Versatile Style by Tracey

Feeling under the weather….LOL.. Literally the dramatic drop in temps from the 70′s to freezing messed up my sinuses..

So here’s so Inspirations since I did not get outfit photos…

Photo - Spiritual Inspiration

This reminds me of a country song I love..

Unanswered prayers by Garth Brooks

A leap of faith...

We’ve all struggled at times and need to remember this one...

Legend says...

I wonder whose dream I’ve been in these past few weeks, LOL…


Only a true Optimist could appreciate the truth of this one….

It really is about how we chose to frame things…

This one is to honor my dear mother, who taught me by example 

Dear Readers, Wishing You a Fabulous Day!  


I am grateful that despite my missing the Homeschooling Holiday Feast that my oldest took my youngest…

I am grateful that after my youngest left near 11am that I went back to bed and slept until after 2pm… I miss the days when I had children in school and napped on days when I wasn’t feeling well… Now on 4th year homeschooling and I don’t do that anymore…

I am grateful to my dearest friend for texting me a message of pure love, and she didn’t even know I wasn’t feeling well!  

I am grateful for having all the Thanksgiving grocery shopping is  done and not having to fight the throngs of shoppers next week…

I am grateful for tea and hot chocolate and sweet moments of sharing a cup with my son….

I am grateful that a 20 degree warm up is on it’s way…even if it brings rain!

Last week I asked which Pinterst Inspirations you liked

to see which one to do next and here it is..


I had to add a necklace to my look….

I am very fond of creating a long vertical line with necklaces or scarves…

For a curvy woman , it’s a wonderful styling trick…


Notice my hair in the wind….

It was a cold and windy 40 degrees..
I braved it without my customary hat, but that didn’t last long…

I walked to the grocery store shortly after the photos and put on a hat and a long warm coat….


I knew that chunky sweaters were going to be big this season…

So I scored this Liz Claiborne from JCP online over the summer on clearance…

I love getting another chance to wear my newest investment purse…

It’s by Gili via QVC and can be found here


This was a perfect Mom on the Go look for my busy day… 

The original had black leggings, but I chose to wear my Old Navy Pants found here

and the chambray shirt is Old Navy as well…

I have to say I really like the addition of the cognac boots in this look as another color…

I typically struggle to add a fourth color into outfits, so love that Pinterest advanced my style..


I am so grateful to my son’s friends at college who went above and beyond to make his Birthday day special…

I am grateful that my son called to share how his suite and hall mates had surprised him with a balloon filled room and Large Nicholas Cage picture and assorted quotes…. apparently they planned this for over a month!  

I am grateful that when doing PT on this cold morning that they ended it early and that my son decided he needs gloves for next time….

I am grateful that when my Mom gene kicks in and I call  my college son and ask if he is wearing a hat during morning PT, that he laughs with me and is never irritated ….

I am grateful that homeschooling went smoothly today and that he is on track and taking responsibility for keeping up the schedule…

I just loved the shades of purples and pinks in this outfit….

This scarf was a gift from my son and among my favorites!  


Even my reusable grocery bag works with today’s look….

I was headed out to get ingredients for the vegetable tray and pasta salad 

I will spend tomorrow putting together for the Homeschool  Bowling Holiday Feast ….


With Temp in the mid 70′s and very windy, what to wear????

I opted to start with a lavendar 3/4 sleeve Geoffrey Beene sweater and layer it to give a Fall look…

The purple poncho is Old Navy and thrifted , while the scarf was a gift from Burlington Coat Factory..


I struck just the note I was hoping for…

Colorful and fun with layers that worked for the warm day…

The winds kicked up on and off all day, not so much during my photo shoot, though…

Dear Readers, Today (Monday)  is my 3rd child’s 19th birthday… I can’t believe how wonderful it feels to celebrate this wonderful young man.  So much is talked about how hard it is to have children move on and out of the house… Nobody mentions the pride you feel when you turn over the reigns and watch them make great  choices for their lives.  I look forward to this new chapter of seeing his young man soar.  He really has everything he needs to make it and I keep pinching myself to be so blessed!   Times like this really make me miss my parents and sharing this journey with them…. 


