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We got hit by Hurricane Matthew and had lots of flooding,

trees down, electricity out , vehicles damaged, etc 

in our city, but lucky for us we just went without electricity for 28 hours.   

Matthew brought with him a tease of Fall temps the day or two afterwards 

For Some Inspiration from Other Bloggers for Fall Looks, Go Peruse the Link up at 

Fashion Should Be Fun. 


and I managed to wear a new for the season fringe sweater( on clearance now) 

 and boho jeans(sold out),

but these are the best photos I managed as I was taking them at the wrong time of day. 

I found this rhinestone letter T at Hobby Lobby recently and it’s actually a pin, I just put on a chain. 


Today, I am left faking Fall, as we are experiencing a sunny 75 degrees.  

A long sleeve striped sweater and a poncho worked perfectly for pretending. 


These are all items from previous seasons that are now workhorses, vetted 

and much loved.  In fact that Old Navy poncho was a thrifted find. 

The striped sweater was an end of season clearance from Ann Taylor

one place I only shop online at end of season clearance time.  

That link will send you to Ann Taylor’s clearance which is an additional 40% off right now, 

and the time when I usually shop for a good deal.  


This trend of rolling up jeans above the ankle boots and showing a little skin  works for now and into 

 Fall, but I doubt I will be doing it through Winter.   

A good navy bag is a must in my world and this Madi Claire is sold out, but

728-825- Madi Claire "Sage" Croco Embossed Leather Zip Top Laser Cut Shopper Handbag


This one is available…. as is 

726-448- Madi Claire Three-Piece "Devon" Croco Embossed Leather Tote Bag w/ Wristlet & Card Holder Set


This tote version with accessories and a nice tassle.


I am loving doubling up on the necklaces a lot lately. 

This combo began with the large purple sliced stone piece that I picked up at Michael’s. 

Of course it would work well on a long chain, but in order to double it up, 

I opted to wear it on my new silver collar necklace (sold out) 

Dear Readers, Thanks for Stopping by, I adore hearing from you, and 

greatly appreciate each and every comment. 


I am grateful that even though my sneezing didn’t go away all day, at least they became less often throughout the day. ( just after I completed typing this DD had a sneezing spout come on with 5 in a row) 

I am grateful for my morning walk in the sunshine to get salad fixings to get back on track with healthy eating, as I have been terrible since I returned from the cruise.  

I am grateful that my son away at college with our new bunny is doing a fantastic job of keeping us in the loop of her progress and cute behavior traits that are coming out as she explores her newfound freedom as a beloved pet and not a breeders show bunny.  

I am grateful for sleeping in until 7:330 this morning , as it sure beats this darn menopausal change of 5-6am!  

I am grateful for a nice walk with my daughter yesterday to the Dollar Store and AC Moore craft store as we had fun conversations with women and it was nice to see my daughter in that light , talking to older women.  It was even better that she commented how nice that felt. 


I am a Southern blooded woman, through and through! 

I love living where it rarely reaches freezing temps , resulting in not alot of snow for winter. 

Right now everyone around us is bracing for the weekend snow storm, while we are slated to get 

less than two inches if anythng… 

DSC_2733-2 (1)

We actually had temperatures in the 20’s on Tuesday, so it was time 

to break out my thrifted Talboots wool cardigan! 

The marbled olive top is really a super long asymetric hem tunic from Jane. com, but alas

it really was too long for my petitie height, no worries I like it better

by taking the two long points and tying them off the side. 


Wearing a scarf, hat and gloves is must even just for the short time

of taking outside photos,  I am not one for suffering for my blog, lol…


There truly is nothing better than a nice cozy warm wool sweater and 

I was thrilled at how warm I actually was on this day.  

I don’t own much in wool due to my area, but a few items are necessary for the occassional days below freezing. 

My next outfit during this cold stage, should be my beloved Irish wool poncho from my Ireland trip!  

Dear Readers, What is your favorite way to stay warm for winter?

Would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment to make my day!  

Self Care

I treasure the early morning hours before my homeschooler awakens and began that time

by slowly peeling a clementine orange,taking in the smells and mindfully enjoying every piece. 

When done right, it’s a meditative lovely experience…. Try it, it’s a great way to start the day!  


I am grateful for fun texts with my son who went back to college, missing his presence so much! 

I am grateful for bowling Wednesdays for a chance to get out and talk to adults! 

I am grateful for a toasty warm house and a stack of wood ready for my fireplace to face this cold spell. 

