Versatile Style by Tracey

Today was a funny day with temps swinging back and forth as the cloud cover came and went…

When the sun was shining it was too warm for my sweater..

I’d go into a building, come out and either put the sweater on or take it off…


I actually didn’t plan on wearing the sweater, but was lucky enough to have it tucked into my tote bag 

with my bowling shoes for the first activity of the day…

I bought this sweater and a cobalt one from BJ’s because they were $12,99  and everywhere

else I saw that style they were twice as much…

I originally packed my new pants from Old Navy, but unpacked them to wear today…


I bought this top awhile ago, from TJ  Maxx , but hadn’t worn it yet…

My intention was for another option to wear with my red-orange jeans .

You can’t really tell that it has tiny beading in the print…

I love the length of this tunic for my petite height and the lighter,more sheer hem.


I love an opportunity to wear my orange blush and lipsticks….


I really loved this outfit and think that I would love to have a few more tops in this silhouette.  

I already ordered a second pair of these pants in black… 

I like that I got them on a great sale price with their 30% off online…

My pointed toe flats are thrifted and get a lot of use!!!! 

Dear Readers, Have you embraced the color grey for the season?   

If not what color have you added to your wardrobe for Fall? 

I opted to embrace it and get bi-focals today, yep, I ‘ve reached that stage! 


I am grateful that my husband was off for most of the day and joined us for the homeschool bowling. 

I am grateful that my son who was thinking he was over bowling is renewed and joined the league. 

I am grateful that we had some new families join our bowling group.

I am grateful that my husband and I also were able to do walk ins for eye appointments today.

I am grateful for Karma and for the fun we had laughing about that today

I am grateful my dear friend accompanied me to pick out glasses , as going alone to do that is not something I enjoy…

I am grateful that even with the majority of the day for fun, my husband still had a profitable evening. 

Today was cloudy and in the low 70’s ! 

Time to wear a jacket!  


I can’t believe that I don’t remember where I found the lace bomber jacket…

You’ve seen the Golden Tote maxi before…

The metallic pointed toe flats and purse are both thrifted pieces 

and my lace fedora was a cast off of my daughters that I’ve gotten a lot of use from..


I was really feeling strongly about missing my mother today, so I opted to wear my Ruby necklace (her birthstone and her medic alert necklace (allergies for Penicillin and Sulpha drugs)…

Funny that it came up on my husband’s birthday and not mine a week ago…

I think the changes with my kids going away to college,  the birthdays and the Ireland trip are just making me

wish I was sharing this journey with my dear mother, as we shared everything!  


It was fun to feel a little like Fall for the first time…

Tomorrow’s high is suppose to be 78…

Oh well, I take what I can get..

Dear Readers, I about panicked today when I called to schedule a hair appointment before my Ireland trip, and was told my stylist is going on vacation next Monday… No worries as he fit me in and I am going on Friday..The benefit of having the same stylist for the past 9 years.  


I am grateful that my husband had a light day and was able to take his new jeans in for alterations…

I am grateful for a fun conversation with my son after his first PT. with ROTC.  

I am grateful for my strong faith to keep me strong when dealing with my friend’s crazy life in the court system and wish I could warn the world if your child is molested at a young age that our courts at least her in Virginia have policies that are insane and not protective.  

I am grateful that my friend is a strong woman!  

I am grateful for the internet and the amazing information at our fingertips… Remember encyclopedias???

Today there is no outfit post because I spent my Sunday afternoon and evening in Workout Gear…

You see, I tried on my coated skinny jeans for the Ireland trip and they were tight due to my 8lb weight gain…

I did a 2.5 mile walk around my neighborhood…

Then in the evening my husband suggested a walk at our beach boardwalk…

The King Neptune Statue - Photo Credit:  © 2007 George Alexander, licensed to, Inc.

King Neptune Statue 

And I jumped at the chance as there is nothing better than our beach once tourist season is over…

Our night started with a stop into a store that had all kinds of Sports Products,

Where we each picked out something for out Ireland Trip


Luggage Tags for our Checked Bags!  


