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Today Was Another Bi- Monthly Homeschooling Group Bowling Day….

That sentence is a mouthful try saying it….


Our Wonderful Temperatures didn’t hold up, We had a 20 degree drop and lots of Wind! 

I wear black with these pants quite often, but had not paired it with this necklace from Ebay.  

A necklace with Cobalt, Green and Orange is this womans dream trio!  


A close up of the necklace with the wind whipping my hair…


I originally was going to wear my cobalt purse, but at the last minute decided for an extra punch of color.

That decision landed me in a pickle….

In switching my purses I forgot I had tucked my debit card into the pocket of the purse instead of my wallet…

I arrived at the bowling alley with no card and no cash… 

I called my husband and he came and we used the ATM to get money before he headed off to work…


I am grateful to my hero husband who came in his white pickup to rescue me…

I am grateful for the fun we mother’s have with the bowling as well as the kids…

I am grateful my husband found some good canditates to hire and train for a new territory , company expansion is his primary goal.  

I am grateful that I found a Groupon for bowling that will save us 50% on our family bowling outings…

I Hadn’t Checked the Weather Forecast and Was Over-Joyed to 

Discover Such Warmth and Sunshine! 

I love how the breeze adds an element of fun to wearing a light, flowing skirt…


I practically ran to my closet dreaming of wearing sandals and a long flowing summer skirt…

I had just bought these white very comfortable sandals that remind me very much of the designs done by Clark’s but these babies were found at BJ’s and are by Lanesboro and were just $16.99.


I did a little pattern mixing here with a tank top I bought last year and this new zippered hoodie I received just a few days ago from Ebay in preparation for wearing this orange skirt, which I thrifted awhile back…

My maximalism took a back seat for the day and I resisted the urge to add a necklace or stack a few bracelets…


This was a perfect outfit for my day of walking to run errands and when I was checking out at Walgreen’s the girl at the beauty counter complimented my outfit and told me this color was great for me… I already had a Spring in my step, but it improved a little after that… Who doesn’t like a compliment????


My now 14 year old photographer was a little distracted watching this little guy and just couldn’t resist taking it’s picture!  


I am so grateful for Sunshine and how it can even lift my bloated PMS Funk and make me feel like dancing (of course a flowing skirt that swirls around in the breeze helps that too!) 

I am grateful that Walgreen’s had the special size battery I needed for my Weight Watcher brand scale, as I weigh daily and couldn’t do this morning… 

I am grateful for an e-mail from Groupon for bowling deals that will save us quite a bit on our new family weekends..

I am grateful that my daughter’s bridesmaid dress arrived for her friend’s wedding and fits her beautifully, except the length which must be shortened…

Well it’s been close to a month or so since I’ve been thrifting and I made up for it by hitting several Goodwills and Salvation Army’s…

I will post my find’s later this week…


It doesn’t show well here, but the Ann Taylor animal print cardigan has a slight tinge of blue in it , which is why I chose to pair my cobalt flats and purse with the grey pants and ligher dove gray sequined t-shirt.


I typically do three pictures, but today you are only getting two…

Why you ask???

Because My Dear Readers, I am gained five pounds and now added another 3 with PMS, so wasn’t happy with my front on pictures…  I am not worried as I gained it all from one night of fun with friends and eating Irish Soda bread among other things… I am back on track and will no doubt lose it soon…

I really do need to get back to my WW meetings, I miss them, but with my stupid sinus infections and vertigo from last month, needed to catch up on homeschooling…  


I am grateful to my dear friend for texting me to hang out today! 

I am grateful for the women friends in my life who I cherish tremendously!

I am grateful for fun interactions with other thrift shoppers, they really are so nice!

I am grateful for the wonderful music being played at each store we went to as I was singing away, thinking I need more music in my life…being sick with sinus stuff meant no music….

I am grateful that I am back to exercising and feeling the muscle burn I love so much.

I am grateful for a wonderful phone conversation with my dearest freind, she truly is the friend I have waited my entire life for!  

I love the mine accordian pleating in skirts and when I saw this one on Ebay, I just had to purchase it..

After all this color really works so well with my hair…

Linking Up Today with Visible Monday!


This outfit emerged out of necessity to keep warm on this windy 65 degree day, while also camoflauging the incredible bloating of that darn cycle , that at 48 years, I am ready for it to cease permanently!  

Let’s face it , I’ve already lost my beautful hour glass firgure and have that middle age spread going on, add in the bloating and enough is enough!!!!


My apologies my dear readers, sometimes it just feels good to vent!  

This is my newest purse addition and was suppose to be a long strap as a crossbody, but I just pulled it to a shorter double strap.  


Tucking in the sweater and adding the moto vest really made all the difference !

I am really getting a lot of use from this necklace I bought from Forever 21!  Who knew this silver loving gal could change into loving gold????? 

Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend!  


I am grateful that my youngest thoroughly enjoyed his birthday! 

I am grateful that after waiting what seemed like forever to my dear son, that he nows has his first cell phone and has a model newer than his siblings who will all have to wait for upgrades…. A fun unique postion for the youngest child!!!