I am grateful that depsite crazy 4am awakenings, these past two days that I was able to go back to sleep and catch a few more hours.   



I’ve been wanting a few Gingham tops, so when 

I was at Goodwill and saw this one and another in black 

by Old Navy I was smitten.

(my internet was acting up, so I didn’t get to post this yesterday

before I headed to Richmond to drop my college son off for his sophomore year.  )


Not only was it a color I love, but I also wanted it to be larger sized than 

I would normally wear , so I could easily tie it at the waist or

use it in Fall/Winter under a sweater. 


I paired it with an orange necklace , I’ve had for awhile and you can’t see very well, but

I am also wearing stud earrings from Walmart that are mock Kate Spade in Coral. 


This felt like a wonderful summer combination, but when I get anything new,

my brain is filled with the question,

“How can I wear this across other seasons?”

Quite often I use Pinterest as my Visual Tool to help answer that question.

Black Stripes White With a Bright Checkered Shirt. This actually looks great together!


Cobalt Skirt with Orange Gingham Shirt


nice for fall...even with the white. you can wear white people...just FYI


Interested in an orange gingham top of your own?

Here is an option found of Amazon.

Here is a Plus Size Orange Gingham Top from Amazon


I am grateful that I slept in later today.  Yes, sleep is not to be taken for granted…

I am grateful for wonderful compassionate friendships. 

I am grateful for a dear friend who loaned a scooter for my son to take while he has to wear a walking boot ,

to tool around campus, should he feel the need for it. 

I am grateful that my niece will have the fun of seeing her cousins apartment as she accompanies us to Richmond. 

I am grateful for my daughter who took it upon herself to order pizza for dinner tonight. 

I am grateful that I got started finalizing homeschooling curriculums and went over the weekly schedule with my son. 

I am grateful that even our DMV has online options for Driver’s Ed for homeschoolers!  

When I put together this peplum and lace top I purchased from

and my wonderful striped Target skirt, 

It looked too prim and proper…


Adding my Kate & Mallory Moto vest took it  a less lady-like

silhouette and created that wonderful juxtaposition of opposites

that are so much a part of my style.  


This striped skirt has been one I’ve worn a lot over all seasons

because it’s the perfect casual type that works well for my life

as a homeschooling. SAHM

The fact that I scored it at Goodwill , New with Tags feels wonderful 


Here is one way I wore it last Summer.


And here is a winter version.  


And this was a Fall Version 


I loved adding the mint accents with my new accessories for the season.

I found the shoes on Amazon in April and unfortunately they are no longer available

I am holding my leather, Isaac Mizrahi wallet which is what I carried 

for my short walk to the grocery store.


I am grateful that my husband came home early enough (10:30pm) that I felt up to going for one of our late night walks.

I am grateful that this morning my knee is pain free after the first long walk!  

I am grateful for a phone call yesterday from my oldest friend.

I am grateful for all the hard work my husband puts forth as the sole provider of this family and how successful he is in doing so.  

I am grateful that as a 1099 employee that my husband can schedule days off when needed with no trouble, like tomorrow when we take our son to college!  

I Love Wearing Dresses and Skirts for Summer, 

So, Why Not Do an Entire Week Of Them. 


I begin with an outfit mostly from Target.  

I thrifted this dress last year from Goodwill as part of the new goods Target passes on to them. 

I loved my black and white floral Keds so much last season,

that when I saw these blue ones in Target on clearance, I couldn’t resist.  


I went for a Sporty look for the dress because my niece and I went for a walk

to Burlington Coat Factory.  

As my regular readers know , nothing tickles my fancy more than 

a Ying/Yang juxtaposition of opposites and dresses and sneakers 

are such a fun version of that.  

Sporty Luxe is a trend right now that promises to continue through Fall/Winter.  


Orange and blue is such a great color combo , 

so it was an easy choice when deciding to pair my

Charming Charlies Necklace. 


I didn’t take a purse on my walk…

I did with my niece what I do with my own kids when I take a walk and don’t have pockets…

I just asked her to hold my debit card in her pocket, lol 


This elephant t-shirt was what we purchased at Burlington.  

My niece (12) had been telling me she wanted both an elephant and an

owl shirt.   I found that funny as my daughter bought an elephant one last year and 

an owl one this year.  


I am grateful for all the kind-hearted , non-toxic people in my life. 

I am grateful that I was able to take a walk and my knee shows no signs of flaring up. 