Notice my Steelers picture came first and is bigger…LOL!

The funniest part about that store is that we didn’t notice until coming out that it was previously owned by my best friend and one I worked in after closing my consignment store , when she was pregnant and having my now adopted 8 year old niece. 

As we walked a few blocks we heard music and of course he looked at me and asked if I wanted to go there!

Silly Question, I LOVE BEACH Concerts!!!!

Lo and Behold it was Our Favorite Local Band

The Deloreans, An 80’s tribute band… Their Facebook Page Here

Picture from my husband’s cell phone…

So, My walk on the Boardwalk turned into an hour and a half of dancing!!!!

Hence my blog post title, Happy Accidents! 

It was such a fun time and we loved it!!!

Dear Readers, I am happy that my first day back to exercising went so well, and it’s a lot more fun to dance than any other form in my humble opinion…So wish me luck as I try to workout and see how much weight I can drop in the next 3 weeks before our trip!


I am grateful for a nice morning of thrifting and coffee with a dear friend!

I am grateful for my friend’s inspiration  , as she has been walking, which led me to change clothes and do my 2.5 mile neighborhood route…

I am grateful that my husband suggested a walk at the beach…

I am grateful for the artists in our life that are dedicated to their art and struggle financially to entertain us and do something they love! 

I am grateful to my husband for indulging me and buying me a Deloreans t-shirt in shocking 80’s pink…look for it for future styling..

I am grateful for a fun night with my husband and for music where you know all the words!   

Happy 46th Birthday to my Dear Husband!  Looking forward to our Ireland trip and you taking time off from work!

I am ready for Fall and am just not feeling inspired to dress

and photograph  outfits to suit my summer like temps…

I thought you my Dear Readers Could Benefit on a post from guru stylist Angie at You Look Fab

I think it is great for Stay at Home Mother’s and Women over 40

who aren’t addicted to fashion, but want to look current and not out of it completely…

Four Shortcuts to a More Current Style

And Now Some Sayings to Get Your Weekend Started…


Yup she's a cheater and always will be

Best Laughter Image Quotes And Saying

people in our life...

15 Inspirational Quotes of the Day 1

Dear Readers, Any of these resonate with you?  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with laughter, fun , family and friends! 


I am grateful that for homeschooling today we pushed through a tough math assignment of definitions when all he really wants to do is get to the problems!

I am grateful that the UnviersalClass has a lot of writing assignments since this is his biggest weakness…

I am grateful that he is also really utilizing note taking for the first time.

I am grateful that the Old Navy order came in with a new jacket and two shirts for my youngest who loved them! 

I  am grateful for nice phone call from my son at VCU today and his text letting me know he was watching and cheering my football team on tonight..

I don’t think there is anything better in fashion right now for Stay at Home Mother’s than

The Sporty Trend…

I added this Sweatshirt Dress to my Sporty Pieces for Fall/Winter


This literally came in the mail today, and I couldn’t wait to put it on…

My husband came home for a dinner break before his last appointment and the expression on his face said it all,

“He wasn’t impressed”  

When questioned, he said it was very plain… It’s a MOM ON THE GO look and perfect for that role in my life…

I truly wonder what he will feel when this becomes my favorite dress and I style it with sweaters, vests, tights, boots and scarves..

I just know that the comfort and casualness of this , it’s bound to be a favorite for my days homeschooling, with maybe a walk to the store, which is what today consisted of…


I shouldn’t have worn a hot pink bra with straps that show…LOL! 

I guess it’s a good thing I am my own person and don’t need my husband to like everything I do!  

Of course he felt much better when I mentioned it wasn’t a date night dress…

Dear Readers, I really do love the sporty trend and mixing these pieces with more formal pieces for a great ying/yang juxtaposition…

For today I went full on sporty, but look forward to getting creative with this basic dress…

Full ball skirt with grey sweatshirt.... LOVE!

