Versatile Style by Tracey

I couldn’t wait to try this Pinterest Inspiration look 

as  I finally found a great red jean jacket.  


I  am using a thrifted polk a dot

maxi dress for my version. 01954b0dff81254406778aab0a0ef46c

I  own some great red heeled sandals very much like the pinterest original, but that didn’t work for my

Mom on the Go type of day! 

I definitely will wear this later in the season without the black sweater and add the heels for a date night out look.

After all Red is my husband’s favorite color…

Can you believe in my youth I steered clear of red and thought it didn’t work for my coloring??


Today was so windy that I had to hold my jacket from blowing open. 

I bought three of these cropped 3/4 sleeved jean jackets, after all they are a classic and can be worn for all Seasons. 

I listened to the reviews that they run small and was concerned since my arms frequently are tight on jackets. 

I bought them in a size large, but I would have been fine with a medium.  

I already washed the 98% cotton 2% spandex jacket in hot water to shrink it and it worked! 

Now to do the same with this one and the hot pink one.


It was so much fun wearing this red jacket today. 

I am so glad I got over my fear of wearing red and indulged in this purchase.  

I also have been having fun these last three days of using sea salt spray in my hair for a more laid back look. 


I am grateful that my son was able to get his newly drilled bowling ball today..He is so happy to now have two of his very own in two different weights that he uses…

I am grateful to my brother for picking my son up after work and taking him to get the ball we had to leave yesterday for drilling. 

I am grateful for the fun phone conversation with my husband from his newly upgraded suite, an apology for the ten moths in his room last night.  

I am grateful for the  pictures of his trip on Facebook and seeing all his hard work at the gym these past 6 months in his shirtless picture on the beach.  (I really need to kick it into gear) 

I am grateful that my husband took my advice and bought some shirts in great Spring colors and by doing so encourage my youngest to do the same.. You’ve got to love Old Navy…

I am grateful for our planned trip next summer to Ireland with our two youngest and the joy I hear in my youngest’s voice as he spoke about it to my brother today.  I love that my sons will both have a year of anticipation just like my husband and I did leading up to our first Ireland trip. 

I love the modern take of floral patterns on dark backgrounds.

Today’s GYPO Spring Style Challenge Outfit was suppose to be white jeans and a print top. 

My white jeans were in the wash, so I did printed pants and a white sweater.


My top is a new t-shirt from that I bought in the heather blue and a purple. 

If I had known how much I’d like them, I might have been tempted to buy more. 

Here is the website for them, but of course they are twice what I paid on Jane.Com


This was how I styled the floral pants the first time I wore them 

I think these fit nicely with my boho chic tendency. 


Two necklaces, drop earrings and a white drapey sweater are

also due to my boho preferences..


I really had fun with this outfit and have to say these floral pants 

really are a new favorite.  

It certainly was fun to sport these pants with my bright pink wedges.  

Dear Readers, Today’s bowling was a lot of fun , celebrating one child’s birthday, having one family return from their Disney trip, an end of the season pizza party (I didn’t eat any) , the kids getting their bowling balls and trophies.  If that wasn’t enough we set up three different 4 person teams for a Summer league mixing parents and teens.  It should be a great time and way for our group to keep in touch over the summer.  


I am grateful that the coach awarded my son, most improved male of the group, as he has worked hard with private lessons and bowling three times a week.  

I am grateful for bowling today, as this having my husband away in Vegas isn’t fun…

I am grateful that my son asked to go for a walk to the store today, I love our walks. 

I am grateful that my daughter called to share the news that she has an interview for an internship and that this one would start late june, allowing her to come home for May to mid-June. 

Today’s outfit recommendation for the GYPO Spring Challenge

was colored jeans, black top, cardigan and bright flats…

With such beautiful warm temperatures today, there was no way I wanted to 

wear a pair of jeans, so my new soft pants to the rescue.


I recently bought two pairs of these soft pants by Kate & Mallory because I loved them last season in a jogger style and thought why not with just a zippered bottom…

The pants are on clearance for $9.97 and I am wearing the medium. 

The Kimono is last season’s from F21 I should have taken a photo to show you the fun oriental print on the back..oops! 

Check Out all the Kimonos F21 has this Season Here and page 2 has mine from yesterday


I used ” Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Moisturizing Spray”  for a messier look today..