I am grateful for the wonderful support of my husband. 

I am grateful for the amazing insights of my daughter, who can always look at a situation and get right to the heart of it. 

I am grateful that due to an appointment with an Orthopedist (to double check the xray that looks like his ankle is not broken), that I will have one extra day with my son.  He’ll be heading back to college, Thursday instead of the scheduled Wednesday. 

Sunday was my daughter’s 24th birthday,

and I knew it was going to be very hard on me to be away from her.

In order to finish graduate school in two years, she needed to take a Summer 

Semester , so she is back in Boston…


In order not to let our separation on this day get me down,

I made plans to give my daughter’s college loft bed frame to a dear friend’s

8 year old daughter, hence the need for casual wear.


I wanted to wear my new Liz Claiborne Utility vest and of course a dark bottom for putting together a bed frame and crawling on the floor, so it was simple to find a thrifted printed tank with both the blues and tans to tie it all together.  


I finished the look off with my Target find clearance floral sneakers, 

and a headband I bought several years ago at a festival.  

Dear Readers, I really did choose the right thing to do today, as it felt wonderful to make a difference in the life of a little girl today.  Giving to others truly is a wonderful gift to oneself!  


I am so grateful that my daughter was in good spirits today and in the spirit of self care was heading out to dinner in a cute town she discovered recently for dinner at Panera and a french crepe at another location in the shopping center for dessert. 

I am grateful that my husband so readily agreed to help in my good deed of the day and in fact did most of the work and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. 

I am grateful that we finished in time to go grocery shopping at BJ’s before they closed. 

I am grateful for Summer and outdoor grilling as we made a favorite of my daughter’s (cause anything with bacon is her favorite) barbecue chicken, bacon , tomato and sharp cheddar sandwhich with corn on the cob.  

I am grateful that when I told her our dinner plans that she giggled and wasn’t upset that she wasn’t here with us.  She knows it was her mother’s silly way of feeling closer to her, as this was the meal I make for her every time she comes home.

I am grateful that this week starts my time with my niece for the Summer!  

Easy dressing when in a hurry like I was today, 

Is as easy and finding a Black and White Print Dress, 

Adding a Color for accent and getting out the door…


All I see in this photo is my very pale legs and the recognition that 

I am not doing a very good job of keeping up with the faux tanning this season.

I love this black and white dress that I thrifted and have worn often because I can go classic without adding color or I can add a pop of every color in the rainbow and it’s a four season versatile piece.  

Worn here with flats, its a great Mom on the Go

Versatile Style by Tracey

Worn in winter with a moto jacket and heeled boots, 

It feels much more sasssy and special.  


I haven’t worn this dress enough and really want to go through my dresses and pair them down more,

so gems like this one get more use.  

If you are looking for short sleeve sweaters to add to your wardrobe,

Mine is a Denim & Co Essential and comes in 18 colors.

I’ve had mine for several years and they are all in great condition and hold up well. 


I am so grateful that my son’s bowling coaches agree that he is ready for his first performance ball and I ordered him it today.  This is the first sport he’s loved and worked so hard to learn.  He has learned how to hook the ball, now he just needs the ball to do the work for him!  

I am grateful that my husband and I are able to take him to private lessons and that he appreciates them and for the added bonus that bowling has given this child, which is better coordination!  

I am grateful for the fun I had with my son in the kitchen and his enthusiasm for cooking and wanting to do more and more!  

I am grateful that my youngest helped out by unloading the dishwasher the very first time I asked! 

I am grateful that my photo shoot went off today as the thunder and clouds were heading in , as we’ve been under storm watches all evening.  

Today is the first day of the GYPO Sumer Style Challenge

and when we got the first outfit e-mailed last night I was so excited.

I had actually bought a pair of print shorts and was so ready to rock them, 

despite my not loving shorts….


After trying them on and not being able to wear the wedges, due to my knee being sore,

I switched out for a print skirt instead…

This is a fun Navy and creme patterned Loft skirt that I thrifted. 

The purple top is one I scored from 

I added a scarf tied to my waist, but not sure I am loving it in pictures…

I swear it looked better in the mirror…


I love pairing Navy with purple and had fun adding my hat and purse into the mix…

I bought this fun hat from Walmart and haven’t worn in nearly enough in past seasons.

Perhaps this season that will change as bigger brimmed hats are on trend, and what the heck we are having extremely hot temperatures…

DSC_0306Tomorrow we are expecting 100 which is rare, but in June, even crazier!  

