and put this together!  

Linking up today with The Tiny Heart – petite fashion blog


I knew I was going to take advantage of the warmth by wearing a skirt….  This  thrifted jean skirt is  one I wore winterized before with burgundy moto jacket and boots…


This shirt was purchased last year via Chadwicks and I loved it so much I purchased it in a cobalt blue as well…

I love the rosette detailing. 


Wednesday at Salvation Army is half off clothing day, so we headed there today instead of our typical Tuesday’s at Goodwill.. We both missed the WW meeting so made up for our weekly thrifting trip today!  I already have this week’s Lucky find post together, so next week will show my score!  

Dear Readers, I hope you are having a great week.. I picked up my new glasses after thrifting… I will feature them sometime next week…I have to get use to myself in glasses again as I have been wearing contacts these days….All comments are welcomed and appreciated.. I truly love hearing from my dear readers!  

Gratitude:  I am grateful for my thrifting trip today… I am grateful that my husband was home while I went out and helped Connor do the homeschooking assignment I had left for him.  I am grateful that Friday two dear friends I haven’t seen in awhile are joining me for lunch.  I am grateful for a wonderful phone conversation with my daughter and am so looking forward to her graduation Mother’s Day weekend!!! 

Wednesday’s Food Choices

Breakfast– whipped up a Tropical Fruit smoothie to go thrifting

Lunch–  Banana & PB   and Yogurt w/ green tea

Dinner– Stuffed Chicken breast w/ fresh  spinach, feta and Ital seasoning (YUUUM!)

Snack;  Grapes and Newton Thins

As I sit writing this post, I am using my new LG Lucid2 cell phone, my first smartphone… I know I am a little late to the party…I am listening to music I have downloaded specifically Bon Jovi’s “Have a NiceDay”….   


The song epitomizes my attitude towards these cold temperatures threatening to ruin Spring… So I answer back with brights,  Green and Pink!!!  These colors remind me of Izod and the preppy vibe!  


The stripes on this jacket look strange in the pictures, but this close-up shows them nicely..  This jacket is from Chadwicks and like most purchases was a clearance buy last year in preparation for my weight loss. The necklace is glass beads that I purchased last year at Steinmart.   My pink sunglasses were purchased on my Grand Cayman Vacation in February and answer my desire to embrace the statement sunglasses trend for Spring and Summer.   Would love a pair in turquoise in the future…


I so love my pink ballet flats by Aerosoles and the added femininity of the flower…I believe I achieved my goal to say “Have a Nice Day” to the cold temperatures and embrace the vibe of Spring! Can you believe we are getting one day near 80 degrees on Wednesday, then back to the 50’s on Thursday?????


I missed my Weight Watcher meeting today… Quite frankly I needed sleep more than I needed to weigh in… I have been working out hard and dealing with some stress and succeeded in making up for the much needed rest.. I didn’t wake up until almost 11am!!!  

Dear Readers, I hope you are all having a great week and thanks for stopping by!  I hope to have brightened your day! Do you ever use  music or fashion to brighten your day?  For me there is nothing better than  an impulsive solitary dance party or great colors in fashion to answer back to life’s stresses.  

Gratitude:  I am grateful to have my new smartphone and the fun I am having finding music that has meant so much to my life.  I am grateful that long ago I embraced the philosophy of  “putting my own oxygen mask on first”   and  that I chose sleep over my WW meeting today…  I am grateful to my husband for working so hard to get the bathroom finished before our daughter comes home.  

Tuesday’s Food Choices

Breakfast– Protein Bar and 1% milk

Lunch- laughing cow cheese & grapes ( more like a late afternoon snack with my sleeping in…) 

Dinner:  Chicken w/ sauteeed Onions and zuchini baked with cherry tomaotes, olive oil, ital seasoning & mozz cheese 

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