Versatile Style by Tracey

Sunday was my daughter’s 24th birthday,

and I knew it was going to be very hard on me to be away from her.

In order to finish graduate school in two years, she needed to take a Summer 

Semester , so she is back in Boston…


In order not to let our separation on this day get me down,

I made plans to give my daughter’s college loft bed frame to a dear friend’s

8 year old daughter, hence the need for casual wear.


I wanted to wear my new Liz Claiborne Utility vest and of course a dark bottom for putting together a bed frame and crawling on the floor, so it was simple to find a thrifted printed tank with both the blues and tans to tie it all together.  


I finished the look off with my Target find clearance floral sneakers, 

and a headband I bought several years ago at a festival.  

Dear Readers, I really did choose the right thing to do today, as it felt wonderful to make a difference in the life of a little girl today.  Giving to others truly is a wonderful gift to oneself!  


I am so grateful that my daughter was in good spirits today and in the spirit of self care was heading out to dinner in a cute town she discovered recently for dinner at Panera and a french crepe at another location in the shopping center for dessert. 

I am grateful that my husband so readily agreed to help in my good deed of the day and in fact did most of the work and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. 

I am grateful that we finished in time to go grocery shopping at BJ’s before they closed. 

I am grateful for Summer and outdoor grilling as we made a favorite of my daughter’s (cause anything with bacon is her favorite) barbecue chicken, bacon , tomato and sharp cheddar sandwhich with corn on the cob.  

I am grateful that when I told her our dinner plans that she giggled and wasn’t upset that she wasn’t here with us.  She knows it was her mother’s silly way of feeling closer to her, as this was the meal I make for her every time she comes home.

I am grateful that this week starts my time with my niece for the Summer!  

Well, earlier in the week I showed a more subtle version of an outfit for the holiday…

Today, it’s a definite Overt version…


It doesn’t get much more American than Stars and Stripes…


Did you think I was missing the red, lol!  

I thrifted this cute vest and adore it…


I had fun wearing this outfit Friday, to go bowling..

Any time you see me pictured with my tote bag, it holds my bowling shoes, lol…

I’ll be going bowling a lot because my son just got a new performance ball and is learning to use it…


There is nothing more comfortable than these fabulous Bob shoes by Sketchers…

Wishing you my Dear Readers, A fabulous Holiday Weekend, filled with laughter , family, friends, great food and music! 

Well, Dear Readers, I Must Say that Today’s Outfit,

Made Me Very Happy…

I feel like it is a definite “Tracey”  look, something I have been struggling to find

This Summer…


This had just the right amount of feminine touches like the lace and blinged out vest , 

along with the edginess of the the mostly black to feel the Ying/Yang I crave from outfits.

Sometimes in Summer I feel like the looks are getting too sweet with out the contrast that feels more like me.


The top is one my daughter bought via Burlington online, here and wanted to return but didn’t.  

I rather like it , so glad I could confiscate it , after all I did pay for it…

I knotted it for today with the cropped pants for a more balanced proportion with capirs, but will layer it for fall worn long. 

The  linen Crops  are by Old Navy and my favorite shoes of the season my

Clark’s Wedges are via


It was so nice to finally feel like I was in an outfit that made me feel good and more like myself.  

It seems like maxi dresses and skirts aren’t the only look I can count on.  

I really think adding in the vest for third completer piece is a huge key to my happiness levels, 

as even in sneakers yesterday, I felt better with the white vest.   

Third completer pieces truly are a big part of my style and I want them even in the heat of Summer…


I am grateful that despite my 6am wake up this morning after three hours of sleep that I managed not to go for a nap and have high hopes for an early bedtime and better rest tonight…I never take sleep for granted, lol! 

I am grateful that after trying to go bowling very late in the afternoon and getting rejected for a lane due to league nights, that we opted for Chik Fil A for dinner to at least make something of our outing…

I am grateful for a phone call from my daughter and hearing her positive attitude to disappointment and chaos. 

I am grateful for my insight and clarity about my dependency on third completer pieces, which now gives me a clear plan to move forward for the remainder of the season.   

