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I love the color Navy and  pairing it with both yellow and orange….

I love even more that I can make this color combo work for these crazy cold winter temps..


I wore this outfit to the bank and thoroughly enjoyed the look of approval from the cashier and the compliment she gave me.  


This recently purchased scarf from F21 is fast becoming a favorite.  I haven’t been big on infinity scarves before, but am now completely sold on them as long as they are this heavy sweater knit material.


I really like this combo and this is the second time I’ve worn it , although last time I wore a solid top , not the striped version and I have to say I like this one better.  


Dear Readers, I hope you found this color combo inspiring and appropriate for colder seasons.  

After steering clear of my husband’s cold all last week, I finally succumbed on Sunday and slept only due to good old Nyquil.  I also took two naps… Monday was a little better, but feeling sore muscles and body aches and very tired. If I am not up to it tomorrow, this may be my last post for the week.   

Happy Thanksgiving! 


I am grateful that when my son’s car broke down on the interstate, that my husband and 18 year old son rushed to his aid.  

I am grateful for the fun I had with the tow truck driver who said I didn’t look old enough to have a son who could drive and his shock when I mentioned a 27year old and my age of 48…He left saying, ” keep doing whatever you are doing because it’s obviously working for you!”

I am grateful that I have taught my kids all how to cook and on days like this I don’t have to worry and can go to bed if I feel the need.

I am grateful that my husband is looking forward to this first week after training at his new job.

I am grateful for Nyquil and how well it helps me to sleep,which I am taking right now and posting this tonight instead of the morning cause I hope to sleep in late! 


I love the look of coated jeans and  last year, kept dreaming of owning a pair.

The expense and being on a weight loss journey prevented me from indulging, but when I found them over the summer at a super cleaarence price I scored these leather looking skinnies!

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I paired them with my thrifted purple poncho , cashmere sweater and pointed toe sueded pumps! 

This look cost me a total of about $30 , not including the bracelets and necklace. 


Not the best pictures since they were taken at night, but I was very happy to finally rock these coated jeans. 

I was even happier at the fit, as I purchased them when I was 5lbs heavier and hadn’t tried them on since then. 

Now if I can only hold onto this weight loss and not gain any this week…


This houndtooth jacket was purchased last year from Burlington Coat Factory and is a favorite, as it is heavy and warm and even has a hood, which I used last night when the winds were whipping up after our movie. 

Dear Readers, I was so happy to finally wear these and really love them paired with the loose purple poncho. I wonder what else I can pair with them in the future.  I don’t own a lot of looser tops that would be appropriate as my new weight loss wardrobe concentrated on showing my new body shape.  

Have you tried leather looking bottoms , yet?  Do you intend to or is this a trend you are steering clear of?


I am grateful for a movie night and a chance to laugh as Tom  finieshed his training for the new job and the anticpation of next week when he begins the job full force.

I am grateful that my daughter came to me and discussed a struggle she is having and gave me the chance to comfort her, not something she does often as she is pretty self reliant.

I am grateful for the suppport of those who understand this shift in our lives and how important time is with our children before they spread their wings next year and go off to college and graduate schools.

I am grateful for a Sunday nap, as myhusband is getting better and I am now getting sick.

I am grateful that my dear husband made dinner

There is so much plaid being seen this season

and the easiest way to incorporate it is through a scarf! 

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My facial expressions are not the norm here as it was hard to pose with roofers

next door watching me and thinking their funny by making comments!


I found this plaid scarf on Ebay

The green paisley skinny cords are identical to the burgundy ones I  showed yesterday. 

The jacket, top , boots and purse are all from last season. 


I’ve quite often paired brown and green together,but this scarf really changes this color combo !

My husband said he liked how I could take those colors and look like Christmas with the addition of the scarf.


These boots I picked up from BJ’s last year really are the perfect Mom on the Go boots.

Dear Readers, I was delighted when I put these pants on , as the first thing I noticed was that they weren’t as tight as the last time I had worn them.  That makes sense, since I have lost five pounds since then!  I am so counting the days unitl I earn my Weight Watcher Lifetime status and reveal to you my Before and After photos.  Just two more weeks….


I am grateful that the meds we pumped into my husband helped him to feel better, as he is fighting off a cold, not good when starting a new venture! 

I am grateful that my husband’s day didn’t start until noon today, allowing time for the meds to get in his system.

I am grateful that my husband will no longer be outside in rain and cold at night with lights strapped to his head and “Hot Hands” to help keep him warm, 

I am grateful for my now 18 year old son, who placed treats for his Dad in the front seat of his van for him to find this morning.  (My husband began doing this for our kids many years ago and he loves to reciprocate and always leaves a very creatively drawn message for his father) 

I am grateful that my husband has reinstated a much forgotten tradition of reading books to all of us at night. Frist book up is “Enders Game”   (I’d almost forgotten this , but he didn’t , the first of many advantages to his new venture!)

Loving that we are getting cooler temps and I can start really wearing my scarves more!

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These are my newest boots and their debut! 