Now I must add that all I can notice is that I didn’t keep up with my false tanning this weekend! 

Dear Readers, I can’t say how glad I am that this Summer Challenge is starting because I am experiencing my first ever fashion depression… I think skipping over Spring and these hot temps are making it hard to feel creative.  

How are temps in your region?  

Were you lucky enough to have a Spring?


I am grateful that my knee felt better today, but still I wore a brace except for my photos…

I am grateful that I am having so much fun seeing what all the other challengers are wearing and our shared experience of support on the private Facebook page.  

I am grateful for a very low key relaxing Monday! 

I am grateful that I was surprised to see that my husband’s check was bigger than he had told me, I can not say enough how grateful I am that this job is going so well and giving us what we need to help our kids through college…

I am grateful to my son’s for helping with some chores for the day to allow me to take it easy for my knee, I rewarded them with pizza delivery! 

Yes, Mother Nature Definitely has a Sense of Humor! 

From colder than normal for the time of year to full on Summer temps in 24 hours. 


This cute dress is one I thrifted and planned on layering with a moto jacket,

but didn’t get around to doing so.  

It was so windy during this shot , that I had to hold my sweater…


I also thrifted this green summer sweater.. 

I must mention that Shrugs are a must have for my warm weather wardrobe and I have several.

Check out all the ones you can find at Evine in sizes all the way up to 3x! 


My new earrings from Burlington Coat Factory


It was nice to finally wear this dress and if I have to give up my boots for the season,

there’s nothing I love more than wedges…

I’ve had these for several years, from Chadwicks, this is what they currently have available. 

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  

Thanks for stopping by! 


I am grateful for a beautiful warm day! 

I am grateful for a wonderful long chat with my daughter, sometimes we just stay on the phone with small talk as I clean or she searches for something online just because neither one wants to hang up.  Priceless.  

I am grateful that after our conversation that she chatted with her brother for quite awhile and they made plans to do some baking and fondant exploring when she comes home. 

I am grateful that my daughter agreed to make her favorite dish – lettuce wraps for us when she is home. 

I am grateful for a wonderful dinner that I will definitely remake, using a Grillmasters brand tomato, garlic and basil marinade for chicken and pairing it with baked zucchini,canned diced tomatoes, italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese. -delicious and satisfying!  

I am grateful that when my husband came home a few hours after dinner, that he too agreed that this dinner was a winner. 

I am grateful that in just about one month, both of my children away at college will be home! 

I am happy that cobalt is still a strong color for the season. 

I love it and think it pairs well with so many colors.  


I recently thrifted this color blocked black and cobalt tank.  

I bought the cobalt shoes last season from Payless Comfort Plus Line. 

Here is this year’s offerings in that line. 

I am loving the yellow ones, but my shopping addiction is on overload for Spring so I am resisting. 


This yellow statement necklace is the one I bought on a walk last week to Burlington ,

my youngest went with me and helped me pick this one out. 


My pants are Old Navy Pixie Pants and I have to say I am so glad I tried pants from them,

as I love them and have bought several this past year.  

I swear the majority of my pants are now Diane Gilman Jeans, Old Navy Pants and a few Spring soft pants from F21.  

I do have a few other sources, but these are my favorites.  


I have to laugh at this photo, as more often than not in this pose, my heel comes out of my shoe and my observant teen photographer usually notices and tells me to adjust….

Today, however I asked him to leave a computer game to take my photos, so I guess it’s to be expected. 

Dear Readers, As a stay at home mother I don’t get to wear heels as often as I would like, so today when my son was suppose to have a private bowling lesson, I took advantage of it.  Since it is Spring Break, the coach cancelled, thinking it would be too crowded to get a lane.  My husband was at an appointment this morning when he got the cancellation call and instantly took the opportunity to ask us to go out to lunch.   I loved that I was dressed and feeling great. I never take for granted or forget the times when I didn’t take as good care and get dressed daily and am so glad I’ve forever changed that. I can see how happy it makes my entire family, as they all never cease to compliment me.  


I am glad for the cancellation of the bowling lesson and time for my husband to spend with us. 

I am grateful for a trip to BJ’s  and finding a new maxi skirt there. 

I am grateful for the kind responses to yesterday’s post. 

I am grateful that a few more people joined my Facebook Group looking for support to lose some winter weight.

I am grateful that my husband supports my love of fashion and compliments my efforts. 

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