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As I leave for my trip of a lifetime to Ireland, I thought I would show you my Dear Readers, 

the Castles we will be staying in during the last half of our 3 week journey…

I can’t imagine taking 3 week vacations very often, but who knows what the future holds…

Soak in the beautiful Irish countryside on a self-guided trip with a rental car; stay in luxury accommodations in four quaint villages

Luxury Dromoland Castle Vacation with Rental Car and Airfare Deal of the Day | Groupon

Luxury Dromoland Castle Vacation with Rental Car and Airfare Deal of the Day | Groupon

Luxury Dromoland Castle Vacation with Rental Car and Airfare Deal of the Day | Groupon

Luxury Dromoland Castle Vacation with Rental Car and Airfare Deal of the Day | Groupon

Luxury Dromoland Castle Vacation with Rental Car and Airfare Deal of the Day | Groupon

Luxury Dromoland Castle Vacation with Rental Car and Airfare Deal of the Day | Groupon

Luxury Dromoland Castle Vacation with Rental Car and Airfare Deal of the Day | Groupon

Luxury Dromoland Castle Vacation with Rental Car and Airfare Deal of the Day | Groupon

These are the locations of the 3 of the four castles, the last one is just south of Dublin, like 25 miles away…

perfect for going to the airport to return home.

The first half of our trip will be spent in a family home in Galway, my husband’s father’s cousin…

Dear Readers, I will miss you all terribly and if you want updates along the way, please like my Facebook page, where I will be posting pictures and updates…

And don’t forget to take over for me with your own daily gratitude… It would warm my heart if you left something you are grateful for during these three weeks for me to read upon my return and for others to see to spice up their days as well!  

So Chime in my dear readers, as much and as often as you like…

What are YOU Grateful FOR????

This outfit would be a good candidate for adding the pop of color in a pump 

that I showed earlier in the week…

I , however give you a peek and my real life,

Of Mom on the Go…

Tomorrow will be my last post before heading off on my three week Ireland Vacation.

If you haven’t already liked my Facebook page and want to see pictures and updates while I am gone,

Please do so now…


The leaves are beginning to Fall…

I am wondering if they will all be gone by the time I come home from my trip….


An outfit of neutrals doesn’t have to be boring…

Adding a pattern with both the lace and the stripes takes this up a notch.  

In addition to pattern the lace also adds the element of texture. a great way to 

infuse interest when wearing neutrals.

Adding shine with a trio of gold bracelets and metallic flats also adds interest…

Forgoing a necklace  was intentional as to not be too busy..


I am rather pleased with the serenity this outfit brought to me day..

Don’t like how stiff I look in this photo, but wasn’t a good day for pics, so using what I have…

I am beyond over tired and quite frankly over this dumb 6:30 wake up, which I can only surmise is menopause related…

Tonight, I am taking Melatonin in hopes of breaking this cycle and getting more than 5-6 hours of sleep…

Wish me Luck , cause by afternoon I am not functioning well…


I am grateful for a great group of homeschooling families and the camaraderie in our bowling group.

I am grateful that one of the mom’s is going to help with transportation , so my son doesn’t miss three weeks of bowling while I am gone.

I am grateful that my oldest stopped by today and we went over what he needed to know before leaving him in charge.

I am grateful that I paid all the bills today despite my exhaustion.  

I am grateful that I thought to get bungee cords to strap our carry-ons onto our checked bags for easier maneuvering. 

I am grateful my husband was able to visit a sick friend in the hospital and that his job allows for this during the day…

When I first received this dress in the mail, 

I styled it in a sporty way and my husband wasn’t impressed..

Not to be deterred I decide to try a second go round…

Note:  I wanted to do this now as going bare legged in November

when I return from Ireland may not be an option..

Speaking of Ireland If you wish to join me on my three week trip, 

then by all means like my Facebook page to see my updates….


Peep toe booties from Payless and my newest Just Fab Purse, which is going to be accompanying me to Ireland…

Sweatshirt dress by Old Navy

There are Links to Payless, Just FAb and Old Navy, if you click on the words…

I had a lot of fun wearing these booties and test driving them for comfort, which they passed with flying colors! 
They are also making it to Ireland as Pub wear… You have to love a chunky heel….


Not the best photo, but my new bifocal glasses , which I love!  

No more taking my glasses off to read and no more leaning forward to see the computer and hurting my back.