Fall Outfit.  Chambray shirt, purple cords

My inspiration is from Dancing with Ashley


Hey, I wore burgundy without pairing it with Grey!!!  I love these stretch paisley cords and am so glad I risked ordering them in the middle of summer on clearance for just $8.00.  It is so risky to buy pants without trying them on,  but online reviews said they ran small, so I sized up and they are a great fit! 


I had a very busy day that included a full hour walk , which was a fantastic way to start the day. 

Going to lunch with a friend did great things for my spirit as well!  

My hair definitely shows my hour walk on a cold breezy morning! 

Dear Readers, I am going to share with you my little secret to this outfit. Wearing just a blouse in these cold temps doesn’t work well for me, so I am wearing a long sleeve top with wicking features which is perfect to keep me warm, but also handle my hot flashes!  

Speaking of hot flasshes, the Hawthorne berries supplement is helping  tremendously!


I am grateful for my walk this morning as I prepare to take on the Thanksgiving Holiday without going over my goal weight.   

I am grateful for time with friends , especially on hump day!

I am grateful that my husband is gettting more excited as he gets into his new venture!

I am grateful that my daughter is giving the dog a bath and has taken over his care since she has been home. 

I am grateful that the loss I was feeling over not seeing the people at his previous job, subsided some today!

We had a great WW meeting today, looking forward to Thanksgiving! 

We did an exercise where we chose what to put on our plate and how many points each food item would be.

Mine came out to 27 pts, about what I am suppose to eat for an Entire Day.  


According to WW pumpkin pie was 14 pts!!! 

As a Weight Watcher one day is not going to mess us up as we have extra weekly points available and we can counter it with low points the day before  or after.  This is what I love about WW, that we look at real life issues regarding eating.


I put this outfit on today and looked at my husband and said,

A leather jacket, boots and animal print, I am bad a**!”  


I lost almost a pound this week and was happy, especially  with our celebrating my son’s 18th b’day on Sunday at Dave & Busters. 

I also realized that I planned poorly and must not gain any weight back over Thanksgiving because the following Tuesday I will have completed my  6 weeks of maintenance and become a Lifetime Member of WW.  

No Pressure There 

That means just two weeks for my Before and After Post on my Weight Loss! 

Dear Readers, I went thrifting after my meeting and as I was coming out of the dressing room I encountered a woman trying on an ugly pullover sweater and scowling at herself in the mirror. She asked me if the sweater was ugly and of course I had to tell her the truth. One of my favorite sayings is ” Don’t ask the question if you are not ready to hear the answer?”  Much to my relief she said she wasn’t sure it was ugly enough and went on to explain that her neice is hosting an Ugly Sweater Thanksgiving!   She wasn’t too happy about the idea and was jokingly grumbling.  She laughed at one point in my conversation and said, ” Well, at least I did something good today, I gave you a good laugh!”  

If only she knew how much I needed that laugh as a sadness has come over me. I think it will be short lived, but I am feeling a sense of loss right now …. It is what it is! 


I am grateful for the fun expereince with the woman and the ugly sweater!

I am grateful for my WW meeting and looking at how many points a Thanksgiving Dinner with my particular choices of food would be.

I am grateful for dresses, leather and boots and how they make me feel tough and feminine at the same time.

I am grateful that this morning my husband and I were not trying to get out the door at the exact same time and how much different that felt to leave the house first.

I hope you all will bear with me today, as I go through the stage that happens whenever you must let go in order to move forward. 


What’s a fashionista do when she is a bundle of mixed emotions?

Go to her closet in search of animal print!  


I love my zebra print jacket and pairing it with teal skinnies was just what I needed  to center myself.  I have a lot of jackets, but this one really makes me happy.

The addition of my newest necklace via Ebay really helped as well! 


With temps in the 70’s I even dared to wear my white purse!  

How do you feel about wearing a white purse for Fall or Winter? 


I really am happy with this outfit and will definitely repeat this look!

Dear Readers, While my husband and I are both elated about the new venture and the impact for our family,we are also feeling sad in saying goodbye to a company that unlike most, was like a family.

I was more invested than most wives, as I had worked for this company, as well and loved my time there. 

Going on vacations together bonds you and creates that family feeling like nothing else in business can do,   and while the loss isn’t the fun part, it is neccessary to make room for the next stage in our family life.   


I am grateful for the seven years we were a part of the company and all of the great times we shared and wonderful people we met along the way.

I am grateful that my husband , even though he wasn’t looking to leave, embraced the opportunity that came his way for the benefit of our family.

I am grateful that parting the company wasn’t based on anger or wanting to get away, but on moving forward.

I am grateful that I had my closet to turn to today and glad that clothing is my vice and not something detrimental.

I am grateful that my husband’s football team is playing tonight, so he can end this transitional day with some good old -fashion football fun! 

I had a wonderful weekend, filled with laughter and family to celebrate our son’s 18th Birthday! 

We are also celebrating a new chapter as my husband begins a new venture !

With no outfit post for the day, my inspirational spirit is coming forth to start your week off right! 


