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What I’ve Been Up To…

Posted on: June 25, 2016

I didn’t blog recently because I am feeling the weight gain and seeing it in photos

and frustrated and quite frankly embarassed…

I am not being hard on myself or inflicting any blame as I know that this is truly to this 

crazy change of life period called Menopause and the lack of sleep that causes carb cravings.

 Trying to eat healthier? Try this simple recipe for Homemade Paleo Dark Chocolate. With just 4 simple ingredients, it's inexpensive, very easy to make, and delicious! With no dairy, soy, or refined-sugar that's found in regular chocolate from the store, this homemade version is perfect.

I am sticking to low carb, low sugar and for the first time ever have my husband on board. 

My dear husband works long hours and has the worst eating habits ever, but because he has an hour or so 

in the day to commit to going to the gym, he’s in the best shape of his life.  We as a family however are so concerned that 

he eats so healthy for his meals, but then after dinner (late night)  he goes crazy on desserts and I mean eating portions 

that we all find shocking.   Now that he is on board with low sugar, I knew I had to find a solution for his sweet tooth.  

So of course it’s off to PInterest, where I found this recipe


I used what I had on hand and subbed some Muscle Milk Powder in with 

the cocoa as I’d seen other recipes that used that ingredient.  

My pack rat daughter saved three of these trays that she doesn’t remember what was originally

in them, but kept as part of her baking supplies.   


My husband loved his new treat and kept asking me the ingredients.  

He ate five of these and I am fine with that as I know it’s better than the amounts of crap he was eating.

My other new thing is making what I call Power bites I tried this recipe as I had the items on hand

I did change it up a bit with adding in Collagen powder for more protein and 

quite a bit of cinnamon, sorry I don’t measure just go by eye.

I do think next time I will add in Vanilla protein powder for a bigger protein kick.  

Our consensus was to wipe off the peanut butter as it took away from the taste.  

I baked these at 350 for about 12 minutes in my mini muffin pan, flipping them at 6 minutes in.

My husband tried one that night when he came home and loved it,  He tried a bite cold and said the flavor was ruined. 

He took them to work and had them warm and said they were ok, but reheated in the microwave was his favorite way. 

Our plan is to make all kinds of varieties , switching them up each week for him to pack for afternoon snacks as his days are very long and can last from 9am to 10-11pm….  You can finds so many options on Pinterest if interested….

Proud to say DH has stayed on track with me this week!  


And in more fun, I bought these prints on for just $4.99 for the set.  

You can’t see well as my lighting is off , but they are in Sepia tones and I matted them 

with an olive mat and black frames I had on hand.  

I’ve literally been dreaming of prints like this for awhile and am thrilled with the results.  


They are keeping my beloved lone boat picture company….

I am so grateful that my rough and tumble boys did not break this picture 

growing up, as they sure broke a lot of other things, lol   

Dear Readers, Thanks for Stopping By, Wishing you all a Fabulous Weekend! 


12 Responses to "What I’ve Been Up To…"

Tracey, it’s hard to fight Mother Nature. I have been taking chemo for close to a year and that along with mediations I have to take for side effects of the chemo have caused me to gain quite a bit of weight. I can understand how you feel. In my case my oncologist if thrilled that I gained weight instead of losing it because I have pancreatic cancer which is a wasting disease. We all come in different shapes and sizes and part of being happy is to be content with what we are instead of what we wish we were. I’m not saying to not try to diet but look for the bright side if you can and don’t be hard on yourself. Those low carb snacks sound delish by the way.

Kathy, thank you I am just trying to take back control of what menopause has wreaked havoc. I have to be careful of weight gain as I am in a prediabetic state, so it’s not just for aesthetics, but health improvement. I will say that when one uses fashion as artistic expression as I do, it’s frustrating to be frustrated with the canvas you begin with, lol. My prayers go out to you and your journey as well as my deep admiration for your strong minded approach!

I love finding those healthier snacks!! I used to make some bars like the Lara Bars—-dates & nuts in the food processor! We’re going to snack, so might as well have it be good stuff!!!
Great pictures too—decorating the house is almost as fun as decorating our bodies!!

I am perfectly happy with watermelon, nectarines and plums as my snacks, but am having fun finding things to satisfy DH.

Tracy- Besides your sense of style, it is your wonderful confidence and happiness that shines so brightly on your blog. My area of struggle is accepting the aging “process” and for a while I could feel really myself pulling back and placing constraints around my life because I was becoming so self-conscious..the end result being I was restricting my ability to be there-fully- for others. My body is a hard-working container for my soul and while it may be getting a bit wrinkly- it ain’t leaking yet 😉 so I just need to be grateful, take care of it and use it for good..

Thank you, it’s a process, but I am damn determined that I am going to get my body back into shape as it’s the canvas for my blog since I use style as my artistic expression… Not easy to buckle down and do with this crazy sleep deprivation that menopause has brought on…

I hear you on the sleep issue. My new bed seems to have helped..we also now turn the AC down a lot at night- I think that helps even more. There is no doubt in my mind that night after night of poor sleep affects every part of your body and mind. I tried melatonin- that really didn’t work for me. Forcing myself to stay up later has though. I just keep trying little things hoping that together they will help.

I took a nap from 4:30 to 7:30 today and I had more clear thoughts and energy than I’ve had in weeks…DH recently picked me up a Melantonin + by Nature Made that has an added ingrdient of 200mg L-theanine , which is uppose to relax the mind…I take two of these and have been falling to sleep easier, still only staying asleep for just shy of 6 hrs.

Yeah, mine doesn’t have that. Maybe I didn’t give it a good / long enough try. I fall asleep fine, it’s the quality of my sleep that stinks..I am aware of myself waking up multiple times during the night..and my mind is SO busy- always thinking (and worrying)’d think I was the head of the World Bank or something..sheesh.

I use to be that way myself, but funny how much more relaxed I am as my kids have grown and are doing so well for themselves. I do think this added ingredient helps as I have ADD and quiet time is when my brain can fire up, lol…

I have self-diagnosed myself with adult onset ADD..for talk about a brain that gets fired’s ridiculous, and exhausting!

I”ve had it my entire life… It truly is like having several movies going on in your brain… I laugh when I explain how I go from one thing in a conversation to an entirely new topic. DH is amazed at how it happens…

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