I am grateful for a warm windy day… don’t know why but I love windy days they energize me!   

I am grateful that my youngest delights in watching the winds whipping the trees or at least humors me in joining in..

I am grateful that my children are all so close and keep in touch with each other.  

I am grateful for my fun walk in the winds to get groceries…

I am grateful that I was wrong about having another payment for my son’s tuition and that I was able to move funds into savings since Ireland depleted it considerably- no regrets there though!!! 

Lucky me that I took these photos Friday…

as I got sidelined and didn’t get any weekend outfits….


We had such a bright sunny day, but this time of year we get others that are just down right gloomy and cloudy…

I really feel my mood changing when sunlight isn’t pouring in my house windows and greatly appreciate days like this one!


Daily when we move from my tree photo to the city driveway next door for the remaining photos, my son snaps this overhead picture of the leaves changing colors….So today I thought I’d indulge him and post one…

It’s the least I can do for my dedicated photographer…


I love wearing sequins in the daytime, as my generation certainly remembers a time when they were reserved for more formal  evening wear.   This top is from a company at ShopHQ called Glitterscape and while my navy top is sold out, it’s available in a teal color for just $12.97.   This tee is lightweight, making it perfect for layering… I layered my chambray shirt underneath for added warmth…

While at the ShopHQ website you could check for other top options in this brand including short sleeved ones.  

My Navy Moto is from last year F21, but here is this years collection….


I love rocking a fedora to keep my head warm of cooler days and will be using a lot of hats in the coming months, as I’ve collected a few in the past couple years.  I’ve always loved hats, but blogging definitely opened me up to getting a bigger variety, something that delights me… It’s such a small expenditure for a great addition that lets my fun character come out.. I still can’t believe my daughter had this lace fedora and never wore it so she gave it to me…

Dear Readers, I am so happy cooler temps have arrived and that boot weather is upon us… Of course I’ll probably be regretting saying that later in full winter, but for now I embrace it!  

I mentioned earlier that the lack of sunlight changes my mood, so wanted to share that I have a Verilux Sunlight Lamp that I use during winter months and indeed it does help… 

Mine is like this one at Bed Bath and Beyond, I know there are more expensive therapy lights ,but since my symptoms are more on the mild range, this does the trick….


I was sad that I was sidelined with menstrual issues that made me not able to spend Sunday with my son at VCU in Richmond for his birthday celebration (his b’day is Monday and he is 19!), but there is always a reverse to every situation and I really am grateful for an entire day all alone…. it’s so rare these days with homeschooling….

I am grateful that I can see the end near and am looking forward to full  menopause… and while I am at it,I am grateful that I’ve had easy cycles with very mild symptoms for my life….

I am grateful to my son for being so gracious about my not making it to see him…

I am grateful that the 3 guys got to spend a day together and that my husband brought a cake and has his 7 suite mates join in singing to him..

I am grateful for sappy Hallmark movies…

I am grateful for the sound of my content dog snoring deeply. 

When thinking of this look I could only come up with the title 

Texture and Pattern….


This open weaved sweater is actually a heavy weight, so why not extend it’s use for cooler temps…

Previously I wore it only in Spring or Summer with a tank underneath..

Make note of my Just Fab purse in this shot because I turned it backwards in the other pictures, LOL


My Gingham blouse and Jones NY sweater are both items I thrifted…

I especially love finding button up blouses when thrifting because I never owned any a few years ago and now have about 8-10…. For just $2 each , you would be surprised at the name brands and like new condition that you can find thrifting….


Again my son wanted me to stand in the leaves and I rather like it….

I wasn’t sure what shoes to pair with these cargo joggers and opted for the second pair of boots I bought in Ireland…

Of course in freezing temps I wouldn’t even want a sliver of my leg showing, but so many times our temps swing back and forth so much that perhaps I’ll manage a similar look with my tan cargo joggers, both from F21 from previous season…


I felt pretty boho in this look and liked that!  