The reason my husband is starting a new venture! 

life is a balance

So appropriate as my husband faces leaving a company he loves for a better family future as well as the changes our family will face this summer with all but one of our children moving out! 


Something I hope my children know and will carry throughout their lives! 

It's all about perspective.

One way of thinking brings pain, the other joy! 

We really are responsible for our thoughts and experience in this world. 

Mrs. McKenna,  my 5th grade teacher lived him ?

Those who know me well, know this is something I subscribe to!

Dear Readers,  Thanks so much for stopping by, will return with my regular post and Gratitude on Tuesday! 

My Boho side is very happy with this casual look featuring a long sweater I purchased, just before my No Shop November…


My plan for this sweater was to wear it just like this with various leggings, boots and tops, as a comfortable formula for days when I am homeschooling and maybe running out to the grocery store.  If you are a regular reader, you will be seeing other color ways paired with this. 


I definitely think this hat, sunglasses  and my thrifted Aigner Purse add to the boho vibe. 


It occured to me while putting this look together that I have several burgundy and grey pieces and since I love that color combo, I will have a lot of fun seeing how many outfits I can style with the Burgundy- Grey combo. 


I tried this on first with my burgundy boots and loved the way it looked and felt. I felt so sassy and it looked like a sweater dress.   Funny how that little heel can make such a different in the feel of an outfit. I switched it to the flat boots to match my day.

Dear Readers, I have to say it hit me today, that I am getting much more comfortable putting together casual looks for low key days and not over dressing which is something that has been natural for me. Then again I am still newer at this homeschooling thing even though we are in year 3, when you condisder that I have had children in the school system for 22 years. 


I am grateful that I have the confidence and self awareness to embrace my boho side.

I am grateful that my daughter will have her first day at her new job as a tester for Learning Rx tomorrow!

I am grateful that my homeschooler felt self motivated to write a word document describing a gaming scenery and ideas in his head. ( a big deal for a kid who struggles with writing and tries to avoid it!) 

I am grateful for the upcoming warmer temperatures for the weekend.

I am grateful that all my siblings can make the event I have planned on Sunday for my son’s 18th birthday! ( tearing up at the thought of him reaching adulthood and don’t know why as I ddn’t react this way when my older two reached this milestone) 

I was inspired to try a pink and red outfit

Linking up with Pinned it and Did It! and Fashion Thursday and  Look What I Got! 

pink jeans red jumper

This is from Lauren at The Style Tag

Since it was very cold and wintery, I opted for a very different version.


I chose a sweater with both pink and red to ground the combo, as I am not much for color- blocking.

Although I have a strong tendcy to match , I try to steer away from three of the same color, so went for a pop of color in the purse. I think it helps to stay true to the inspiration photo and I love it!


I am a definite hat person and wear them out of necessity of  helping to stay warm. 

This sweater is a v-neck and it was too cold to expose that much skin, so I opted for this great little scarf I found at Love Culture, a store at my mall that is very similar to F21.  They were 2 for $5 , so I have a black one as well.

I am delighted to wear my Cherry Red Suede jacket by New York & Company that I thrirfted for $6.99


Love my red boots by Nine West, that I’ve had for 4 years and don’t care if the square toes aren’t in right now! 

Dear Readers, Have you tried Red and Pink together yet?  

This inspiration outfit also inspires me to want to pair my chambray top with my red-organge jeans, something I haven’t done yet! 


I am grateful for a great conversation with my son after he visited the courthouse and jail today! 

I am grateful for so many educational videos on You tube that help with a verbal learner in both Science and Geography.

I am grateful to my youngest for being so agreeable to taking my photos in the cold temps today! 

My son may just get his wish this winter….

He’s been declaring this the winter we get lots of snow, which doesn’t happen often.  

The sun hasn’t set quite yet and it’s 42 but feels like 32 with high  winds and snow is suppose to fall tomorrow, with no accumulation. 


I love burgundy and grey together! 


This is my second snuggly sweater that I purchased from Ebay. With this and the oatmeal one, I think I am pretty set for snuggly sweaters to wear for days at home or a quick run to the grocery store. 


After hearing the winds whipping around all day, it was nice that after my first pose, that they cooperated nicely and died down until my photo shoot was over….


The boots are also new this season, while the jeggings and paisley tunic and hat  are from last year. 

Dear Readers, It was nice to snuggle in my sweater on the coldest day so far this season!     We will be back to the high 60’s by the weekend, which are normal temps for this time of year! 

Are you having unseasonably colder temperatures mixed in with warmer than usual days this Fall?


I am grateful for a wonderful late night conversation with my DH regarding our family, where we are and what we are proud of , where we want to be and facing the changes of our three oldest leaving next year. 

I am grateful to my DH for texting the kids to join him at a new grocery store in our area where Buddy, the Cake Boss was handing out samples.  

I am grateful that he had a good break and was able to bring home dinner and eat with us before going back out for another appointment.

I am grateful for my friendships and the willingness to help others. 

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