Today when getting dressed I decided to put together an Inspiration Look for 

My Dear Readers for the July 4th Weekend


I think I was doing great, til I added the purple purse….

The other elements are great at adding a nod to the Patriotic colors without being overly obvious, which was my goal.

Funny thing is the tank was one I bought from  and my daughter didn’t like, so I inherited it and love it!  

My Capris are from my favorite Jean designer, Diane Gilman via HSN 

Funny, I just realized everthing I have here except my earrings are new for the season!


I found my necklace on and I think the vest too…

You might say I love, ssshhh don’t tell my husband!  

We had a nice breeze today, so my wonderful plan to create the vertical lines with the white vest went South…. 


I had the blue and white covered with my jeans, shoes (clearance from Target) and the white in the polk a dots, necklace and vest…

I decided to add a touch of red to the look with the watch for a subtle nod to the Patriotic Holiday.  

Then on the way out, I grabbed my purple purse as we headed to the bowling alley to get my son’s new performance ball drilled!  

Dear Readers,  I am always game for stretching myself and trying new things.  Tonight I did that by going to my husband’s gym to test out the Sauna.   I am happy to report that I stayed in for 15 minutes!   It wasn’t as bad as I thought, once you get past the initial heat and panic of wanting to leave.  I saw this happen to several women , who saw me in there toughing it out and came in to give it a go… I was lucky that my husband was there with me and that he had recommended I bring a large mouth bottled ice water to breathe into.  Once I got use to the heat it wasn’t too bad and I made it easily to the 10 minute mark… Laughing at the  young guy who came in after me stayed for 5 minutes before going out for a breath of cool air before returning.   The final minutes were the hardest, but I had declared that I would last for 15 minutes and once I say I am going to do it, I have to!   

Bottom line, I would absolutely do it again and in fact think it would be great for my sinuses…

Dear Readers, have you ever tried a Sauna? 


I am grateful that the man who drilled my son’s bowling ball had such a great personality and was very thorough in making sure it was comfortable and a right fit.  ( a complete opposite experience from the guy who drilled his first two balls a few months ago) 

I am grateful to my son’s League Coach who recommended the new guy to us! 

I am grateful that after bowling 2 games with his new ball, that my son described it as , “Awesome!” 

I am grateful to my dear mother for her recognizing my “I can’t do it ” attitude and her reading me and reminding me often of “The Little Engine that Could”  and turning me around to an adult who is open to new experiences.  By the time you Read this my Dear Readers, It will be July 2nd, her birthday!  Love you and miss you, MOM!  

It’s a rare day when I allow myself to stew in negative emotions…

And today was one of those…

I am not feeling well with sinus issues and a sore throat, 

that coupled with struggling in seeing my photos each day and being smacked in the face with my weight gain,

just took their toll on me today…


I went through several top combination before finally settling on this look for the day…

This cream lace top is one I’ve had since before my weight loss and have worn infrequently, but somehow today, 

it felt just right for added texture and femininity that I was craving for the 

Kate & Mallory pants that I bought for the season and are now sold out

I added the lightweight sweater to create those wonderful vertical lines that are visually slimming. 


It was up in the 90’s today , but there was a nice breeze! 

With the stripes and texture of the lace top, 

I kept the accessories simple for today with silver drop earrings and a cream watch,

you can see in other photos.


I decided to bookend my hair with the cognac Franco Sarto sandals, I stalked and purchased from Ebay.

After wearing my peep toe booties yesterday, I felt inspired to choose these for the same “pick me up” feeling only a pair of heels can give this stay at home mother who loves fashion.  

Yellow crops and Aztec print for Summer: Over 40 blogger

This photo on Pinterest is bringing people to my blog a lot the last few weeks, 

and each time I see it, I get that twinge knowing those pants no longer fit me…

Somehow I have to find the motivation to get my butt in gear and lose this weight as my 50th Birthday is just two months away!  I can seem to get there, and get side tracked by my insomnia or headaches…I am blaming menopause, but have to stop allowing it to control me and take back control and responsibility… 


I am grateful for my blog and Dear Readers as it kept me motivated to get dressed and play in my closet despite my not feeling well.  