Look at this sweatshirt with the long skirt… Pinterest is full of looks for a grey sweatshirt…

Not so many for my dress, but I am so looking forward to ways to style this baby!  

Now I just need cool weather, as the entire week is in the upper 70’s to lower 80’s aaaagggh! 

heather grey sweatshirt sheath dress, jean jacket + black mules

I like this one and will do my version when weather permits..


I am grateful that I was able to fall asleep after a rough night and sleep in until noon..

I am grateful that even after a late start , we still achieved success in homeschooling (he slept til noon too!)

I am grateful for time my husband had today to come home for dinner.

I am grateful for leftovers for easy dinner on chaotic day.

I am grateful for this upcoming trip and a chance for a much needed break after getting two kids off to college 

I am grateful that my youngest seems to be adjusting to being the only child home. 

My one birthday wish was to take advantage of the time with my husband and go to the Mall…

Not a surprise for a fashion blogger….

However, my wish was to find something of a statement piece for my husband as

he doesn’t like to get himself things often.

In packing for Ireland, I had so many choices, while he does not…

He works 6 days a week and just doesn’t feel the need for great casual wear..

Men | Jackets & Coats | H&M US

This H&M bomber jacket was among two I picked for him to try on and the one he ended up buying…

I was literally smiling ear to ear and telling him that I am tickled pink!  

It looks fabulous on him!

Product Detail | H&M US

I also talked him into this shawl collar sweater as he doesn’t have anything in that style. 

The only other things I’d like to add for the trip for him are both in cognac- a belt and shoes…

He is very picky about shoes , so wish me luck finding the right pair…

Dear Readers, don’t you worry, I am not all self sacrificing, my birthday present is coming… I want the luxury of choosing the Aran sweater of my dreams on our Ireland trip… I don’t know what that is yet, but I will know it when I see it!  

Layered henleys. You say you don't like this collar but I think it looks great, esp layered like in this pic.

I pinned this look for inspiration because I love the two Henley’s together…

I bought a grey and navy Henley from Old Navy  for DH to try this..

I also ordered him this sweater from Old Navy, since he has all solid sweaters.

It’s been fun finding clothes for my husband


I am grateful to my husband for starting my day off with breakfast in bed…

I am grateful for a fun day with my husband and youngest son at the mall..

I am grateful that my husband granted me my birthday of shopping for him…

I am grateful for my dear friend who took me out to dinner and a movie!

I am grateful for all the birthday wishes from friends, readers  and family.

I am grateful for 49 wonderful years of life! 

I am grateful for chocolate cake!  

There is nothing I love more about Fall than Football Season, 

When you lose your father at just 13 like I did, 

those memories are precious..

One of my father’s strongest legacy’s is my love of the game and his team! 

A great start the the season with a divisional win and the loss by Baltimore who we play Thursday Night…

You’ve gotta Love Thursday night FOOTBALL!  

When I post this, it will be my 49th birthday… a birthday my father never had, since he passed at just 42.

Can’t help , but feel sentimental during times like these…


We had a very cloudy day, so no sunglasses needed…

I haven’t worn my heels much due to my broken toe, but loved sporting these today…

My purse from JustFab is fast becoming a favorite


Dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

The days are going to be flying by as, the Ireland trip is in 28 days…

I’ve packed everything except for underclothing and toiletries…I think that some would say that’s my Virgo nature….

I chose to do black, grey, cream burgundy/deep red and navy as my colors for the trip.

I know I am probably taking too much,but that’s in my nature too… I am lucky that DH encourages me to take many choices…

I’ve noticed DH has some holes in his casual wardrobe and am buying him a few more pairs of pants.  

He is good with shirts, sweaters, shoes, and jackets. 


I am grateful for the fun of Football season and the way it brings our family together, despite different teams. 

I am grateful for a call from my son at college to just catch up with me, he really is a great son!

I am grateful that my friend is available to spend my birthday lunch with me!

I am grateful the excitement of the Ireland trip and how I feel like dancing! 

I am grateful that our weather stays warmer through September and packing early won’t hurt my options.  

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