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Hi, My Name is Tracey and I am a Carb Addict!

Posted on: April 5, 2013

My biggest problem in losing these final ten pounds is one hundred percent due to a carb addiction.  It is the thing that caused me to gain weight in the first place.  Back then I was in emotional pain from closing my store and my mother’s  dementia.  Now it’s stemming from the three weeks of not feeling well..  Who craves fruit, veggies and protein when they are having stomach bug or even when taste buds get messed up from sinus infection???


Didn’t bring sunglasses outside because it was 6:30pm….

No matter how much I tried to eat right these past few weeks the carbs have won out and all reason and doing what I know to be right has gone out the window… The problem with this is that once I indulge in one carb high meal for the day, my body craves more.  I successfully lost the weight because I filled myself up with yogurt , fruits, veggies and lean  protein… I did eat whole wheat pasta and whole wheat wraps and that was pretty much it for carbs as meal items.  I also allowed myself one WW 3 pt Dark chocolate Raspberry Ice cream bar almost every day…


Rocking my new purple leopard spotted jeans by Diane Gilman who has a huge variety of styles and a large following of women who own up  to 50 pairs!  I am on my way to that…. 

The thing is that when I was losing successfully  I ate at least 5 times a day, stayed within my points and lost an average of one pound per week.. I was never hungry and felt really good, vibrant and alive… Eating these carbs  lately is making me tired and I have been napping a lot… I have made excuses and been blaming this on my current changes due to menopause… Truth is like I said from the beginning of this journey it is about getting Mind, Body and Spirit all in alignment and balance…


So after eating banana bread for breakfast, I refuse to go down that path today… For lunch I had a yogurt and grapes (after a long nap).  For dinner I think I will cook up some chicken with mushrooms and onions for a wrap with lettuce tomato and cheese, leaving enough points for another yogurt… ( I am trying to eat two probiotics a day)  In order to curb this addiction I am going to hold myself accountable by becoming more transparent and divulge what I eat daily… Hope you will join me on this journey and if you are trying to eat healthier for either weight loss or just to be kinder to your body, comment and let us support each other in the journey!

The good news is that I have been exercising daily for the past four days and am really loving the feeling and am not just aiming to lose weight but increase my cardio  for my heart and tone up for my self esteem!  

Dear Readers, Have a Wonderful Weekend!  If you read this entire post, thank you and I hope to bring some of you along on this journey with me!   Those last ten pounds aren’t going to know what hit them!  I am now in balance and have my head back on straight and a force to be reckoned with!  


12 Responses to "Hi, My Name is Tracey and I am a Carb Addict!"

I am addicted to food, period! I have ten I need to lose, but I think my meds are preventing that.

Well at least you have an excuse… It is definitely no fun when you want one thing but you can’t because of something out of your control… I always felt bad for my sister when they treated her asthma with steroids and she had the huge weight gains which made her miserable…

Yes, please! I will support you any way I can!
I struggle so much with losing weight because with my disability I can only exercise so much. I did well on low carb diets for years but then the weight loss stopped and I began to have intestinal “issues” so I switched to counting calories. I limit myself to 1200 a day, but I have to take medication that is notorious for causing weight gain of average 20-30 lbs – I’ve gained 3. Ok, rant over; sorry for the TMI LOL.

Spashionista (Alicia)

My sister has been on steroids several times to help control her asthma and she gained weight each time and it really made her miserable as she is a perfectionist and keeping herself fit is a top priority, so I know how hard it is when medications cause weight gain. 1200 calories a day sounds so little… I feel for you regarding the exercise as I know that for me it does more than help my body, but lifts my mood and gives me energy and clear thinking.. I hope that you have something that you can do which gives you that natural brain boosting high!

Fellow carb addict here! I lost a huge amt of wt on a low carb/low cal diet, but my hair started falling out, my nails and skin were a mess, and I had a bowel impaction. Trust me, that is not something you want to go through! I managed to keep off the weight until a back injury left me in bed for a looong time. Today is my 46th B-Day, so I am going to eat what I want. Tomorrow, back on track. I have 25 more lb to lose to get to my fighting weight. 15 would make me ecstatic. Thanks for your help,

Happy Birthday and we should definitely celebrate life’s special moments and eat cake or whatever strikes our fancy!

Bring on the carbs, Not! I too could live on carbs. Today I have felt fat, and out of sorts and well just big whiner. So what did I do ? Sabotage myself with tons of carbs. Not a good idea, Tomorrow is a new day and I will borrow your positive attitude to get back on track.

That’s the good news, that today is over and we get to start fresh…I am determined to stay on the healthy path.. Not to say I won’t go off and have a wonderful dessert during life’s celebrations but not a daily event!

You look so lovely, I wouldn’t guess that you needed to lose 10 pounds. A few years ago, I lost nearly 25 lbs, but I’ve gained 10 of it back in the last year. Its very discouraging and I can’t seem to shake it.

I’m a carb addict too, but I’ve been trying to make the same changes you describe. It takes so much discipline and any little alteration in my schedule seems to throw me back into rabid carb consumption.

You totally nailed it when you said it takes discipline! I hope my journey encourages others to set themselves up for success, which is why I am going to go into details of what I eat. The key for me is to have tried and true things to grab on the run. I will go into more details and hope you find it helpful so keep reading!!

You look terrific in this purple and black outfit, Tracey.
I hear you on the carbs. A big weakness for me. I’ve been trying to take note of every single thing I eat (since the first of the year) and watch my calories. I have days where we eat out and I end up going way overboard, but I just start back in the next day with it. I haven’t cut out carbs, but I’ve tried to limit and measure and count them so that I don’t just sit with a whole bag of tortilla chips and devour way too many. I’ll count myself out so many and put them in a bowl and then that’s all I get. And, surprisingly, I can feel satisfied with a smaller amount of something. But, yes,…it does take constant and continual discipline. I’ve lost 18 pounds since Jan. 1. I know to lose more is going to take me getting even stricter with myself though.
You’re doing great and talking about your journey is definitely an encouragement. Thank you. 🙂

Congrats on your success so far! keep going and when you hit a plateau be sure to bump up your exercise and hold on as it does take time, be patient! Good Luck!

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