I bought this necklace from Ebay as a more edgy piece for when I’m in that mood…


I really had fun with this look today and had compliments and comments regarding

shoe comfort and noticed quite a few sideways looks from men..

Who knew shoes could change an outfit so dramatically..

My husband changed his opinion on the dress and even sent me a text to make sure I knew…


Here’s the first look that didn’t impress my husband….

A perfectly acceptable Mom on the Go Look, which I stand behind…


And last of all, my new bifocal prescription sunglasses…


I am only going to describe one gratitude today instead of my normal list because this one brings me such strong emotions and is absolutely priceless…

I am grateful that my husband changed careers and chose what was best for our family and his health ,  even though it was so tough to leave a company he loved and felt like family.  I am grateful that he so wisely chose to resign from the management position when his hands were tied and he wasn’t permitted to do the hiring and firing necessary to make an effective team.  I am grateful that these past two months he has generated incredible sales which allowed him to pay for tuition for our son, for October bills before leaving for Ireland, for plenty of cash for our Ireland trip and will have a check awaiting our return to cover November bills… This is an incredible feat that will give him the best time of his life… You see, working commission sales can be tough, never knowing each week what will happen and what income will be around the corner… His consistency in this position and new product line will give him Peace Of Mind on this trip… This is something that anyone on 100% commission never takes for granted.  We are pinching ourselves that our two middle children are doing well in college and graduate school , while our oldest and youngest will have an incredible three weeks to bond.

And most importantly this is the most relaxed and longest vacation my dear husband has ever had, being the sole provider for our family and struggling through the years of a tough economy has been hugely stressful and no one deserves this time and this peace more than he does…

Lastly I would just like to take this moment to say, Thank you to my dear husband for all his hard work and for the ability for me to stay home and parent our children and give them the tools they need to live successful and happy lives.   I’ve never taken that for granted and I am forever grateful!  

Please Pardon me If you already read this news on Facebook or Forum,

I really am over the moon and want to shout from a mountain top!

I’ve been noticing and been attracted to a lot of looks on Pinterest

that have all one color and the only Pop is in the shoes…

So I decided to give it a whirl…

Readers if you wish to join me on my Ireland Journey, Please Like My Facebook Page, as

I will be posting there , but not taking time to write posts here! 


I of course had to have a top that had a little green in it as well…

It just got cool enough for me to wear this much loved kimon0 sleeved banded bottom  sweater from last year…

Here’s an orange banded bottom top from Metrosytle 

Here’s a black kimono sleeve sweater from Chadwicks


You can’t tell put the green is added by a houndstooth print.  

I paired my glass bead necklace with it.   


Popping a head to toe color with a colorful  shoe is one trend represented here..

The other is going back to matching purses, belts and shoes…

We’ve been doing contrasting colors for awhile now , but for those who like matching,

it’s coming back….

The Go-To Uniform for Stylish Moms: Striped Tops - Reese Witherspoon from #InStyle

Another option would be to wear classic neutrals and a pop in the shoe..

I have orange pumps and this would be an easy look to recreate…

olivia palermo chic street style // love the denim paired with blue heels

Or How about a chambray and black with cobalt pumps…

Dear Readers, Do you have at least one bright colored pump to try out this trend?  

Do you like this idea?

I have cobalt ones as well… My orange and cobalt ones are both from the Comfort Plus Line @ Payless, which now has a teal color…

If you are not into wearing heels then I recommend getting a similar look by adding a colored pointed toe flat. 

Here’s a link to cobalt flats from Target. 


I am grateful that DH and I met up for lunch today as we both took a break from running  our separate errands.

I am grateful my husband was able to find his Dockers slim fit pants in his new size today, as he’s lost 2 inches off his waist and his pants looked ridiculous…. He joked and called them his lucky pants as he sold a lot of deals in them these past two months….

I am grateful that our to do list is whittling down and I just have ink to buy to print our airline and train tickets, while DH has to get a new cell phone and maps for the GPS for Ireland.  

I am grateful I decided not to homeschool except for French and Piano this week…

I was so busy running errands for the Ireland trip yesterday that I never got outfit photos…

I decided it was time to share my lust for Boston Proper Catalog

that I get in the mail on a regular basis and drool over…

If you are interested in seeing pictures I post when I am in Ireland for almost three weeks , 

please like my Facebook Page as I will be posting there not on my blog…

image enlargement

Leather Jacket -$298

I never bought the black leather I promised myself when I reached goal weight…

Perhaps I’ll point DH in this direction…

image enlargement

This Sweater Coat comes in 3 colors, I love them all…$129

I think my favorite is the black, though…

image enlargement

A peplum cardigan in this color, black and navy – $89

With my love of femininity in my style, this would be a great addition. 