May 5th I have a hair appointment to get my hair done in something that fits a more messy style, wish me luck…

The necklace I found on Ebay last year.  


The combination of a soft pant and kimono is so fun and so comfortable…

I swear besides a maxi skirt, this has to be the most comfortable Spring dressing. 

Dear Readers, I hope your weather is beginning to feel like Spring, I know my daughter at Boston College is counting the days until she flies home to really experience the season…  I myself am in counting down mode as the next few weeks are going to drag on in anticipation of the family being altogether again…


I am grateful to my oldest for being there today to take us to Connor’s private  bolwing lesson. 

I am grateful to his coach for giving him a sheet that shows him where to stand for getting Spares at different types of bowling alleys to help him on competition day. 

I am grateful that my son got practice with his new ball with the coach this week, before this weekend’s competition.

I am grateful my husband’s flight went well and he arrived in Vegas despite a mix up.. 

I am grateful to my son for stepping up and making sure the trash got out to the street in his father’s absence.

I am grateful for bowling with the homeschool group to look forward to tomorrow…well today by the time I post this,lol.

Today we had a wonderful 80 degree breezy day…

For the GYPO Style Challenge outfit of the day, 

the outfit suggested dark jeans, grey t-shirt, bright cardigan,  and floral scarf. 


I at least have the grey top right…

Just kidding,  I opted for Old Navy Pixie pants and since it was too hot for me to want to sport a scarf, 

 the next best thing was to cover the grey tank with a printed kimono from last season. 


I tied the kimono right under the bustline , which is one way I like to wear them. 

I also wore a sapphire necklace that my husband gave me several years ago .  

The lipstick color is a one I recently purchased as a darker pink variety for the season.

And this bucket hat, I’ve had for 10 years, from the days when I had my consignment store…


It was so much fun to wear more summer pieces and sandals today.  

Dear Readers, My thoughts today were “Boston Strong”  as I chatted with my daughter at Boston College, who described all the cheering in the streets, police presence, and helicopters outside her apartment.  She ventured out and was in complete awe of the dedication of spectators who were in 36 degree rain, that could not dampen their enthusiasm.  She felt so blessed to witness this support and be a part of the magnificence of the Boston Marathon and the memory of those who suffered from the tragedy. 


Connor, my youngest ( homeschooler and my blog photographer) on his 15th birthday Sunday with his new bowling bag and ball..


I am grateful for how well the birthday weekend went and the love of my family. 

I am grateful that my husband’s “Boston Strong” t-shirt arrived today, as he wanted to wear it on his Vegas trip tomorrow. 

I am grateful that  my husband was able to fit in a haircut for our youngest today before leaving on his trip. 

I am grateful for a fun trip to the grocery store and planning meals for just the two of us for the remainder of the week. 

I am grateful for a wonderful phone conversation with my sister in law.  


How lucky is it to have your birthday fall on a Sunday, to extend the celebration for the entire weekend?  

It’s been so fun to have my son home from college to join us for the weekend. 

I kept it a secret that he was coming , so when the doorbell rang, I told my birthday guy that he a delivery…

He gasped, and threw open the screen door almost knocking his brother to the ground with his exuberant  hug. 

A perfect start to the Fun! 


I bought this new maxi for the GYPO Spring Style Challenge, to fit the suggestion for a floral skirt. 

The outfit suggestion was a chambray top with the skirt for Sunday,

so I opted for a dressier version here for dinner with 3 of my guys.  

Both the skirt and top are new for the challenge from Burlington Coat Factory. 


I fell in love with this skirt as I saw so many potential ways to style it.

This is probably the dressiest of the batch.

I am sure there will be another pairing in the challenge,

so it won’t be long before I get to play with it again..


I had a wonderful dinner at the birthday child’s choice at Olive Garden, 

followed by a shopping trip to Old Navy, where all three of the guys picked out a few things. 

Can you believe I didn’t even look for me? 

We ended the night out with a stop at Cheesecake Factory for dessert.  

The guys finished the night with a movie on Netflix.  

Dear Readers, I usually write posts Sunday, but my son’s birthday is tomorrow and my son heads back to college and I didn’t want to spare a moment away from them. 


I am grateful for the fabulous Sunny Warm Day! 

I am grateful that my son was able to surprise his brother for his birthday weekend and the joy I have as a mother watching the two of them interact.  