I am grateful that my son’s new performance bowling ball arrived today, a day early. We had plans to go to the alley with the person we want to drill it for him tomorrow, so perfect timing.  

I am grateful that I had a better night’s sleep last night.

I am grateful that my son is going to see his home-school friends tomorrow, after not seeing them for a month since we stopped the bowling league. 

I am grateful that I decided to give my son’s the trip to Boston to visit their sister for the 4th and her birthday on the 5th since I am feeling this awful sinus stuff right now.  

I am grateful that my husband and I decided to spend our daughter’s birthday away from her by giving to my best friend’s daughter and putting up a loft bed for her..It will take the sting away of being without my daughter. 

I am still following along this final week of the GYPO Summer Style Challenge, 

but am going rogue, as I seem to do in the last week.  


The outfit of the day was suppose to include a white lace top and printed shorts.

Of course challengers that work always sub more appropriate work wear pieces. 

I was scheduled to lunch with a friend for day, and was dying to try my new Old Navy striped top for 

some pattern mixing with my funky print skirt, which I’ve had for several years. 

DSC_0409 (1)

I originally paired this with flat thong sandals, but wasn’t feeling spunky enough.

After watching these Vince Camuto version on HSN today,

I thought I’d try my Payless version I bought last year.Vince Camuto "Emmit" Slingback Leather Shootie  

These have the wonderful cone shape heel that I love from Franco Sarto.  

Vince Camuto "Ellezi" Laser-Cut Leather Sandal

This cutout version is so fun as well, and while you can’t tell this is called Peacoat ,

which in reality is a wonderful shade of Navy.  

Dear Readers, If you haven’t tried a cone shape heel, yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. Of course if you have feet issues you are lucky that today in style there are so many wonderful flats options.  

DSC_0416 (1)

It truly was helpful to my day to put a spring in my step and feel vibrant in the skit and shoe combo.  

A shame I missed the lunch due to not feeling well…


I am grateful for a sunny day , after several rainy -grey ones. 

I am grateful my daughter scheduled an appointment to go get the skin rash that she’s been fighting for a week looked at.

I am grateful that I decided to reschedule my lunch as I was seriously sleep deprived, with nausea and a headache, due to a panic attack call from my daughter at 5 am…

I am grateful that my husband had a break in the day and was able to run the van to Goodwill, after my closet purging these past few weeks since our Vegas trip. 

I am grateful that I stuck it out today without napping , with great hope that an early bedtime is in my future. 

I am grateful for the fun of the anticipation of the mail arrival of my son’s first performance bowling ball, as his dedication to taking private lessons has prepared him for.  

Easy dressing when in a hurry like I was today, 

Is as easy and finding a Black and White Print Dress, 

Adding a Color for accent and getting out the door…


All I see in this photo is my very pale legs and the recognition that 

I am not doing a very good job of keeping up with the faux tanning this season.

I love this black and white dress that I thrifted and have worn often because I can go classic without adding color or I can add a pop of every color in the rainbow and it’s a four season versatile piece.  

Worn here with flats, its a great Mom on the Go

Versatile Style by Tracey

Worn in winter with a moto jacket and heeled boots, 

It feels much more sasssy and special.  


I haven’t worn this dress enough and really want to go through my dresses and pair them down more,

so gems like this one get more use.  

If you are looking for short sleeve sweaters to add to your wardrobe,

Mine is a Denim & Co Essential and comes in 18 colors.

I’ve had mine for several years and they are all in great condition and hold up well. 


I am so grateful that my son’s bowling coaches agree that he is ready for his first performance ball and I ordered him it today.  This is the first sport he’s loved and worked so hard to learn.  He has learned how to hook the ball, now he just needs the ball to do the work for him!  

I am grateful that my husband and I are able to take him to private lessons and that he appreciates them and for the added bonus that bowling has given this child, which is better coordination!  

I am grateful for the fun I had with my son in the kitchen and his enthusiasm for cooking and wanting to do more and more!  

I am grateful that my youngest helped out by unloading the dishwasher the very first time I asked! 

I am grateful that my photo shoot went off today as the thunder and clouds were heading in , as we’ve been under storm watches all evening.  

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