I definitely do more boho looks in Summer and Spring, but it’s nice to get that feel in cooler temps…

Dear Readers, tonight I tried a quick new recipe for Chicken with a very easy Feta sauce from Pinterest

Chicken with Feta Cheese Sauce. Mmm yummy!!! Reduced fat feta and Smart Balance could make this a great bandster recipe!

You can find the info Here

I made a few changes, by adding in garlic powder and artichoke hearts and leaving out the chives…

I really liked it and think I could have even added in Spinach or mushrooms….which I will try next time….

I used 2% milk evaporated milk and 1/3 less fat Feta cheese

I paired it with grilled Zucchini .  


I am grateful for Pinterest and have many recipes saved that I am going to do a better job of trying…

I am grateful that Redbook magazine which came in the mail today had a recipe for Vegetarian Lasagna , which I am going to try soon as I have deprived myself from Lasagna since my weight loss began…

I am grateful for the older man (think late 70′s) who came to me in Burlington to compliment my Fedora and show me his own…. He made me smile and I know I did the same…

I am grateful for my gutsy spirit and reply to the youngster in the Dollar Tree who yelled out rudely that they needed another cashier (there was only 3 people in each line)…. I told him it was an opportunity to learn Patience… I said it in a very laughing fun way and he smiled and calmed down….

I am grateful for the look the cashier gave me to say thank you…

I am grateful that I had a nice walk to the stores as it really lifts my spirits…

I am grateful that I didn’t buy anything at Burlington, as I really don’t need anything else for the Season….

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, that I wanted to breath in deeply ,

as in two days we are dropping 20 degrees into the mid 40′s..

I love Hump Days, remember I post pics from the previous day…cause it means homeschool bowling group! 


My 14 year old photographer told me that there was a great glow on me with the sun in this spot…

He is so funny and I am so glad he notices little things and gets pleasure out of  being my photographer…


He also chose for me to stand further back than normal to catch me in all the leaves…

Now if only my hair had cooperated…


If you are a regular you’ve seen the jeans quite a bit and the Dooney purse to match…

Well the sweater is new and bought over the Summer on clearance at Burlington Coat Factory…

Let me tell you, I just knew I had to have it for these pants cause I am not done with them, yet!

This is the song I had in my head all day….An oldie, but a good one…


I am grateful that my son’s bowling scores improved this week.

I am grateful that even though the group got bigger and my son feared he’d get lost , that he hung in there and seems to be fitting in just fine.

I am grateful that in just one week I’ve convinced all the mom’s to bowl too…(two of us did it all last Winter and through the Summer)

I am grateful for the beautiful day and lift to my spirits that sunny days like this provide…

I’ve been liking wearing neutrals a lot more recently..

Don’t worry my spunky side will not let me go in that direction entirely…

Researching some looks for neutrals via Pinterest resulted in these finds…

Perfect for fall and oh so simple. You need 4 things to pull this outfit off. Button up shirt, sweater (long enough to cover your bum), leggings and riding boots. So cute!! - Julie

Outfit 1

I like that I own all four elements here…

Actually I only pin looks that I can use for inspiration with items I currently own..

White jeans and white sweater with brown booties and brown belt... love!

Outfit 2

White and creme with cognac accents…

55+ Fall Outfit Ideas, super cute clothing inspiration for fall!

Outfit 3

 A striped skirt layered with a chambray shirt and grey sweater

Military Jacket with Black Dress

Outfit 4

Black dress and Olive military jacket…. 

Such basics that most bloggers own…

nice 70849105976 - fall fashion

Outfit 5

Love the polka dots and leopard pattern mixing.

Black & white stripes + white skinnies.

Outfit 8

Yet another way to wear white jeans , this time a key element is the statement necklace…

Dear Readers, Any favorites among these?  

Chime in and look to see which one of these I style soon…


I am grateful to my parents for teaching me what love was and giving me a strong foundation in which to face life’s difficulties.

I am grateful for Veteran’s Day, a day to celebrate all those who served and sacrificed.

I am grateful that my son is doing a much better job of taking responsibility for his homeschooling schedule.

I am grateful for friends who support and love me as dearly as I love them!


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