I am grateful that we were able to go bowling Saturday afternoon to get in the third day practice, since next weekend is the first bowling competition. 

I am grateful for the fun we all have together and the laughter.  

I am grateful for the admiring looks we got in Sears as others saw our playfulness and smiled and joined in our joy. 

I am grateful that my daughter called while we were driving in the car, so was a part of our evening. 

I am grateful to a manager of the bowling alley who blessed me with a fabulous ball, with the New England Patriots Logos in the exact weight my son uses to make up for the fact that the other one we ordered wasn’t here on time for the birthday celebration. ( the other one was a higher weight and will be in next week)

With Spring in my Area in Full Swing, 

I’ve found myself Pinning lots of Inspirations and thought it was time to share 

a few of my favorites. 

Women's Apparel: outfits we love | Banana Republic


Just Basics, but could be easily overlooked as a pairing.

Tan Soft Pants , Striped T, and metallic Sandals 

Outfit Posts: outfit post: teal sweater, black ankle pants, black wedges


Teal and Cobalt with neutral shoes

I loved this color combo

"Cool Colors" by archimedes16 on Polyvore


I just bought some mint flats and liked the orange and chambray color combo.

I think I will try this with a long boho orange skirt. 

"Cool Comfort" by kbeeler on Polyvore


I liked the idea of mint with cobalt and have similar pieces to do this look. 

casual comfort outfit.


I recently bought a red jean jacket , so of course this caught my eye

I think I may switch this up to my grey striped skirt instead

Color combo to work. esp green & brown


I happen to have a green skirt, brown t-shirt and yellow sweater...

Style & Poise: Corporate Chic: Black and White Prints


Stripes and polk a dots, what’s not to love. 

I would change this up to fit my more casual lifestyle with different shoes

2015-02-05a.jpg (701×1050)


I love the pop of color with the bright shoe

spring work outfit featuring Christiano Siriano shoes and bag


Another Variation on that theme

Super cute!


Black dress with jean jacket and the added fun of cognac accessories 

Dear Readers, It is so much to look at outfit inspiration ideas on Pinterest.  Some days I just search “Spring Outfits”, while other days I get more specific and search something like, “Mint Shoes Outfits”.   The beauty of this is finding new ways that aren’t my first instinct to style items I own.  With a few years of blogging this is very helpful to find new ways to pair items.  I highly recommend it as a fun hobby for anyone interested in upping their style.  

Do you have any favorites among these outfits? 

I love your comments, so keep them coming,

since I don’t blog for money, they keep me going! 

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Weekend!  

I will be celebrating my youngest turning 15!  

Wonderful and Sad at the same time…

Once again I am doing a twist on the GYPO Spring Style Challenge, 

and this time it was due to not having a great pair of dark straight or skinny jeans. 

To be more specific, not a pair that fit me right now.  


Today’s Outfit suggestion was to embrace the Denim on Denim Trend.  

This was the one that caused the most stress among the challengers and I wish I had been able to pull it of myself. 

Super simple outfit and I love the choice of shoes!


This is a great example of how the rend looks, of course for those in the challenge, a pair of bright flats are more suitable for the Spring vibe…


Speaking of Spring Flats, I purchased these from Amazon just for the Spring Challenge. 

My Chambray top is from Old Navy and again my bag is from Just Fab

As for my Jeans, what can I say, I am addicted to my Diane Gilman Jeans!  

They never disappoint and have stretch that works for this frustrating time of weight fluctuations.  


I loved this color combo and my new shoes are going to get a lot of use…

I have several ideas already for them… 

If you haven’t added bright flats to your Spring Wardrobe, I highly recommend them. 


Keeping it real, I added the jacket as the temperature was cool enough to warrant 

it for my walk to the grocery store.  


I am so grateful that I went back to bed this morning and caught up on some much needed sleep.

I am grateful for the fun of the Style Challenge and making these looks all my own. 

 I am grateful for the mess up and one pound weight gain from yesterday, as sometimes we can get complacent and wake up calls are good motivation.

I am grateful for the fun of going to the grocery store with my son to pick out fun marinades for Chicken, we have our two favorites and picked up two new ones as well.  

I am grateful that tomorrow is Friday, it’s a long week,when you are waiting for birthday surprises for your child and I still have to wait for Sunday for most…

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