I am grateful that the new Iphone 5S has such wonderful features that have filled us with great amusements as we await answers from  the personal assistant, SIRI   to the silly questions the boys are posing…

I am grateful that my husband is back in a management position and instead of just doing sales, is planning out his week and how to improve things!  He really rises to challenges and loves them!

I am grateful for watching Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays on HBO as he told his life story, losing his father when he was 15 and mother ant 53… I lost my father at 13 and mother at 43….

I am grateful for holidays and the precious memories that always get brought to the surface!  

Well, Dear Readers, I may just have discovered my new favorite color combo!

I left my camera in my son’s car and didn’t get it back until late on Friday, so posting now…


I purchased this poncho from Ebay and hadn’t worn it yet…

I love how this look turned out and how boho and fun it felt…

There really is something about a ponchos and boots that conjure up carefree days of my childhood when I use to have not a care in the world and went around doing cartwheels…


The addition of the cabbie cream hat and the long necklace add to the boho vibe…


The fabullous snakeskin purse is not really boho,but does a great job of adding in a modern element!

I so wish I could share with you , my dear readers where to get a purse like this, but I bought it over a year ago and it is no longer available… I even checked Ebay for you my Dear Readers….

Dear Readers, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Easter! 

Saturday is my youngest child’s 14th birthday!!!!  We are going to have a fun Family filled Weekend! 


I am so grateful that my dear husband is no longer doing a sales job with straight commission as never knowing hsi paychecks was a difficult and stressful thing to juggle… It is especially apparent right now as we have been signing up and applying for two children to head off to college!!!

I am grateful for what promises to be a very busy Birthday and Easter Weekend!  

I am grateful for wonderful conversations with my daughter as she plans to face this next stage in her goals to getting her doctorate in Psychology and moving so far away. (No worries huge Irish Catholic Family within just a few miles from her school!)  

I am grateful for the close knit family I’ve worked hard to create and the knowledge that no matter where our children flit off to , that our relationships will remain strong!  

It seems like so many of us are currently experiencing the return of colder temps, 

but I’ll take my 40′s over those areas getting snow in Mid-April!  


I was feeling quite spunky today and wasn’t going to let the cooler temps rain on my Parade…

I am practically dancing as I go through all the things to do for getting my dear daughter ready for her graduate school in just a few weeks…


With the interest created from the print in the dress, I resisted my maximal nature and didn’t add a necklace…

Just a simple pair of orange ball earrings and my rings were all the accessories needed..


I packed up my knee high boots, but thank goodness I left the lower ones out!!!!

I even packed up all my tights, but leggings work , so no problem…

Dear Readers, I spent the day shopping for groceries and hanging out with my two youngest who tagged along with me.. My 18 year old said he is trying to fit in as much time with both me and his brother before he has to go away to college next year.  He is so sensitive and worried about the impact on his younger brother, as they have been so close.  It is going to be so weird having just one child and my social life is going to change.. My husband and I never think twice about going out as there is always a couple kids home togtether… I’ve always said it’s easier to be the mother of four than it is of just one and I guess I am going to see how true that is!!!!


I am so grateful that my daughter and I had a wonderfully productive day getting some great winter coats, snow pants and such ordered online for great off season prices in preparation for her Boston College Winter…

I am grateful that my two sons joined me for the grocery shopping and the fun we had…

I am grateful and so blessed that I have succeeded in my greatest wish of being rich in the things that money can’t buy!  (my kids like spending time with each other and their parents!!!!) 

I am grateful for my new Memory Foam pillows I purchased at BJ’s today and am looking forward to sleeping with it tonight!!!! 

I woke up this morning wanting to wear a long boho skirt…

However the rains that held on for half the day, changed my mind…

So, I turned to my Pinterest Inspiration Board…

Denim Jacket & Stripes

This caught my eye….

I’ve actually worn something very similar ….


Since I’d done this one for Fall already…

I decided to go for a slightly different color combo and yep, I know, I am on a Navy Kick…

Just Can’t Help Myself!!!!


I opted for a Gap striped tank top and a Nylon trench style jacket…

I liked how the silver Aerosoles ballet flats went back to the silver buttons on the jacket..


Speaking of the Jacket, I tied the sash in the back so I could wear the jacket open 


The rain may have been gone by late afternnoon, but the winds sure weren’t


Me catching my jacket as it was whipped open by the wind…

Dear Readers, I never tire of these red-orange jeans and always feel vibrant when sporting them… Do you have a colored item that gives you that feeling whenever you wear it???   

I may have to commit next week to being Navy free to see if I can get off this Kick!!!!


I am grateful that the rain stopped and it turned into a very pretty day…

I am grateful that my husband works a job that allows him the freedom to answer my silly call when I was feeling stressed,  Not Something that Happens too Often…

I am grateful that I remembered it was tax day, as we originally were going to file online but decided to boycott the $23 fee .  

I am so grateful for the break this week from homeschooling!!!!!

I am grateful for Walmart’s 24 hours of operation as I was able to run out late night( with high winds and rained that returned, yuck) to buy a new modem to fix our defunct internet…

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