I am considering the Navy one.

I am lacking in a basic black dress and this

Fit n Flare with jersey top and scuba skirt might just be the answer!


image enlargement

I’ve been looking for a nice boho style belt and this one is fabulous 

Dear Readers, After having to redo an entire wardrobe due to weight loss and now moving forward in the same size for over a year, I feel more confident in making bigger ticket price purchases.  I plan to start a new budget for myself of $250 per month and will be posting monthly how I choose to use those funds. I am looking forward to sticking to a budget and seeing what I do with it.  In all honesty I probably have spent this much or more monthly if you include shoes and purse purchases, but have not kept track.  I really didn’t want to know what I was spending, but now I want to be more responsible and purposeful.  Some months I may buy one key piece others I may by a few basics.  

Before I begin this I plan to do a closet purge of some items that I thrifted and no longer want or purchase mistakes like we all make.  

I look forward to starting all this once I return from Ireland. so perhaps November!


I am so grateful that we found the best travel neck pillows at TJ Maxx..  (we got the last two) pictured below , but we have them in red for $19.99

I often say little things make me happy and you should have seen how giddy I was about these.. They are so soft and you can cinch them in to fit tighter.  The pictured one is from Amazon for $39.99

I am grateful that my husband succeeded in finding two more pairs of jeans, one in dark grey and one tan to complete the pants he needed for the trip

I am grateful for the fun we had running our errands, accompanied by our one remaining child at home…

I am grateful for how this upcoming trip of a lifetime is making me feel close to my mother, understanding how she felt about her trip to Scotland. 

I am grateful that the paycheck my husband receives while away in Ireland will be enough to pay our November Bills and he still has 5 days to make it more…

We leave Just One Week from Today!  

To celebrate I thought I would share some wonderful 

Travel Quotes…

#travel #quotes

Start your adventure.

We couldn't agree more.

Where are you going next?

"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." Gustave Flaubert

Travel changes you for the better.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

I love wearing black and blue together…

I also  love adding Pattern into outfits…

Pattern Pants are always a winner in my book!  


These are my newest pants bought from HSN by  Diane Gilman,

fortunately for me, they were just $19.99 on clearance, but now aren’t available. 


I wore this without the sweater until it got cooler in the early evening . 

I’ve worn this top before and love the sheer bottom that floats and moves , 

feels almost like a skirt…

I love tunics and skinny or straight pants, however once my tall boots come out I tend to wear them less

, as the proportions for my petite height don’t work.

 If  you’ve never photographed outfits, I highly recommend it because your mirror is a liar,

which is how I discovered the best proportions. 

I cringe to think how wrong I was dressing for my petite height prior to blogging…


I doubled up my necklaces and added hoop earrings and a headband for a lite boho vibe…


Notice the black tipping on my sweater…

It’s one I ‘ve had for a few years and keep thinking about getting rid of, but haven’t and I’m glad of that. 

My Aerosoles mules continue to be a favorite. 

Dear Readers. I am now in single digits on my countdown to Ireland. I can’t believe that the year long wait is almost over. I hope you haven’t tired of my year long anticipation and excitement.  I’m probably more excited than I was at first since we added in staying in 4 castles and a night in New York.  I have a lot to do before leaving to get the house ready for my oldest to come back home and stay with my youngest and for the animals to all have food and their needs met.  And if that wasn’t enough the 5 year light bulbs have all gone out and I need to go get more and change them all out..Wonder what else will pop up?   I look forward to the days of no kids and no pets to worry about, then again it will be here all too soon…


I am grateful that my oldest is getting a wonderful surprise, which arrived today,  for his birthday next week..

I am grateful that my 18 year is coming home for the birthday and I’ll get to see him before we go…

I am grateful that my youngest  son did the chores I assigned today without making me ask twice. 

I am grateful that the scale moved and I finally lost 2.5 lbs…hope that trend continues.

I also hope my new found love of late night walks continues. 

I am grateful that my nightly walks offer the added benefit of better sleeping ( a real issue in my world) 

I am grateful that my husband  sent the tablet he won to our daughter who really wanted one for school. 

I am grateful that my dress for Ireland came today and IT FITS!  

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